Libra Horoscope for 2012

The following article brings forth the predictions of the Libra horoscope for 2012 according to astrology. Read on to know how this year will fare for Librans.
According to astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. People who are born between the dates 22nd September and 23rd October belong to this zodiac sign. Astrology says that people of this sun sign possess many positive traits, such as they are sympathetic, balanced, adaptable, easygoing, perceptive, affectionate and charming. On the flip side, they can be flirtatious, indecisive, temperamental, malleable and annoyingly fickle-minded.

If you belong to the zodiac sign of Libra or someone close to you does, you must be curious as to how this year holds up for Librans, in terms relationships, work, health, amongst other things.

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2012: Forecasts


This is the month when Librans will look to remedy the tight financial rut that they have been in for sometime and weed their surroundings of people sapping their time and resources. You will rather choose to loosen your coffers slightly for certain personal indulgences. But, make sure that you do save some money as the planets indicate a need to travel suddenly due an exigency that you will have to cater to immediately.

In the love front, committed Librans will be entering a rocky terrain with some of them ending very long-standing relationships. As sad as it sounds, this breakup has been due for a while and it will enable you to move on towards better things. You will form new friends who will act as a series of fresh-air breaths and help you to hold fort. For those who really wish to hold on to their relationships however can look forward to harmonious times post-April.

January is the month when your familial ties will get strengthened and you will suddenly be pushed to drawing up plans for the future in order to deal with the sudden responsibilities that you will be forced to wake up to. The balanced, harmony-seeking soul that you are, you will gladly accept this new role and get to bringing the ship of relationships back on steady waters.


This is the month when the entire cosmos will conspire to make you smile and massage the stress out of your body and soul. Think friends who will throw parties to cheer you up. Think unbelievable bonding with people who will connect with you at almost every level. Think long conversations which will bring out the innate coquette in you. Think late night revelry after which you will go to bed will a smile on your face. Things will work out in your favor and you will live the life which you have forgotten about ever since Saturn entered your sign in October, 2009. This is the time to truly live every moment as if there will be no tomorrow and you will see how at the end of the day you will be left with moments that will brighten up your darkest hours.

You will regain your connect with your inner spirituality and make sure you hold on to it this time, my dear fellow Libran as it will give you the strength to stand your ground on not so rosy days. You will be able to tap on the clarity that this connection with the inner self will provide you with. Saturn's retrograde from February 7th to June 25th will slow things down for you. Do not use perseverance as an excuse to force new ventures forward during this time as it will simply not work out or fruition in the way you want it to. Wait till Saturn's backward movement is over and then take things forward. Meanwhile, you work on building your strength bit by bit. Find happiness in moments that are here and now rather than weaving dreams of forevermore. There will soon be a time for that too. I promise. Socialize, go out and have fun, party. Grab that chance for a night out when someone asks you to join the party as it has really been a long time since you last let your hair down and put on your sexy red sky-high wedges.

Professional acclaim will come to you in a couple of months time, so keep up the good work. The key is to seek inspiration from your surroundings and trust your creative instincts which will be most intense around February 25th when the Moon will join your ruling planet Venus in the 7th house.

However, if you experience any kind of sudden pain, especially in the stomach area, do not ignore it. Consult a doctor immediately and get the ailment treated.


After all the relaxing and socializing in February, March will test your patience and require you to be on your nimble toes all the time. There are multiple reasons for this. To begin with, refrain from investing money to buy assets this month as you will not be your most alert. Gauging things may not be the strongest this month, so keep away from spending lump-some amounts to acquire things.

Next, technology will prove to be your biggest impediment this month. Be very aware. Keep backups of every single thing and keep a tab on every activity that makes you depend on machines. Phones, computers, laptops will all work up and throw tantrums and it might just land you in big trouble professionally.

Thirdly, be very careful about depending on the promises people make because communication will be far from being your strongest point this month. With the planet of communication, Mercury being on retrograde this month, people will go back on their words, ditch you and give you a very hard time.

Be very careful about money as all those who you owe money will come knocking at the door around this time. So, have cash stacked away and refrain from indulging mindlessly. Take care of your health and keep your friends around. Trust me, this month may seem like hell, but it will end and bring forth happier times.


In April, you shall seek some solace after a very tough March and immerse your soul in nostalgia. Everything old and vintage will catch your fancy and you will dig up memories from once upon a December... You will call friends who you have met only in your thoughts for the longest time and never felt motivated enough to contact over the years. You will consciously seek the advice of the elderly and bask in the warmth of their concern and love. Librans living away from home will travel back to meet their family and friends and draw immense amounts of strength from old alliances.

