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A Brief Insight of the Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra Compatibility
Each and every zodiac has various aspects and traits that differentiates one sign from the other. The qualities and traits of one can either complement the other, or disrupt the harmony in the other's life. We shall be discussing the compatibility between the zodiac signs Cancer and Libra in this AstrologyBay article.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Cancerians are the people born between June 21-July 22. They fall under the water sign and are known for their sensitive emotions and protective nature. On the other hand, Librans are the people who are born between September 23-October 22 and belong to a very powerful air sign. They are known for their sociable, diplomatic, and peace-loving nature. The compatibility of these two (somehow-different) signs isn't a perfect 10/10, but if a little effort is made from both the signs, they can actually learn to accept each other with their differences and can fetch a rating of an above-average pair.
If you look at some aspects of both these zodiac signs, you will find a lot of similarities. For example, both the Cancerians and Librans love to live their life in peace and harmony and avoid getting involved in any kind of issues that can make their life more complicated. Sounds good right? However, if you look at some other aspects of these zodiac signs, the differences can be absolutely disturbing for both the parties and can create unnecessary problems and conflicts. For example, those belonging to the Cancer symbol like spending most of their time at home with their loved ones, whereas, Librans are the people who love socializing and getting out of the house when given an opportunity. Can you sense the difference now? At times, it is the differences that bring two people together. Will this be their case, as well?
Yes, it is worth a try, in fact, it can actually work out well provided there is some understanding involved. The interesting part about these two signs is that one complements the other. Meaning, that the qualities or traits that one possesses or lacks, can help balance out the other. A perfect example for the same would be this: The crab tends to be very sensitive and emotional, and at times can take decisions based on these emotions, a Libra sign, who is intellectual, practical, and analytical, can help the crab take practical and well thought-out decisions. On the other hand, this water sign helps meet the air sign with its spiritual and calm side. Therefore, keeping these points in mind, these two can complement each other very well, with attempted efforts, of course.
When speaking of the friendship between water and air, it may appear initially that the two don't get along very well, however, with some passage of time and understanding each others individual nature, this union of friendship can actually turn out to be quite a strong one! Although these two are really different, they also share some common strings that can help them attach together. For example, both these zodiac signs love art and intellectualism. Although their approaches and understanding may differ in implementation of a common goal, they are sure to attain success if proper team work is done.
I believe that before being a successful couple in love, it is important to be successful friends. The air can trouble the flow of the water, making the water feel disturbed and annoyed. On the other hand, water and air together can also create a beautiful song making the union a classic example of understanding, respecting, loving, and accepting each other for who they are. Initially, these two will attract each other instantly. I mean, both these signs are driven with a sense of commitment, passion, romance, and intimacy. They can find heaven when they are in each other's arms. But when it comes to dealing with reality, this is where the problem begins: The Cancerian can get easily insecure, irritated, and feel left out. The crab always wants their partner to pamper, to be nearby, to understand what he/she needs without even saying anything. On the other hand, a Libra man/woman is a free bird who will always fly away, only to fly back home. Although, this air sign respects and honors relationship and commitment, an individual governed by this zodiac would want to also have some fun time communicating and socializing around. So, the problem may arise when the Libra man/woman would want to hang out with friends, while the Cancer sign would expect him/her to stay at home and watch a movie.
The crab also wants his/her partner to be constantly expressing his/her love. The sensitive and emotional Cancerian needs communication... lots of communication, which might irritate the practical Libran. Another example where conflict may arise between the two is because of lack of understanding. The open mindedness of the Libra sign may end up making the sensitive crab feel insecure and left out. Take financial matters for example, a Cancer sign would want to save and be secured, on the other hand, the Libran has the potential to spend it all on a vacation. So, what is fun to a Libran may seem to be a waste to a Cancerian. So, if these two signs just try to respect each other's individuality and are ready to make some 'productive' adjustments, then this relationship is definitely worth a try!
There are many other factors in astrology that can play an important part in determining your nature and characteristics. Even you would agree that no two people are the same. Taking a personal example, both me and my mom belong to the Pisces sign but we are completely different from each other. Therefore, you must not take your decision based on a generic astrological interpretation. After all, every successful relationship involves some degree of adjustments and understandings, and there is no exception to this rule. Have a harmonious and compatible life ahead!
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