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Rising (Ascendant) Signs of Astrology and Their Meanings

Rising (Ascendant) Signs of Astrology
Is your Leo friend flamboyant, or your Libra pal difficult to deal with? The way one behaves in social situations depends upon their rising sign.
Bindu swetha
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Astrology Signs of the zodiac
The first house of the horoscope describes the personality traits that we exhibit. This house represents our ascendant sign. On the horoscope chart it is represented as ASC.
The ascendant or rising sign describes what you are in front of the world. It is the way you present yourself while dealing with people. It is known to be an individual's automatic response to his/her environment. Right from the clothes we choose to wear, to the people we hang out with, our rising sign can say it all.

The rising sign can be calculated only if the exact time and date of birth is known. It is believed that the ascendant characteristics are stronger when the person is born at the beginning of the sign. These signs are the first personality traits that we exhibit. AstrologyBay will help you interpret your rising sign.

Before starting with the personality traits of the rising signs, let us get acquainted with the method to find out the ascendant signs. The panchang is used in Vedic astrology to find rising signs. However, if you have your horoscope, you can easily find your rising sign. The exact position of the sign is shown in the diagrams given below.

* Images are for representational purposes only.
Western ascendant sign
In the Western horoscope chart, look for ASC or first house to know your ascendant sign.
Vedic ascendant sign
In the Vedic horoscope chart, look for Lagna or first house to know your ascendant sign.
* Note: Here, the numbers represent houses.
Now, as you know your ascendant sign, you will be curious to know what personality traits your sign represents. So, here's what your rising sign has to say about you...
Aries Rising
Straightforward and direct! That's the approach Aries have towards life. Have you ever heard an Aries planning about things? Far-fetched thought, isn't it? Aries are the ones who first 'do' things and then think about their actions. This approach often puts them in the leading position without much ado. This may seem as aggression to some, but being aggressive is not a native trait to Arians. You will never find malice in their actions or intent.

If there's any sort of competition, Arians are known to put all the pressure on themselves. Working under pressure is something that they just love to do. Despite the pressure, you will find Arians to be in leading positions. They will get up quickly, do things quickly, and are hardly associated with 'patience'. Patience is a trait that you will find lacking in most Arians.

Grudges, what are these? Aries are known to lose their temper quickly, but it disappears at the same rate, too. They will never hold grudges against anyone. Instead, Arians like to be straightforward and direct. You will often find them letting out their anger on the concerned person, and later being completely at peace.

Aries rising people are often termed 'independent', and you will hardly find them asking for help. These people are self-reliant, and due to this, they often appear fine doing things on their own. This is the reason people hardly offer help to Aries ascendants. Despite their independent nature, Aries ascendants are known to let go of things and compromise in their personal relationships. They are very attached to their loved ones.

A swift walk, broad shoulders, rash or acne on the face and shoulders, slim hips - that's Aries ascendants for you. They are always quick to smile, and possess a youthful charm. And not to forget, shutterbugs simply love these people for their natural photogenic features.
Taurus Rising
Slow, steady, and capable! The perfect adjectives to describe a Taurus ascendant. When in serious love relationships, these people are loyal to the core. Their radiant presence cannot be ignored, and you can almost feel their presence in a room. And this radiance is surely a great attraction for others. They will remain patient and wait for a long time for achieving their goals.

Change! That's a dreaded word for these people. They are completely resistant to change. They can give you a thousand reasons for not letting go of things. You will find most of them to be stubborn and fixed in their ways. They will evaluate the security aspect before jumping into any new venture. Due to their resistance to change, they come across as not-so-flexible people. They are completely cautious and careful in any new venture or project that they undertake.

Material possessions are not new to these ascendants. They often prefer to have all the goody-goody things in life. They will never let go of their most cherished possessions. Self-indulgence often comes in their way of socializing. Due to their love for materialistic things, you will find them to be collectors of something or the other, be it stamps, coins, or anything else under the sun.

Breaking up is a nightmare for Taurus ascendants. Being loyal themselves, they expect the same from their partner as well. This loyalty can sometimes take the form of possessiveness, and they will resist letting go of their partners. They are highly sensual, and simply cherish their relationships. Family and friends treat Taurus ascendants as a 'Rock', a person whom they can believe and share their innermost feelings with.

A sturdy physique and charismatic features are native to these ascendants. They like dressing up in comfortable clothes, and often follow social etiquette. A big house, cars, designer clothes - Taurus ascendants simply love them, and well, also love showing them off.
Gemini Rising
Curiosity is synonymous to Gemini ascendants. They love to learn, and are never tired of gaining that extra bit of knowledge. And if you are in the company of a Gemini ascendant, be prepared to answer their innumerable questions. They love to expand their social circle.

They often come across as someone who is impatient and restless. They are quick thinkers, and often quick in their physical expressions as well. They have the wonderful gift of words, and their intellectual quotient is also high. However, they often tend to get caught up in intellectual puzzles; thus, ignoring the people around them. This may come across as a lack of warmth among people close to them.

