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19 Awesome Quotes About the Very Passionate Scorpio Sun Sign

19 Quotes About The Scorpio Sun Sign
Scorpios are intense, passionate, and sexy! This water sign is the sign of extremes. Scorpio love is famous and anger is infamous!
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Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Scorpio is a rewarding yet dangerous lover.
When a Scorpio says they are in love, it's a never-ending love.
A Scorpio hopes to find the love that will always keep him hopelessly in love.
Scorpio women are very emotional, very demanding, and very demonstrative.
Not everyone can handle how honest a Scorpio can be.
A Scorpio never speaks empty words. He always means what he says.
A Scorpio will tell you the truth even if you can't handle it.
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Scorpios try their best to hold back their tears.
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A Scorpio can figure things about you way before you've fixed your mouth to let them know.
Scorpios feel emotions more deeply than any of the zodiac signs.
Scorpios love intensely, hate intensely. No middle ground here.
A Scorpio is always 5 steps ahead of everyone else.
Scorpios have a gift that makes them better able to deal with pain more than most.