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An In-depth Look at the Revealing Traits of a Leo

Leo Traits
It is said that lions are more than just roar. They are regal in the true sense. However, the magnificence and magnanimity of Leos can't be gauged only by their outgoing nature and big heart. Their real strength lies in the ability to display immense courage in testing times. Here is a list of traits of Leos.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Some of the famous Leo personalities are Neil Armstrong, George Bernard Shaw, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Henry Ford, J.R.D. Tata, Alfred Hitchcock, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The fifth zodiac sign in sequence of 12, Leo, symbolizes the lion. Most of the characteristics of this creature are reflected in their behavior. Being kind and having a big heart is the trait most noticeable in people with the Leo zodiac sign. A person born under the Leo sign can exhibit two extreme behavioral traits i.e. of being energetic, enthusiastic and outgoing or being laid-back (not introverted though).
The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is the Sun and the element is Fire. Closest metal for the Leo is gold, while the lucky gems include Ruby, Diamond and Carbuncle. These people best exemplify the philosophy of living life king size. The different traits of a Leo personality are listed below.
Leo Characteristics and Personality Traits
A Leo personality is characterized by inborn leadership qualities. These individuals prefer to be in authoritative positions. They are known to be proud and egoistic individuals who like to protect whatever they think is their own. This personality trait is very much similar to the territorial behavior of lions.
Ambitious Nature
Leos like to lead a luxurious life. They are social animals and like to hog the limelight. Some of the adjectives used to describe them are ambitious, dominant, courageous, positive, strong willed, self-confident and independent. Constantly seeking challenges and living an extraordinary life are the defining characteristics of a Leo personality. Their habit of seeking challenges is what makes them successful in life.
Mincing words is not in the nature of a Leo. They speak their mind and like to express their thoughts clearly. Frankness is therefore, one of the biggest strengths of Leos. It is because of their straightforwardness that they are able to confront opinions and thoughts, they do not approve of, directly. This is also one of the reasons why they get things done fast.
Creative and Organized
Being creative helps Leos to come up with innovative ideas for tackling tough situations. In order to satiate their need to do something creative and to be in the midst of something worthwhile, a Leo doesn't care stirring up a calm and seemingly dull atmosphere, a little bit. To think and act big is one of the specialties of Leos. It is not just their overpowering personality which makes Leos good leaders; they are actually very well-organized in the way they execute their work.
Charismatic Personality and Loyal Nature
The charismatic personality and courteous nature of Leos help them gather loyal supporters. They create an aura around them which helps them make loyal supporters. It is not just that Leos demand loyalty only from others. In fact, these people are themselves loyal to their friends and close ones.
Faithful Partners and Good Friends
Leos are romantic and passionate lovers. They are faithful partners and exhibit extreme sensitivity  while in a relationship. This is also the reason why they are vulnerable to getting hurt. Thus, Leos need to find someone whom they can trust before they shower their love and kindness on that person. One of the special traits found in Leos is helping friends in need. Lending emotional support to friends in difficult times is a rare quality found in these people. It enables them to make lifelong friends. Behind all the aggression, ego and other domineering personality traits of a Leo lies a sensitive heart which cares for the dear ones. Leos take pride in protecting their close ones and would do so with all the energy and wit they possess. It is observed that the bossy exterior of Leos often eclipses their sensitive nature.
Male Leo Attributes
  • A Leo male is a typical outgoing and jovial kind of person. He has a big friend circle and likes to boss around.
  • Appreciation and admiration are the two important things for getting close to a lion's heart. He likes to be flattered and pampered.
  • One should never try to dominate a Leo or they will have to bear the brunt of his wrath.
Female Leo Attributes
  • A Leo woman is always the center of attention in a group and the qualities like liveliness, beauty, elegance, sensuality and ingenuity describe her the best.
  • Just like Leo men, women with this zodiac sign are known to be kindhearted and eager to help others.
  • Courage and willpower are the important traits of Leo women and they prefer to be remembered as achievers.
Negative Traits
  • A person with the Leo zodiac sign has quite a few negative traits. However, the Leo compensates for most of the negativity with their courteous nature and big-heart.
  • The Leo's tendency to dominate can have some negative influence on others.
  • Impatience is one of the negative traits exhibited by a Leo. This trait of Leos get reflected in their habit to get things done fast. Impatience may lead to development of anxiety and restlessness in these individuals.
  • It is observed that, at times, Leos exhibit jealousy. Leos may exhibit a possessive nature. This traits is closely related to the jealousy they exhibit. In fact, they are jealous because of their possessive nature.
  • Leos don't like to be challenged. They tend to retreat into their shell when being questioned. This behavior is seen as an indicator of arrogance. One should however, understand that it is actually the passion and zeal with which they pursue their cause that makes them appear arrogant.
  • Giving in to nagging criticism with an emotional and sometimes violent outburst could be seen as one of the weaknesses of Leos. However, if you carefully assess this kind of behavior, it can be seen as the inherent openness of a lion's heart to display the true emotions.
Leos can do good by keeping aside their pride and by admitting their mistakes if need be. There are few people in the world who can match the Leos in terms of courage, mental strength, and achievements in life. Leos are meant to rule the world. However, they should try and conquer that final frontier, their pride!
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