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Libra Horoscope for 2018

Libra Horoscope for 2018
So what is it going to be this year? A union with the love of your life, a barrage of opportunities, or disappointments. Here, we bring forth the predictions of the Libra horoscope for 2018 according to astrology.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
According to astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. People who are born between the dates 23rd September and 22nd October belong to this zodiac sign. Astrology says that people of this sun sign possess many positive traits: They are sympathetic, balanced, adaptable, easygoing, perceptive, affectionate, and charming.

On the flip side, they can be flirtatious, indecisive, temperamental, malleable, and annoyingly fickle-minded.

If you belong to the zodiac sign of Libra or someone close to you does, you must be curious as to how the year 2018 holds up for Librans, in terms of relationships, work, and health.

Here is the horoscope for Libra by the month for the year 2018.
Libra Predictions for January 2018
There will no serious health problems so we are looking at a joyous year. The good health will be necessary to keep you strong as the education and work don't seem as joyous and demands more efforts. There is a good prospect of travel though, so you will get a chance to vent of the frustration of work and education on a happy trip.
Libra Predictions for February 2018
The good health will continue from the earlier month and the bonds with your family will strengthen. Work and education will face no problems, and will carry on a merry note although, it's not a good month for investing or traveling. There is a high possibility that singles will bump into the love of their lives.
Libra Predictions for March 2018
The month of March is looking at hectic work, low cash, and marginally good health, but there are things that will cheer you up as this month is excellent for education and fine arts. A compromise will be needed for relationships to go strong. Overall, this month is the career month, so all your focus should be on learning new things or preparing for examinations.
Libra Predictions for April 2018
The month is not good on the earning front, the help of your partner might be needed. Extra care should be taken toward one's health and more so for the people already suffering from diseases. Good opportunities will come in your careers, but education will take a hit. However, there will be love, and the singles have a great chance to meet the loves of their life.
Libra Predictions for May 2018
You will be greeted with relief in this month. The health problems will start to get better, making you happier all the while. The career front will also be bright with good opportunities and a pleasant working environment. The month is not very good for education and hence extra care is needed. The month will strengthen your bond with your loved ones, which will end the month on a merry note.
Libra Predictions for June 2018
Good health will continue from the previous month. Career and finance also looks promising, although you should take care before major investments. Education still continues to take a hit from last month. Love will take a hit this month, but with proper care and decent amount of patience you will get through it.
Libra Predictions for July 2018
We are looking at good health, monetary growth, professional growth, and family bonding this month. Education and arts will require extra effort. Love life will blossom. Overall we are looking at a very good month, a truly deserved break after a long streak of hectic months.
Libra Predictions for August 2018
The streak of good health will continue this month. Although financial aspects of your life will take a hit, careers look promising. The streak of unfavorable conditions for education will continue. The month is good for love and your partner will cater to your needs.
Libra Predictions for September 2018
The month is good for health and careers, but other fields such as education and finance will take a hit. You can go for a new look to perk things up. It will be good for relationships.
Libra Predictions for October 2018
The month of caution is here, this month you will have to take care of your health, education, career, and its better not to make any major investments. All of this will work out provided you take good care and handle things with prudence. Singles have the prospect of meeting new people and bonding with them, while married people will experience a change in their course of relationship.
Libra Predictions For November 2018
Health will be good and free from any ailments. The month is also favorable for finance, education, and career. Your love life will also experience passion this month, and the bonds will further strengthen.
Libra Predictions for December 2018
The year has been a pro health year for the Libras, and this month will be no different. This month although not very good for careers, is good for finance. You can think of some major investments and rest assured, it will pay back well. The month is also good for education and family bonds will strengthen further.
This year will be a year of changes, and you will be oscillating between absolute ecstasy and heart-aching despair, my fellow Librans. Your health will be in ace condition, but the education will need a lot of prudence.

The secret is to cope with it by remaining positive for a brighter tomorrow. I promise you that by the end of 2018, you will fall passionately in love with your life again.