Being a duality sign, you will find two sets of personality traits in Gemini ascendants. One set is bubbly, talkative, and eccentric, while the other set is cool, intellectual, and love to have loads of fun. The ascendants belonging to the first set are interesting, and often engage in long conversations, while the second set ascendants may sometimes come across as harsh people. However, you can never ignore their witty and clever nature.

Multitasking is a trait that everyone should learn from Gemini ascendants. They are capable of handling multiple things at a time, while it may appear that they are not paying attention to any of these tasks. However, they never believe in schedule and timetables. Chaotic situations are where they thrive.

In relationships, you will find them in almost every social circle. Social butterflies, that's what these people are. Despite being in the company of many people, you will never find these people being really close to someone. They are mostly scared to let people in their inner circle.

They have a flamboyant, colorful style, and need an ever-changing wardrobe. These people, like Arians, love their space and freedom in relationships. They are gifted in crafts, and can make it a good career option.
Cancer Rising
The gal or guy next door is a Cancerian? Shy, gentle, caring, and sweet - that's a Cancer ascendant for you. These people are often shy while meeting new people or in new situations. In such cases, they will take their time to get comfortable in the company of others.

Security is the most important thing in their lives, and they can even let go of their freedom when the security aspect is in question. They love their life to be structured, and generally appreciate having rules even in their relationships. They often seek the company of a strong partner with emotional and financial stability.

Natural caretakers - that's what they are. They are strongly attached to home, and like to be in the company of family and friends. Even in marriage, they have a practical approach. You will always find them helping others, because a Cancer ascendant wants other people to be happy.

Home is where these people are most comfortable at and feel secured. To a Cancer ascendant, luxury is not important in his/her life. They would rather save money for their future, instead of spending it on unnecessary worldly luxuries. But, when it comes to food, they can be complete spending freaks. They are typical foodies, and also showcase some culinary skills themselves.

These people define their own style. Women Cancer ascendants will rock the style world by donning beautiful frocks, pearls, and all girly accessories. They are known to have great bodies, and never refrain from showing off their curves.
Leo Rising
Leo ascendants never go unnoticed. They have an inbuilt charm of attracting attention, and their charisma never fails to make an impression. They sometimes attract others attention because of their loud physical appearance, while at other times, it is their regal manners that demands interest from others.

Temper tantrums! I bet you have come across a Leo in your lifetime. If yes, then you cannot get away from their temper tantrums, can you? These people are also known to jump to conclusions pretty soon, and may appear as bossy when in a group. However, their amazing managerial skills are something to look out for.

They are always concerned about their appearance and the way they present themselves in public. Also, they are very demonstrative, and like grand gestures. However, you will never feel the lack of entertainment when you are in the company of a Leo. They are warm and generous.

These people have a natural trait of speaking their mind. Though many find Leos manipulative in nature, they are actually very straightforward. And the amount of hard work that they put in any project is unmatched. Their enthusiasm and energy doubles up while dealing with new ventures. But, they are self-absorbed, to a point that they consider asking for advice to be a sign of weakness.

They are natural romantics and dreamers. And, they also have the inner drive in them to make these dreams come true. These people are usually creative and very competitive in nature.
Virgo Rising
Intelligent and serene! That's what Virgos are. They first take a feel of any new situation, analyze it. and only then act. Thus, they come across as shy people when they meet new people or are in new situations. They may appear as standoffish at most new situations.

They are very concerned about their physical appearance and body. The slightest of discomfort can leave a Virgos restless. Health is always on their mind, and you will find most of them indulging in mind-body exercises. They are picky when it comes to the food that they consume.

In relationships, Virgos are extremely loyal. These people tend to criticize others without considering their emotions. This gives rise to problems in their relationships. PDA (public display of affection) is a complete no-no for Virgo ascendants. They always tend to seek perfection in everything around them, even people.

Virgos are there for you anytime. They are highly dependable people. And they enjoy their share of gossip too! They will gather as much information as possible, and are considerate enough to share it with others as well. They like to be occupied at all times, and can get easily irritated when idle.

Virgo ascendants make great teachers, policemen, emergency services personnel, etc. They are extremely precise and helpful by nature.
Libra Rising
You will find life to be wonderful when you have a Libra ascendant around you. These people are nice, and pleasant to be with. They don't like to be alone, but often face problems in relationships. They will go to any extent to safeguard a relationship.

You cannot ignore the charisma of a Libra ascendant. They are very attractive and good-looking. They exactly know what looks good on them, and they dress up accordingly. They love their personal luxuries and comfort. They will never let go of the things that pleasure their senses.

These ascendants have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but may seem to be emotionally attached. They have a tendency to pass on the blame to others, in order to safeguard themselves. In many situations, they may also seem bossy, in order to rectify the situation.

