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7 Major Characteristics That Truly Define the Capricorn Men

Capricorn Men Characteristics
A knowledge of the characteristics of Capricorn men will help you forge better bonds with them, both on a personal as well as professional level. Read on to know the personality traits of a Capricorn man ...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Dependable, reserved, ambitious, and down to earth, these are the words which come to the mind when someone speaks about Capricorn men. According to astrology, this is the tenth sign of the zodiac and those who are born between the dates December 22 and January 19, belong to this sun sign. This is an earth sign represented by the symbol of sea goat. Men born under this sign are known to be responsible, hardworking, and loyal. On the flip side, they are accused of being non-trusting, unimaginative, dominating, and boring! Is this really true? Let's find out by looking at the Capricorn men traits.
If you ever come across a Capricorn man, whether in an office set-up or a social gathering, the first thing that you would notice about them is that they are extremely weary and cautious of people, and not for once do they ever let their guard down! As they are reserved and hardly open up to others, it becomes very difficult for others to know them. Sometimes, they can be so quiet that you might not actually notice them! If you are ever at a party and see a quiet man looking at you from one corner of the room, having his drink calmly and making a polite conversation to the people standing next to him, that's your Capricorn man!
We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, in which the tortoise wins the race, in spite of being slow, due to his diligence and steadiness. That's the personality of the Capricorn man. You may not even bother about him while working in your office and then one fine day, when the promotions are announced, the next thing you know is that now you have to report to him as he is your new boss! Working behind the scenes, with a single minded devotion, to reach their goals, is what sets apart Capricorns from the other men who shout from the rooftops about their each and every achievement!
One of the main characteristics is that they are very faithful and loyal, both in their personal life as well as professional life. They are usually not the ones to jump jobs quickly. They would rather lay a solid foundation of learning and knowing the current job well enough. In relationships too, they believe in being loyal to their partners. Most of the time, they are not looking for superfluous flings. They believe in having solid, meaningful relationships, and do not take them lightly.
Capricorns have a lot of patience. They are not the ones to jump into anything. But once they set their heart on something, they will have all the patience in this world and leave no stone unturned to get it, be it a woman or a job! Planning, taking steps towards their goal, and being in control, these are some of the characteristics which Capricorn men display.
Deep inside, Capricorns are not very confident about themselves. That's why, in order to prove that they are good and worthwhile, they are constantly engaged in doing their job. Also, it's due to this very feeling of insecurity that Capricorns want to acquire as much financial and material wealth as they can during their lifetime. On the positive side, to be wealthy and financially sound, they make some very wise investments!
Capricorn men are very traditional at heart. They are conservative and value the society's opinions a lot. So, women who are dating a Capricorn or are trying to win over one, should keep this in mind that these men prefer the traditional man-woman roles. Do not come across as someone bossy, dominating, and too independent or this man will be completely put off! But, there is a positive side to this too, with a Capricorn man by your side, you would feel very secure as this man is a provider. He will care for you, be a rock to lean on, and see to it that all your needs are met.
Capricorns are basically loners. They live such a guarded life and are never themselves in front of others, that others find it very difficult to connect with them. Capricorns want love and appreciation just like any other person; however, due to their inability to connect, they may find themselves all alone at times!
Understanding a Capricorn male's behavior and being friends or lovers with them is easy, provided you have the capability of making them trust you. In friendships and partnerships, there is no other man who can be as loyal as a Capricorn. He will care, provide for, and always be there for the people he loves. Now, with so many positives in him, does it really matter if he is a bit conventional and boring at times?
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