Those who have been putting away the consideration of tying the knot will definitely start to contemplate marriage and may actually realize it by the end of this year.

Monetarily, you will see a growth in the first half of the month. You will very likely also get a promotion and all your efforts taken painstakingly in the first quarter will be lavishly rewarded.

All in all, the key to keep away the blues is to smile and think positively.


Here I will start with a word of caution - refrain from physical exertion of any kind this month. Your body will not be in the best of shapes this month, what with a relatively weaker immune system, especially during the second half of the month. Also, some Librans will have to battle skin ailments which will need to be given immediate attention. Remember, tone the stress levels down this month as it will manifest in the form of bodily discomfort.

Good news comes from two channels this month. Firstly, you will see an ascent in the way your co-workers and bosses perceive you. Your highly disciplined mind will aid you to deliver solutions to various workplace queries and troubles and your opinion will be regularly sought. Secondly, you will see money coming in from sources other than the obvious and this will definitely help you to breathe after the two previous months of financial difficulties. Therefore, I advise you to not ponder too much about the inflow of money for it will come in. You just need to be judicious till it does.

Romantic relationships that have been facing tumultuous times until now, will see calmer times post 17th of May. Things will begin to settle down. Many Librans will choose to tie the knot this month and the time strongest for them to do so is in the first half of May.

The most important tip for this month is to keep your calm when it comes to certain people. It is ingrained in your nature to appease all and maintain harmony. But, there will be one person this month who will not respond to your pacifying ways and continue to wreak havoc. Do not fall prey to his/her provocations as you will regret your temper-loss later on.


This is a rock star month when it comes to your health and you will see that the healthy habits that you took to February 21st onwards are finally showing results. Your energy levels and stamina will hit new highs and your body will become your support system through and through. This is a grand time to try out a new form of physical activity that has always intrigued you.

Professionally, you should make the most of the positive recognition and dependency that has been growing from the previous month and raise yourself from the position of a supporter to a leader of the team. Rewards will come your way in the form of appreciation and recognition. Remember, Saturn is always hungry for success and evolution and this time is, therefore, the best time for you to grow and push for favorable results.

Previous discord in relationships of all capacities with people will mostly sort itself out and a general harmony will descend in your life again.

Saturn will continue on its retrograde till June 24th and things will slow down until then. Properties that you had put on the market for quite sometime now, could not be sold off till this time primarily because of Saturn's backward slide. With the end of this retrograde, you will see long pending projects gaining speed and processes getting expedited. The second half of the month will see a brightening of your fortunes and leave you smiling.


July will bring with it good news from multiple directions. To begin with, after months of feeling low at the professional front (in spite of the good things happening to you there) you will start to feel passionately about your work again and that means having a ball at the workplace. Socializing with co-workers will seem like a natural thing to do and you will lower your self-raised wall again (just the way you did back in February). The third and fourth weeks will specially be fun!

Next, July 3rd will usher in a very good period for you which will mark the beginning of a time which is ideal to begin or launch new ventures. Long-stalled projects will start to roll and all your pending work will get done like magic.

However, with all these good news coming your way, guard yourself against possible causes of worry headed towards you as well. You should also exercise some caution when it comes to money. Make sure that you check and re-check your bills before making payments as arbitrary over-billing can cause some financial headache. Also refrain from splurging this month as unprecedented expenditure may suddenly spring up.

Attend to health issues in an organized manner. Do not ignore any physical discomfort just because it seems minor. Both, the presence of Saturn in Libra and Mars retrograding in the second half of the month is bound to cause health issues. Take sufficient amount of rest whenever possible and meditate to keep up your mental vitality. SLEEP WELL.

Finally, make sure you do not get too perturbed by what people say or how they say it. Stay calm and try not to make hasty decisions based on this. It will only affect you adversely in the long run. Keep yourself from meting out advice unless absolutely asked for. Your good intentions may be easily misread this month. So, play safe. All in all, start gearing up for a much better time now as the taskmaster, Saturn will be leaving your sign very, very soon!


And with August, romance will re-enter your life with a bang! This month, love will envelop you in a manner that the month of February will look like a jeep next to a train! The Libran's "roses-and-champagne" view of romance is the stuff of legends and you will get a chance to live it literally this month. Whether it is knights in shining armors riding white horses or prince charming sweeping you off the dance floor, you think it and you will have it. So radiant shall you be this month that people will get attracted to you without you flicking so much as a lock or batting an eyelid. This radiance will of course stem from the fact that you will be in the pink of health this month. And, your inner health will shine through. So whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged to be betrothed or married, you will turn heads and how!

