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Different Fortune Telling Methods

Different Fortune Telling Methods

Do you sometimes wonder if you could learn what you are likely to do in the future or what your future is going to be like? Well, there are different fortune-telling methods which can be employed to get a glimpse about the future. If you wish to know about the same, go ahead, read on.
Divya Bichu
Fortune telling or astrology is a process which predicts information about a person's life. Often those who practice this divination, do it on a commercial basis. The practitioner looks at various factors and predicts what the person is likely to do in the future. Astrology, no doubt, is a science, however, it is not really backed by any concrete proof to support the claims made by the practitioners. In spite of being exposed to the above fact, most people seem to be firm believers in various methods of divination. They are often seen adopting these methods before starting a new venture or project to analyze the success of the same. Different fortune-telling methods are even used to make important decisions regarding one's marriage, finances, health, traveling and even love. You may want to scan through these methods of fortune-telling, they are interesting indeed.
Fortune Telling Methods
#1 Astromancy

Astromancy is sometimes used as a word synonym with astrology, but in actuality, the two are different. Astromancy is a part of astrology and obviously focuses on predicting definitive results. It is a scientific way of predicting fortune by reading astrological charts which includes planetary influences upon a person. The indicative patterns of these planets are read by the astromancy practitioner and we are told about events that are destined to occur. Now, we can know about the highlights and downfalls in one's life, however one cannot be sure when these events will specifically occur or whether they will occur in the first place. In astromancy, predictions and influences are regarded as destiny, which cannot be changed by anybody's will or action.

