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Really Notable Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Pisces

Characteristics of Pisces Zodiac Sign
A little pensive and mystical, the Pisces sign is about creativity and being ambitious. You are sure to bump into a few or more Pisceans and it would be good to know these gentle mystics.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018
Fun Pisces Facts
Pisces can turn on tears and sunshine using an invisible switch, besides, a Pisces can easily be transported to a different place with books, music and movies.

Have you ever thrown pebbles into a lake? Have you observed the ripples it creates on the surface and then becomes peacefully still again? Well, that's exactly how a Pisces is like.

You can throw a stone at them, they might be infuriated for a minute, then their soothing calmness will take over and everything will be peaceful again. Far from being perturbed, the Piscean is always calm though, at times their caustic tongue can get the better of them. Here again, the chances of catching them in a fit of temper is tough, as their anger quickly subsides.

Vibrant, generous and kind, a Pisces is empathetic and compassionate. Apart from being highly receptive to their surroundings, Pisces are imaginative, and very artistic in their expression. Their love for selfless service, makes them the most trustworthy and reliable sign to be friends with.
Let's get to know these magnanimous souls a little bit better through this article.

In A Sea of Thoughts
Ruled by Neptune, you are sure to find the Pisces caught in a sea of thoughts. Reality for them is a shared illusion, one that is perceived through their active sixth sense. Believed to be a dreamer, who is often conjuring a world of their own, the Pisces prefers to see the world through rose-tinted glasses.
In tough situations be sure to catch the Pisces escaping into a parallel world, from where he seeks solace. Lost in their train of thoughts the Pisces thoroughly reasons out actions and not just skims thorough the surface for justification. They are often subject to weird dreams which are precognitive. Well, if a Piscean friend calls you, just before you go somewhere, you'd better take his advice and stay back.

Their Esoteric Surroundings
Fast to react to the feelings and needs of others, the Pisces often dons a 'gay' mask. Still waters run deep indeed, and underneath the happy-go-lucky demeanor of the Pisces, is a vulnerable soul. Their need to be loved and to love in return, often gets hidden under the pretense of helping others reach their goal.
The true Piscean is sensitive, which is why, they are so fine-tuned to everything around them. Look deep into a Piscean eye, and you are sure to find them insecure and in search of that little bit of attention for themselves. They are known to be gregarious, with hearts huge enough to encompass the pains of the entire surrounding.

A Result of Amalgam
Being the last sign of the zodiac, the Pisceans have characteristics borrowed from every other sun sign. Which means that, they are a perfect amalgam. The ability to delve on minute details stems from Virgo while, they are unbiased when making judgments like a Libran.
The Piscean can be sympathetic and annoying at the same time, like the Cancerian. Their generosity and outspoken nature seems to be borrowed from the archer, while they can be as devoted as the Capricorn. Well, the Pisces can be as analytic as the Aquarius and idealistic as the Aries, whilst he can think as quickly as a Gemini. Duly put, the Pisces is a neatly put loving odd ball.

Speaking of Old Souls...
The Piscean is gentle, and understands the needs of those around him just like an old soul. A Piscean often goes out of the way to help those who are sick and weak, besides, they are found comforting those with broken hearts. The Piscean, who is relatively fair in his means, fails to judge a person by his appearance or behavior. Everything that the Piscean does, overflows with compassion and empathy. His love for the supernatural, makes him spend hours contemplating the supreme powers, which is why, he seems to be rather mystical in his own ways.

The Passive Leader
Creative geniuses as they are, the Pisceans make good leaders. We say that not only because of their excellent creative inputs, but also for their ability to understand people far better than anyone else. You are sure to find them as creative art directors, or music conductors and teachers. They excel in those fields by the way and can come up with excellent ideas to surge ahead. But on the downside of it, you will seldom find them as the head of an organization. He is the passive leader here, boosting others to surge ahead, rather than climbing the ladder of success himself.

Apart from the obvious, the Piscean has a great sense of humor, and can pull a joke with a straight face. A Piscean is a true romantic in the matters of the heart. Which means, the Pisces won't settle for a farce connection with their partners. They are fiercely loyal and doting, which makes them a perfect find as a partner.

Let's just say, Pisces make excellent friends, for they put others before themselves. They are compassionate, supportive and dedicated to the people around them. They are expressive and seldom fail, to let people know what they feel about them.