While you live your fairytale love life this month, my fellow Librans, kindly bear in mind that August 2012 is the month in which you will begin to experience and notice paradigm shifts in your life. Things will change drastically and for the good. Here, I say for the good because you might not be able to understand how the change is having any good effect right away. Stay with the flow and let your planets clear the cobwebs this month, for Saturn is known to reward you with pleasant changes just before it leaves you and for all the hard times it has forced you to go through since October, 2009. This means that you should exercise some discretion in your speech and actions as should be done in times of transition.

Begin with keeping your grand ideas to yourself for there will soon come a better time for you to voice them. Next, be vigilant about your expenditure. Because your senses will be scented with love this month and because that always manages to make you a tad tipsy and indulgent, you will splurge it all if you do not pay heed. So, I am giving you a warning well in advance. Lastly, if you have been wanting to give up on a habit of yours for a long time and have been unable to do so until now, this month is the perfect time to let go of it. Do it when the cosmos is ready to support you.

Changes are something that Librans believe that they do not want. Accept the fact that you actually want it to take place in your heart of hearts. It will take you to better places. Go with the flow.


Through this month, Saturn will continue to put things in place and preparing you for the time after it leaves your sign on the 4th of October, not making a return until 2039! You will have to be very careful about whose advice you take and what principles you adhere to. You will see a general upward movement in fortune with times for revelry with friends and the flow of creative juices earning you appreciation marking your way. You will even shine the brightest on the 27th of this month. However, amongst all these good things, Saturn will sap your energy and finance levels one last time in the last two weeks of this month. Do not get alarmed by this as it is in the nature of this planet to remind you of all the things you have learned through your struggles in the last two years and to check how resilient and tough you have become just before it leaves your sign. Once you have mastered the lessons Saturn has taught you, gear up to party as your struggles end and good times enter your life again!


With Saturn finally gone from your sign, October will be your month to recuperate and re-learn the ways of a normal life again. You could compare this to the feeling of touching the ground again with your feet and walking after a prolonged time spent in bed after a surgery or accident. Understand that in the last three years you have become extremely cautious and somewhat conditioned to keep constant surges of trouble at bay. You may have even become a little cynical. To you, it seems impossible now that good times will not be followed by something to batter you with grief. You have forgotten to not care. Aggression may have become a tool to self-defend. All this is understandable, my dear Libran. You will take some time to see the world in a changed light again. Take this month to re-learn the way to lead a good life not fraught with troubles all the time. Loosen up. Things are changing for the better. Use this time to learn how to relax and enjoy life again.


With this entry of November, you will actively take charge of your life again. You will start to realize that your goals, ambitions, values, dreams, ethics which meant such a lot to you once upon a time, did take a backseat and got blurred as you fought your way through life as Saturn shot volley after volley of trouble. Now with Mercury retrograding for the third time this year, you will wake up to them once more and launch a rigorous campaign to become one with them once more. Your connection with your inner self will strike the highest point during this month and you will find your subconscious mind providing you with answers to questions (especially around the 11th of the month).

This new-found inner strength will shine through for the world to see and people will notice the marked change in your personality. By the 25th of the month, you will have gained back all that you seemed to have lost bit by bit in the last two years and be your most charming self.


The process of self-rediscovery and analysis will continue through this month as well. Very importantly, you will remember the times when you enjoyed and reaped maximum benefits by working with other people, before the time when isolation seemed like the only choice to keep adversity at bay. Re-establish your bonds with people in your team and go back to your people-loving ways. You are not meant to work alone, my dear Libran. You are the harmony that holds a group together.

Also, you will notice that your partner will be fretting for a new beginning during the first week of this month. Brace yourself for slight upheavals due to this. Your friends will add to your worries by asking for more of your attention and time. But, do not worry. Your new-found balance will help you get through it all.

Many Librans who will have found their mates this year itself, will take the plunge and get married this month. Their new-found optimism and faith for a better life ahead will aid them in making sound and successful decisions.

This year will be a year of changes and you will be oscillating between absolute ecstasy and heart-aching despair, my fellow Librans. The secret is to cope with it by remaining positive for a brighter tomorrow. And I promise you that by the end of 2012 you will fall passionately in love with your life again.