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An Aquarius Female Profile to Help You Understand Aquarius Women

Aquarius Female: Understanding Aquarius Women
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, equivalent to the sign 'Kumbha' (in Vedic astrology). As she is unpredictable, it is difficult to guess her nature in a short time.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Personality Traits of the Aquarius Female
Personality Traits of the Aquarius Female
➡ An Aquarius woman can be best described as unconventional, unpredictable, and inconsistent. She sees the world differently. She is talkative, honest, likes adventures, but, is quite paradoxical.

➡ She is beautiful, has captivating eyes, and a unique type of hair texture. She will be dressed in a highly unusual manner, combining both, old and latest fashion trends. Yet, it looks good on her!
➡ The Aquarius female loves her freedom more than anything. The society norms are not for her, and she never likes being directed. You will also notice that she will never follow the exact instructions given by anyone.

➡ More often than not, she has a devil-may-care attitude. She does not care about people's opinions and compliments. This woman dresses, behaves, and lives her life on her own terms. She likes to experiment with anything and everything. She is unconventional in every way.
➡ She has myriad interests and needs freedom to pursue them. An Aquarius woman is intelligent, imaginative, and can find any subject under the sky interesting.
.. in Friendship
Aquarius Female as friend
Aquarians never like people to know their innermost motives. She is rightly known as everybody's friend. She is a patient listener, and gladly gives advice and opinion, when it is asked for. She can maintain an equal balance of talking and listening. She is compassionate, and hence, people find it easier to pour their hearts out to her.
This woman is very social. She has charming manners and also an ability to socialize with all kinds of people. She is extremely comfortable talking to people of various age groups and classes. She also finds it interesting to meet new people and enjoy dissecting the human psyche. She likes to know the innermost thoughts and emotions of people. But, it is never the other way round.
... in Relationships
Aquarius Female in relationship
According to zodiac compatibility, an Aquarius woman is highly compatible with Gemini and Libra men. You have to be mysterious to attract an Aquarius woman. Do not be a boastful show-off or she will be bored with you on the first date. She usually prefers intellectual men over the affluent ones. If she finds you interesting and intriguing, she will dissect your personality, and solve the mystery of your nature, long before you realize it.
An Aquarius woman falls in love easily. But, it is very difficult for her to connect emotionally and show affection. Aquarius women never rush into marriage. You will have to convince her to get married. This is something she will do only if she is assured of freedom to pursue her interests.
... as a Partner
Aquarius Female as wife
An Aquarius woman is like a butterfly as she is social, friendly, yet, does not truly belong to anyone. However, do not ever doubt her love and loyalty once she is committed to you. Once married, an Aquarius woman will be a caring and faithful wife. You must let her pursue her interests, pursue a career of her choice, and socialize with her friends. You must also be willing to accept and appreciate all her friends as they are equally important to her.
This woman likes to be treated as an equal. Displaying emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, chauvinism will make her turn away from you. She does not prefer sentimental men. Be sympathetic to her or she will just retreat and remain completely aloof.

Talking about detachment, this is one trait often found in Aquarius women. Although she is pretty, talkative, and intelligent, she is aloof and detached at times. It is better to leave her alone during these spells.

Deep inside, she is divinely romantic. You will be relieved to know that your Aquarius woman is not the jealous and possessive type. She will never keep a watch on you, is never suspicious, unless she has a proof. But, remember, honesty is immensely appreciated. She will never tolerate cheating. If you are found to be dishonest, she will be deeply wounded and will not forgive you.

Once the relationship is over between you, it will never be reversed. She will let go and move on more quickly than you expected. Yet, she will not mind being friends with you, as an Aquarius is everybody's friend!
... as a Mother
Aquarius Female as a mother
She will never be an overly possessive mother, but a jolly one, more like a friend. You may even find her talking to her kids' friends like an equal. An Aquarius woman makes a loving and devoted mother. Though it is difficult for her to adjust to motherhood, she is a devoted mother, once she is comfortable in the role.
As being aloof is in her nature, she will face difficulty in expressing affection to her kids. But, she will make her kids feel special. She will teach virtues like truthfulness and humanity to her kids.

Understanding Aquarius women completely is a bit difficult because of their unpredictability. But, you will never be bored with her as she is charming, pleasant, and is able to talk on any subject. Beneath her flighty exterior, is a caring woman who is always there for her near and dear ones. So, cherish her if you find her. Ciao!

*Apart from the sun sign, knowing the position of other planets is important to understand the nature of the person in detail. You can consult an astrologer for a detailed personalized report.
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