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An In-depth Analysis of the Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer

Aquarius Compatibility With Cancer
Will a Aquarius and Cancer couple form a long-lasting relationship? Here we will see more on the love relationship and compatibility between the two.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Zodiac compatibility is always fascinating and fun to read. It tells us about the nature of a relationship between people born under same of different sun signs. It provides a guideline as to how will a particular relationship turn out, what are the positive traits to look for and the darker things that can occur. Knowing your compatibility with a particular sun sign helps in understanding whether the relationship will succeed or not! Here we will see details on the relationship between Cancer and Aquarius individuals.
Aquarius and Cancer Love Relationship
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and those born in between January 21 to February 19 belong to this zodiac sign; whereas the Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and those born in between June 22 to July 22 belong to this sun sign. People born under the sun sign Aquarius are intelligent, social, friendly, but, seemingly detached most of the time, and extremely unemotional. On the contrary Cancer individuals are overemotional, touchy, clinging, sympathetic and loving. Both, Aquarius and Cancer individuals, share only one quality in common and that is moodiness. Both of them have their fair share of mood swings. Aquarius individuals are famous for their detached nature, which appears after regular or irregular intervals when he/she just remains aloof for no reason. Other hand, Cancer individuals can be loving, tender at one instant; can be energetic, protective at another; and can be very sulky and easily insulted. Well, this is the only fact that is common in between these signs. Accepted, that both, Cancer and Aquarius individuals are intelligent, full of creative ideas, etc., but, both of them fail to fulfill each others' expectations.
Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility
Let us get it straight, Aquarius man and Cancer woman literally have nothing in common. According to Aquarius personality, he is far too practical and she is far too emotional. He wishes to bond intellectually and she thinks that couples need to bond emotionally for a successful relationship. She will crave his attention, need constant assurances of his love and care; while he will simply find it difficult to put his feelings in words, even if they are true. His detachment and lack of emotionality can hurt her and he may simply tend to overlook her angry and tearful outbursts. She is possessive and can easily get jealous whereas he is carefree and is never known to be possessive or jealous! They may just be excellent hosts and guests having a good social life but are hardly made for each other!
Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility
Same is the case with Aquarius woman and Cancer man. The Cancer man is very demanding and will always need emotional support which his Aquarius partner may fail to provide. The flighty and over friendly nature of the Aquarius woman may not go well with the Cancer as he is possessive and will wish to be the whole world for his woman. The Aquarius woman is intelligent and will be supportive of her partner's ambitions and ideas but will fail to provide the depth of emotional support that he needs. He will also need attention and failing to get so, he can be sulky, in bad mood and can even ignore his Aquarius partner. She, in turn, will be clueless about what drives him away. There are simply rare chances of a long term relationship according to astrology signs compatibility when it comes to these two signs.
Lastly, we summarize that Aquarius compatibility with Cancer is very low, and they are not made for each other. If together, they will require a lot of understanding and compromise to form a long-lasting union. Good luck!
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