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Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology

Symbolism of the Mystical Blue Dragon in Chinese Astrology

The Blue Dragon, in Chinese astrology, symbolizes power and strength. It is known to be one of the most mysterious guardians. Read on this AstrologyBay article to demystify the mystery.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
The Blue Dragon is known to be one of the four regions of the Chinese Constellation.

A dragon is a prominent feature in the legends and myths of China. They, not only occupy significant position in the Chinese mythology, but also in Chinese astrology. The dragon that controls the Chinese astrology is the "Blue Dragon".
In Chinese astrology, Blue Dragon controls the movement of the stars Alpha Scorpii in Scorpio and Alpha Virginis in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Libra. As part of the Chinese myth, the Blue Dragon is known to symbolize spring. It is one of the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.
This astrological symbol is also known as the Azure Dragon. It was also believed that the primitive Chinese astronomers took the dragon to represent the planet Jupiter. The Chinese people are of the belief that it is this Blue Dragon that is responsible for the division in the sky as viewed from China. This is not all, according to myth, the Blue Dragon is a key controller of the movement of the stars.
General Features of a Blue Dragon

The traits of the people who have the Blue Dragon as their symbol, are very similar to those who are born under the signs, Aies, Leo, and Saggitarius. Some characteristics have been elaborated in the section below.
Generosity: One of the basic qualities of a Dragon is he/she is generous in nature. They believe in sharing their fortune with friends. They are reliable and would be there to help anyone who is in need.
Independent: Dragons are self-reliant and independent in nature. They think twice before accepting help from others. Though a Dragon is considered as a social animal, there are times when he/she prefers to be left alone.
Free Mindedness: In Chinese astrology, they play a vital role. The Chinese believe a Dragon to be free spirited and do not like to play by the rules. A Dragon would set his/her own rules. People born under this sign are ambitious and extrovert by nature. The characteristics of the people born under a this sign could be compared to that of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo of the zodiac sun signs.
Creativity: Dragons are known for their creativity. In a workplace, if you ask a person who is born under this sign to solve a problem, he is sure to come up with a very creative solution. A person born under this animal sign loves to be the center of attention and enjoys limelight.
Blue Dragon and Chinese Astrology

# There are twelve animals in the zodiac system of Chinese astrology and one's character is influenced by the year of birth. For instance, those born in the Year of the Rat, are considered to be intelligent.
# The astrological signs which are considered to have great compatibility with those of the Blue Dragon are, the Rat, and the Monkey.
# According to the Chinese horoscope and astrology, Dragon, Rat, and Monkey form a compatible set. A Chinese horoscope takes into consideration the five elements such as "water", "earth", "metal", "fire" and "wood". Each element is given a color. For instance, the color blue is associated with the element water.
# Hence, the Blue Dragon is associated with water and is sometimes known as Water Dragon. Good communication skills and intuition are the basic features of water element. Chinese astrology is based on a sixty-year cycle, where the animal zodiac signs of the Chinese zodiac are paired up with any of the five elements on a rotating basis. The previous Water Dragon year was in January 27,1952 and it lasted for a year till February 13, 1953. 2012 was also the year of the Water Dragon.
The Blue Dragon or Water Dragon succeed in careers related to administration and management. Some of the career choices suited for them are as manager, artist, actor, lawyer and so on. However, keep in mind, a Dragon would prefer to lead the show because of their independent nature.
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