10 Awesome Quotes About the Quintessentially Social Librans

10 Awesome Quotes About Librans
Balanced and poised, Librans are the quintessential social butterflies known for their fierce protectiveness and quick wit. Though a little indecisive at times, they are real fun to be with.
AstrologyBay Staff
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018
The Librans love peace and if a fight starts, they are the first to take initiative to solve it and bring back peace in the group. Also, Librans are excellent listeners. They will listen to you always.
If you want a lifelong friend, choose a Libran. - Anonymous
Librans don't mind being alone. They can even talk to themselves. - Anonymous
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Librans love hard and are always there to help the ones they truly love. - Anonymous
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Get on a Libran's bad side and you'll meet her spiteful unpeaceful side. - Anonymous
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You can talk till the sun comes up, but you wont beat a Libra in an argument!
- Anonymous