They are extremely romantic, and are often attracted to competent and active partners. You can never turn down a romantic offer made by a Libran. They put a soft exterior front, but are extremely strong-willed.

However, their main problem is that they tend to see themselves through the eyes of others, and this makes them worry a lot. Libra ascendants should be careful while entering romantic relationships.
Scorpio Rising
You cannot push a Scorpio ascendant around. And also, their presence can never go unnoticed. They have a natural aura about them, and are highly determined people.

Scorpio ascendants love their privacy, and would not compromise with it in any situation. However, this love for privacy sometimes makes them paranoid. They love to be in full command of their surroundings. Scorpios are good strategy makers.

Flighty partners? Scorpios just cannot stand them. They want a partner who is down to earth and extremely loyal. They believe in long-term commitments, and want relationships to last forever.

Recovering from problems is a trait that is worth learning from Scorpios. They will always find a way out to overcome any physical, emotional, and economic problem. Also, they will not share their personal details with everyone. Only when you have gained the trust of these ascendants, will you be able to know what is going on in their life.

Energetic, clever, ambitious, courageous - that's what Scorpio ascendants are. In bad situations, you will not find a calmer and cooler personality than Scorpios. They have a drive to become successful, and simply enjoy competition.
Sagittarius Rising
Born seeker, learner, explorer! The world is full of adventure, and Sagittarius ascendants know exactly how to explore them. Their enthusiasm towards life is unmatched for. Their optimism makes them happy, even in foul situations.

These people are extremely restless and very active. They are seekers, and are always in search of something that they can grasp. Many Sagittarians keep looking for that something throughout their life. Due to their seeking nature, they tend to have knowledge about a lot of things, and love sharing the same with others.

They have opinions about everything and everyone. And, they will never miss an opportunity to pass opinions about others. Most times, they tend to be straightforward. Not all of these ascendants are outgoing in nature, but even the quiet ones have a lot to say and offer.

Sagittarius ascendants never fail to keep up with a good sense of humor. They find humor in the most difficult situations. They tend to get bored with routine life, but competition keeps them on their toes.

They love sports, food, drinks, dancing - basically, they love to live their life to the fullest. They are highly adaptable and flexible in nature. These ascendants tend to become sarcastic and cynical at times. They will help you out in any situation, except ones that need them to sit still; in such situations these people are never to be seen around.
Capricorn Rising
Responsible from the word go, Capricorn ascendants are the most dependable people around. If you need someone to take responsibility of a situation, call a Capricornian. However, these are the same people who constantly worry about their future.

Competence - that's the word used to describe a Capricorn ascendant. They have a notion that, if you look successful, you will be successful. These people concentrate a lot on their public image - their clothes and their mannerisms in public. They are very image-conscious people.

Overnight success is not what these people believe in. They believe in hard work, and know that hard work will take them places. They can even let go of their wants, in order to achieve their goals.

In relationships, these people are in search of a partner who can protect their emotions. They may come across responsible, reserve, conservative, and practical. They have a sense of humor that is often mistaken otherwise. Also, these ascendants themselves have a tendency of taking things seriously.

They are rational, but fun-loving people. These individuals are gracious and success-oriented people. And if you want to look out for a Capricornian from the lot, look out for those pearly whites.
Aquarius Rising
Need some advice? Turn to your Aquarian friend! Aquarius ascendants have the trait of never letting you forget their individual traits. They come across as highly intellectual and savvy people.

These people generally feel that they are special or different from the rest. This gives them the ability to look at the situation from an outsider's point of view. This makes them perfect candidates for managerial and leadership positions.

Aquarius ascendants seem to be open to new ideas. However, it won't be long before you suddenly come across their stubborn streak. They tend to resist changes that belie with their characteristics.

As far as their physical mannerisms are concerned, these people tend to dress up a bit differently. You will not be able to point them out in a crowd, but their dressing is surely different, just like their temperament.

These ascendants generally get along well with most people. If you have an Aquarian partner, you would know that you have all the freedom in the world. They like their partners to be self-confident and warm. These people are very good at accepting people from all walks of life as equals.
Pisces Rising
Pisces ascendants can be identified by just a single line - go with the flow. They love to take each situation as it comes. However, they are highly unpredictable people.

They may come across as quite gentle and peace-loving people at the first glance, but you cannot predict how they will behave when you interact with them. They are shy, passionate, quiet, and exuberant. However, their unpredictability helps them blend with all kinds of people.

These ascendants want their partners to be stable, practical, and highly reliable. They are hardcore romantics at heart. But they are highly vulnerable in relationships, and can sometimes become their own worst enemy. However, these ascendants can become very manipulative.

They are immensely creative and imaginative. They like travel, sports, and even philosophy for that matter. They possess irresistible charm, and their mannerisms and appearance are quite intriguing. They are generally in a dreamy world, even when they are having important conversations with people.
The above-mentioned personality traits can vary depending on the position of planets. These signs cannot completely describe your personality, but it is fun to know a bit about oneself, isn't it?