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Palm Reading Lines - True Interpretation of the Love Line

Palm Reading Lines - Love Line
In palmistry or palm reading, love line analysis is especially one of the topics, which arouses maximum interest in people. Read the following article to know about this.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
The art of studying and knowing the course of a person's life, with the help of the palm lines is called palmistry. This art has been practiced for thosands of years, and it fascinates people all over the world. Though scientific explanation has failed to back up this art, some people do have the knack of foretelling a person's future, just by perusing his/her palms.
Location of the Love Line on the Palm
Although it is called so, the love line actually is the heart line, which is an indicator of how we would fare in the matters of heart. That is where love, or to be even specific romance, has the maximum importance. Hence, this line is one of the major ones, which are studied in palmistry. Found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers, it runs from the palm edge to almost till the little finger or pinky. You would find it in a diagram in a book, or on the Internet. If not running till that finger, it is in the direction towards the other edge of the palm. This line is an indicator of how would we fare in the matters regarding relationships, depression, emotional stability, cardiac health, etc.
Interpretation (Based on the Nature of the Line)
As mentioned earlier, this line is an indicator of your love life, along with few other aspects like emotional stability, ability to love and be loved, and other related aspects. It is thumb rule that deeper the line, your devotions are stronger and warmer. A normal and satisfying love life is indicated by a line starting below the index finger.
  • If an individual's love line boldly extends across the entire width of the palm, it is an indication that he/she tends to look for the people whose status is higher than them, and also has a lot of regard and respect for them. In case this line is straight, and runs parallel to the head line, it portrays strong emotional control.
  • If the heart line is pointing downwards touching the lifeline, that person is vulnerable to heartbreak.
  • If there are smaller lines stretching above the love line, then it's an indicator that you can be happy in love. On the other hand, if the lines stretch in the downward direction, they reflect disappointment.
  • A short and faint heart line shows least interest in the matters of love and affection. If the same line is prominent and deep, it can be said that the person's affections are considerably stable.
  • It is a belief that if your heart line curves steeply under the index and middle fingers, you may have a strong sexual desire.
  • A long love line curving down at the end is known as a pleaser. Individuals with such lines are said to be adaptable and typically act how they are expected to by others. They also have a deep sense of reading people, as per experts. A line, which is short indicates that you are interested in sexual aspects of love, rather than the emotional attachment.
There are many other nooks and crannies in this subject of palmistry, and the heart line is no exception. Experts can tell a person's general tendency, but they obviously can't tell the details of a person's future, as it is almost impossible.
Thus, the love line can tell you a lot about your emotional quotient, and is a very important aspect of palm reading. In addition to this, if the marriage line and life line are connected, many interpretations are possible.