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Palm Reading Basics

Palm Reading Basics - A Beginners Guide to Palmistry

Palmistry is an art and a lot of patience and practice is required to master it. This AstrologyBay article will give you a clear idea of palm reading basics.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
Palm reading or palmistry is an ancient art that originated in India, and is closely associated with astrology. In recent times, it has also developed a scientific aspect and there are many people who are eager to learn and understand how to read palms. The basics of this art will help you learn and understand the important aspects of the art before you learn how to read and interpret the various lines on the palm. Palmistry requires a good amount of practice before you can really start interpreting the lines on the palms of different people.
The Hand to be Read
One of the most important points in any palm reading instructions manuals, and one of the most common questions asked while learning, is regarding the hand that is supposed to be read. There is a simple rule for this, and you need to determine the active and the passive hands. If a person is left-handed, his/her active hand would be the left hand and the passive hand would be the right hand, and vice versa. The passive hand should be read to know about all inherited traits, and the active hand should be read for all the changes that have taken place in the inherited traits.
Structure of the Hand
The structure of a person's hand speaks a lot about him/her, and hence plays an important role in palm reading. Each individual's hand would have a different size and shape, and the length of his/her fingers would also differ. All these factors together determine the person's personality traits.
The shape of the hand is divided into the four elements of nature, viz., air, water, fire, and earth. A person having an earth-shaped hand would have a square-shaped palm, short fingers, clear and deep-set lines, and thick skin. One who has air-shaped hands would have a square-shaped palm, long fingers, and thin but clear lines. A person with water-shaped hands will have an oval palm, long fingers, a lot of fine lines, and soft and moist skin. One who has fire-shaped hands will have a long palm, short fingers, thick and well-defined lines, and hard but warm skin. Earth hands symbolize practical, strong, but modest people; water hands symbolize sensitive, emotional, and creative people; fire hands symbolize confident, positive, and risk-taking people; whereas air hands symbolize sociable, restless, and logical people.
A person with large hands is somebody who would think first and then act, while a person with small hands is more active and impulsive and thinks a lot less.
Flexibility of the Thumb
If the person's thumb is flexible to a certain extend, it would mean that he/she is quite accommodating, easy-going and adaptable; while people with more rigid thumbs are pretty obstinate.
Lines on the Palm
The lines on the palm are the most important aspect in palmistry. This is what helps you interpret the most essential traits of an individual's life and personality. There are many different lines on the palm, like the success line, the life line, the health line, the marriage line, the travel line, the line of fate, etc. All of these lines are interpreted in different ways, and a few of them are discussed below.
Life Line
This line starts in the area of the palm that lies between the thumb and the index finger, and extends downwards till the edge of the palm. You will be able to interpret everything related to a person's, life like his/her age, health, etc., by studying the length, shape, and thickness of this line. However, how long a person would live cannot be interpreted by studying any of the lines on the palm, and it is a popular misconception that the length of the life line indicates the same.
Fate Line
This line is present on the palms of some people and absent in the rest. If it is present, it extends from the center of the palm, vertically down to the wrist. It indicates the presence of situations in an individual's life that have brought about some drastic changes in his/her life.
Marriage Line
This line can be found right below the little finger. It indicates an individual's married life and other events related to it, even the number of times he/she may get married.
Head Line
This line can be found just above the life line. It indicates a person's intellect, nature, and psychological and mental problems that he/she may suffer from.
Mounts on the Palm
The mounts on the palm can be found at the base of the fingers. Their texture, firmness, and color must be checked for accurate interpretation. There are various mounts on the palm, and a few important ones are discussed below.
Mount of Venus
This mount is found at the base of the thumb. It indicates passion, love, and sympathy.
Mount of Jupiter
This mount is found at the base of the index finger. It indicates love towards nature, leadership, and ambition.
Mount of Saturn
This mount is found at the base of the middle finger. It indicates balance, wisdom, and soberness.
Mount of Apollo
This mount is found at the base of the ring finger. It indicates creativity, success, and happiness.
Mount of Mercury
This is found at the base of the little finger. It indicates shrewdness, success in business, and criminal tendencies.
There are different palm reading techniques that you can learn and practice. Hope the above lessons prove to be helpful for all those interested in learning and practicing palmistry.