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Scorpio Traits

Physical and Temperamental Traits That Perfectly Describe a Scorpio

The secretiveness of Scorpio is so strong that it is difficult to list all the traits accurately. This article is an attempt at dissecting the sign and gaining vital insight into some of its traits, that you'll definitely need to know if you happen to have a Scorpio around.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Analyzing a Scorpio is never easy and that is solely because of one thing - it is they who do the dissecting and it can never be the other way around. It is one of the few signs that others instinctively know not to mess with, an inbuilt self-preservation mechanism in the others (with the exception of Aries, for the word 'self-preservation' does not exist in their astrological dictionaries). So, if you have a Scorpio friend, spouse, an unavoidable relative, or a neighbor, or are just casually interested in astrology, this article should give you valuable insight into the Scorpio psyche. Here's a look at the traits and personality of a scorpion.
About the Sign
This zodiac sign takes full effect between October 24th and November 22nd. Yet, those that fall on the cusp cannot escape some remnant effects of this really powerful and strong astrological presence in the heavenly skies. It is a fixed, water sign and if this is translated into any earthly language, it would mean that Scorpio is a 'deep, emotional, and secretive' (water), 'stick it around till the end kind of planner and organizer' (fixed). It is a feminine sign (feminine here stands for yin, as opposed to yang) and this means that the zodiac sign is more receptive to emotions than to deeds and activity.
Physical Characteristics
The physical characteristics of this sign are not that difficult to spot in a crowd. These are the people with intense, soul-piercing eyes, that are made even more mysterious by their ever-dignified, contemplating demeanor. They are the quiet lot that stand at the edge of the crowd, dissecting every facet of each person in the group, and encompassing and storing a large amount of collected data in their memory for future use. Most of them give out a robust physical appearance and are usually medium in built. Though usually on the thin side, they have a tendency towards increasing waist inches as they grow older. Their facial contours are sharp and noticeable, and they are accentuated with a sharp or shrill voice.
Though usually calm and cool in composure, you will notice when standing near the Scorpion aura, that you are engulfed by an invisible air of silent superiority. The best way to identify a scorpion in a crowd is to look for the guy who is very silent but attentive (they are the best in the camouflaged attention business) to the conversation going on. He is definitely your guy if he is giving the appearance of being bored with the entire conversation while making sure that he has enough information gathered from it, to give a high-handed judgment in the end. He is absolutely, most definitely your guy, if you venture outside the group only to realize that while you have volunteered all possible information on yourself, ranging from your ex-wife and in-laws to your personal banker, he has absolutely volunteered none, NONE; can you believe it, the sneak!
Temperamental Traits
Scorpio sign traits are such that will either leave you in awe (especially if you are a light-hearted Libra) or will leave you with a disgusted, puckered mouth expression (especially if you are an intense Leo or Aries). The traits are very similar to those of the other water signs (Cancer and Pisces), but just a little on the aggressive and uncontrollable side.
Whenever you are exposed to a Scorpio, the first thing that you will notice is his ability to stare. Most of us find that stares make us uncomfortable, but being stared at by a scorpion is in a league of its own. A Scorpio's stare increases that feeling by threefold, for no one can stare like them. They will stare and stare in an unblinking fashion, as if they have delved into the realms of an unseen parallel world and gotten hidden files of secret data on you, things you would rather have no one know. Relax, they cannot do that even if they portray it.
All the hype about the traits, comes from the common knowledge that the sun sign rules the sphere of 'sex'. Well, that it does, but contrary to popular belief, sex is not all of what it is about. Not all scorpions are nymphomaniacal, though a hidden inclination does exist in them. It may even surprise you to know that they are not the best in the love-making business. They are definitely the top contenders, but depending on what you look for in love, Libra and Taurus (Venus ruled - the deep, emotional, attached kind of lovemaking) and Leo (the feral, animalistic, experimental, and exiting kind of lovemaking) give them real tough competition. They, however, are the most inclined towards the spirituality associated with the physical union and this metaphysical association has left them tagged for life.
The best of the traits revolve around the fact that they are gifted with the ability and intellect to write their own destinies. These extremely strong personalities can both make it as well as break it for themselves, with equal ease. Being gifted with the power to envision and make true their own future, brings with it some unique Scorpio characteristics. Almost all of them are stubborn (one cannot cling to one life goal without tenancy and obstinacy), ambitious (one cannot bring about great things without ambition), and independence (you cannot break the status quo if you are not independent enough to change it). Most Scorpions have set agendas (even though they are mostly unknown to everyone else) and they are always ready to capitalize on the smallest of opportunities (the kind of ones that others are blind to). They set the target for themselves (usually something impossible), and the probabilities of them achieving these are higher than that of others, for the sheer will and determination that they have.
There's a famous movie dialog, "with great power comes great responsibility" and this is something every Scorpion should learn. Like with all water signs, the deeply emotional Scorpio is prone to bouts of periodic depression. The depressions (like with everything else about them) usually last longer, and are deeper and bleaker than those experienced by most other star signs. They go to the depths of extreme melancholy and it is difficult for them to resurface. It is inclined to tilt towards liquid intoxicants and so the best time to stop them from themselves from giving in to temptation is to stop the first drink itself. Yet, being the strong, powerful personalities that Scorpions are, no extreme addiction can stop them if they take it upon themselves to overcome it.
Scorpio men in relationships are usually a tad more jealous than the females, though both are extremely possessive, to the point of smothering. Yet, they are deeply committed and faithful once they give their hearts away. Most frustrations in the relationships arise out of their inability to open up, and there has never been a spouse born on Earth who'd not mind secrets. They support their spouses through thick and thin, in sickness and health, and all that. The only hurdle for them to overcome to become the perfect mates is to curb their tendency to dominate decisions and opinions and to make the partner a true partner by sharing thoughts. Their jealously competes right up there with an Aries or Leo, so be careful when maneuvering around it.
Last but not the least, beware of the Scorpion's sting. They never forget crimes against them, neither in deeds nor in words. All insults and misdeeds are recorded away in a database, and then the Scorpio will plan his revenge. Scorpions are known to come up with their vengeance years later, when the incident has been erased from the memories of others and the pages of time have also updated themselves to more current happening. Unfortunately, for a Scorpio, the wound is still fresh, seething and festering, and be assured he will exact a revenge. Out of all the other powerful signs of the zodiac wheel, the Scorpio is the only one with a bite worse than a bark. Be careful when you cross them. Just one last thing, Scorpio is not averse to bending the rules and expanding the terrain of his ethics when plotting his revenge, so do watch your back.
All Earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and Water (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio himself) signs gel well with Scorpios and make up the good side of a compatibility chart. The fire signs are the least compatible, with Aries topping the list. If the relationship is not romantically inclined, Leo and Scorpio make the best of pals.
Be with the Scorpios for their loyal, passionate (intense even), resourceful, observant, and dynamic nature, and you will soon learn to ignore the jealousy, obsessiveness, tendency to be suspicious, and manipulation. Scorpios are really fantastic people, it only takes a little longer for us to understand that.