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Predictions By Moon Signs: Planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Read this article to know about the role of Jupiter in Vedic astrology.
AstrologyBay Staff
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Jupiter is also known as the "greater fortune". If this planet is well dignified in a person's horoscope, he/she will be wise, magnanimous, affable, jovial, just, and good natured and will be inclined towards religion and philosophy. However, the planet in its ill-dignified aspect influences the person to be conceited, indifferent, of shallow abilities, careless, and a religious fanatic.
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Jupiter in Different Signs
In Aries
If Jupiter is in Aries, the individual will be wealthy, prudent, courteous, firm, and of a patient and harmonious nature. He/she will also be blessed with a happy marriage and many children.
In Taurus
If this planet is in Taurus, then the individual will be stately, elegant, creative, healthy, and well read. He/she will also be blessed with a happy marriage, but will have an inclination to self gratification.
In Gemini
If Jupiter is in Gemini, then the individual will be elegant, scholarly, and diplomatic. He/she will also be blessed with a tall, well-built body and will tend towards poetry.
In Cancer
If this planet is in the zodiac sign Cancer, then the individual will be dignified, wealthy, comfortable, and well read. He/she will also be inclined towards social gossip and will make a good mathematician.
In Leo
If Jupiter is in Leo, then the individual will be ambitious, active, intelligent, wise, and generous. He/she will also tend to be tall and will have a commanding appearance.
In Virgo
If Jupiter is in this zodiac sign, then the individual will be ambitious, selfish, fortunate, and stingy. He/she will also be blessed with a beautiful spouse and great endurance.
In Libra
If this planet is in the sign of Libra, the individual will be open minded, courteous, fair, religious, and of a pleasing nature. He/she will also be good looking, attractive, and strong.
In Scorpio
If Jupiter is in Scorpio, the individual will be selfish, proud, imprudent, and will have a low self-esteem. He/she will also be well built, but will have a stooping stature and a generally unhappy life.
In Sagittarius
If Jupiter is in this zodiac sign, the individual will be wealthy, influential, charitable, and trustworthy. He/she will also be a good conversationalist and will possess artistic qualities.
In Capricorn
If Jupiter is in Capricorn, the individual will be timid and melancholy. He/she will also have a weak body, low intelligence, and will have to work very hard even for low financial returns.
In Aquarius
If this planet is placed in the sign Aquarius, the individual will be philosophical, popular, compassionate, sympathetic, and melancholic. He/she will also be dreamy and will tend to suffer from dental troubles.
In Pisces
If Jupiter is in Pisces, the individual will be enterprising and diplomatic. They will also inherit well from their family and will be stout, with medium height.
Jupiter in Predictions by Vedic Astrology
The two most important attributes of the planet Jupiter are its intimate connection with the general betterment of humanity and imparting religious tendencies to people. This planet represents or governs judges, priests, learned men, senators, preachers, ministers, bankers, philosophers, psychiatrists, and managers according to Vedic astrology. Jupiter stays in one sign for around a year and when this particular planet aspects any other planet during its transit, then it brings out good influences from the position.
The effects of Jupiter's transit as it travels through the various houses when counted from the Janma Rashi  are as follows:
  • First House: There is a fear of unfavorable conditions. This transit is not considered good in the Hindu astrology and but is considered beneficial as per Western astrology.
  • Second House: This transit brings about materialistic gains.
  • Third House: This transit brings fear and sickness.
  • Fourth House: This transit creates loss of money and fear.
  • Fifth House: This transit brings gain and happiness.
  • Sixth House: This transit brings sickness and distress.
  • Seventh House: This transit provides the individual respect and happiness.
  • Eighth House: This transit causes physical and mental troubles.
  • Ninth House: This transit brings about a lot of happiness, prestige, and respect from other people.
  • Tenth House: This transit brings about circumstances that cause the individual a lot of humiliation.
  • Eleventh House: This transit brings about happiness and gain in materialistic possessions.
  • Twelfth House: This transit brings about sickness and fear.
At the end of the day, it is important to remember that Jupiter is a guardian planet and its blessing is a must for the prosperity in life.
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