#2 Horary Astrology
Horary astrology was a popular form of astrology in the past. However, it still stands up to its name even today. Unlike the natal forms of astrology, which give you an insight of the entire life of a person, horary astrology answers only specific questions. This form of astrology has certain strict rules and norms which have to be followed in case you want an accurate prediction. It mainly focuses on the position of the moon in a horary chart to answer a particular question. Although the horary question is followed by a simple yes or no, the deeper you get into this form of astrology you will know how complex yet interesting it is.
#3 Pendulum Reading
Pendulum astrology is a simple yet effective way to seek answers to your direct questions. A stone or a mineral is suspended with a string. Of course this divining tool is infused with some sort of energy, otherwise it just remains an ordinary object. This tool is held over a map (in case you want to know about a localized place) or a calendar, if your question pertains to knowing any particular date. It swings, sometimes wildly, ultimately taking the arm of the person performing this act to a particular date, which happens to be your answer. There are some other methods involved in pendulum reading which are used to know the sex of the unborn as well.
#4 Western Astrology
Western astrology is one of the most popular forms of astrology amongst people. Inevitably, every day in the morning, don't you find yourself turning the newspaper page to the horoscope section, reading what your zodiac sign has to say for the day? Western astrology is based on constructing a horoscope which includes the position of the sun, moon and planets at the time of a person's birth. There are twelve zodiac signs that represent basic personality types and traits of individuals falling in the particular zodiac.
#5 Tarot Reading
Tarot reading revolves around the theory that playing cards can be used to know the insight of a person's life. Primarily, tarot cards were used for playing games, but later it was believed that these cards were guided by a spiritual force to let one know about his/her fortune. There are 78 cards in the pack used to read the fortune, each interpreting some distinct feature or characteristic. Although each card has several meanings, it is the reader, who decides which meaning applies correctly to the given situation or question asked.
#6 Crystallomancy
Crystallomancy or crystal ball reading is a form of astrology developed by gazing into a crystal or sphere to predict future events. Some believers claim that scrying (crystal ball reading) visions arise out of some supernatural mystical insights, while there is a different school of thought that believe it arises out of the subconscious mind of the practitioner, also called the scryer. Crystal gazing is done in a dimly lit room which allows the scryer to go into a state of trance to actually gaze into the future and come out with accurate predictions.
#7 Cheiromancy or Palmistry
Chiromancy or palmistry is a form of astrology that involves reading a person's hand to evaluate his character and future life. Most people look at palmistry as the most accurate way of fortune-telling, although there is no conclusive proof that supports the claims made by the palm reader. Usually palm readers begin analyzing by reading the person's dominant hand. Both hands have their significance though, and both are looked at before coming to a final conclusion. Sometimes, the choice of hand to read also depends upon the reader's deep intuition and experience.
#8 Bibliomancy
The practice of employing sacred books and verses thereof, for magic and future telling purposes is bibliomancy. A holy book is selected, which is believed to hold the truth. Such as for Christians, the Bible is most commonly used, while the Quran is used for Muslims. A question about the future is then answered by choosing a random passage or verse with closed eyes from the book. The portion selected is then read as a solution or answer to the client's situation or question asked. Some practitioners even use dice or other methods to choose the page to be opened.
#9 Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition, which originated from Vastu Shastra in India. Feng Shui literally means, water and wind, which are believed to have a personality of their own, that directly affects the arrangement of furnishings and layout of an object or building. Therefore, it deals with the correct arrangement of furniture, location of doors and windows and also the color theme of the walls. The practice of this fortune-telling method is diverse and there are many different schools and perspectives to the same theory.
#10 Lithomancy
Lithomancy is an ancient form of divination, which features the use of stones or reflected energy from said stones. There are sixteen stones, each of which depict a unique meaning. The practitioner cups these stones in his hands and gently throws them towards the circle that represents the environment. The pattern they form, when dropped or tossed is often studied to answer a client's query.
#11 Necromancy
Communicating with the dead, either by summoning their spirit or raising them bodily is called the art of necromancy. It is often termed as black magic or witchcraft. To evoke the dead, the practitioner needs to acquire the help of powerful spirits. This art is practiced in order to foretell events or discover hidden knowledge. Elaborate preparations and careful study of the location chosen for the operation is needed. This form of fortune-telling is considered extremely dangerous, for it is believed that the dead have an intense desire to live again and can absorb life from living creatures.
#12 Numerology
This form of divination needs no introduction. It is the study of numbers to know the personality of a person. In numerology, it is believed that each number (1-9) signifies human traits or nature and gives an insight in your personality. Name and birth date are used to form a particular number between 1-9 that has certain geometry and interpretations. Numerology is considered to be highly accurate and helps in giving you a deeper awareness about life.
#13 Oneiromancy
Using dreams to predict the future, is oneiromancy. Dreams come in various forms, not all convey a message, but some definitely do. These dreams are repetitive in nature and there lies an important message or warning, which generally pertains to events of the future. Dreams are the way in which the subconscious of a person tries to communicate with the conscious. Thinking about a certain problem before going to sleep, is like activating your subconscious to come up with a solution or answer, which is then communicated to the conscious mind in the form of dreams. There is a universal interpretation of few symbols and patterns. For example, dreaming of mud indicates money and prosperity.
#14 Chronomancy
Chronomancy is prediction of the right day to do something. Those who master this science believe that there are lucky and unlucky days to do everything. Some days are luckier than most others. Hence, practitioners help in determining the best day to start a particular task or get a pending work done. This form of fortune-telling is popular in China. Such forecasts are often used before starting a new business or before initiating an important task.
#15 Face Reading
A person's face is where emotions like, anger, sadness, happiness, joy and so on, are first revealed. This form of fortune-telling helps one know the true nature, strengths and weaknesses of a person. Face reading is more of a self-development tool than future telling. However, it is believed that tapping your potential, identifying your purpose in life, strengths and weaknesses, ultimately leads to being an invaluable tool for fortune-telling. Face reading is most commonly used in sales and business applications, to know the characteristics of the person being dealt with.
These different fortune-telling methods may guide you about the future events, but no one can actually confirm your future. So, it is important for people to know how much importance should be given to these methods and whether you should rely on such predictions. These predictions should act like a guiding light and not the only source of light. Live the present moment, what ought to happen will happen!