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The Good and Not-so-good Aspects of a Scorpio Woman's Personality

Scorpio Woman Personality
The Scorpio woman is the most mysterious among women of all zodiac signs. However long you may know her, deciphering her true nature and personality is quite difficult.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the scorpion. People born in between October 24th to November 22nd belong to this zodiac sign. It is a water sign, and one of the four fixed signs (the other three being Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius). Scorpio individuals, both men and women, have some unique qualities that differentiate them easily from other signs. But, mark it, their true nature is often hidden deep inside, just like their emotions and feelings.
Characteristics of a Scorpio Woman
A Scorpio woman best compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn
If you are to describe a Scorpio woman in two words, then they would be intense and passionate. She is passionate about everything in life, right from her career to relationship, to hobbies to love making; simply everything.
A Scorpio woman is ambitious, hardworking, and is usually successful in her life. More often than not, she has inborn leadership qualities, and loves (and often craves for) power. Determination, will power, and hard work are the pillars of the Scorpio female personality.
A Scorpio woman is intuitive and astute. She also has an amazing quality of seeing through people's falsity and hollowness.
When talking about the physical traits of a scorpio woman, note her eyes as it is one feature that usually stands out. They are unique and hypnotizing. Her cool, but, mesmerizing stare often indicates that she is interested in you; and is trying to dissect you. She is well-built and curvy; rather than petite and lanky. She exudes confidence and is usually unapproachable and reserved. A Scorpio personality is hard to ignore.
Scorpio Woman as a Partner
Scorpio Woman as a Partner
A Scorpio woman, as a lover, is emotional, intense, and very demanding.
The Scorpio woman is beautiful in a unique way. Not like an Aquarius woman (she is considered as the most beautiful woman in the Zodiac) or a Virgo woman, but in a different manner. She is beautiful in a sensual way. Her magnetic smile, hypnotizing eyes, and seductive manner draw men to her. But, her heart is pure; and she usually seeks a pure and long-lasting kind of love and relationship. She commits only when she is sure of her feelings, and expects the same from her partner. It is better to stay away from a Scorpio woman if your feelings are not genuine. Similarly, even when she is head-over-heels in love with her partner, she will maintain her dignity, respect, and independence.
When it comes to love, she loves a real man (or an alpha male). He should be smart, courageous, intelligent, gentlemanly, witty, charming, daring, adventurous, and ambitious, all in one. Now, this may be too much to ask for, but, the Scorpio woman will not settle for the second best. She always prefers the best. She will be impatient and unhappy with slow or shy men. When she commits, she will never hesitate in expressing her love for her partner. She will be a supporting and caring wife, who will stand by your side all through your life. She will always encourage you, and will not hesitate in publicizing your achievements.
Although Scorpios are irresistible and seductive, they are usually looking for a serious committed relationship. There is nothing casual about this sign.
On the other hand, a Scorpio woman in love is a jealous, possessive, and often insecure partner. She will never tolerate a flirtatious partner. She is also very suspicious and inquisitive. But, on the contrary, she will not tolerate these qualities in her husband. She loves her independence, and will not like you being possessive and controlling. It is also painful for most partners to see their Scorpio wives attracting too much attention everywhere. But, do not doubt her loyalty as she will be absolutely dedicated and truthful to you, if she loves you.
A Scorpio Woman as a Mother
Scorpio Woman as a Mother
Once the Scorpio woman is married, she will love family life. She will love her home and strive very hard to be a good partner and a good mother. She will inculcate all the qualities of discipline and determination in her children. She will selflessly love and care for her spouse and children. Her practicality, mixed with her emotionality, makes her a good wife and a mother. She will enjoy doing all the household chores like cleaning and cooking just for her partner and kids.
A Scorpio woman as a mother will be confident and trustworthy. Her child may easily confide in her, being sure that the secrets are safe with her. Although a Scorpio mother provides selfless love to her kids, she might sometimes appear dominating. They are notorious for being control freaks and may fail to understand their child's need for independence. In most of the cases, children of Scorpio women have a secure and protected childhood.
A Scorpio Woman as a Friend
Scorpio Woman as a Friend
Scorpio women have very few select close friends. You will have to be special and gain her trust in order to be in her inner circle. More often than not, the Scorpio woman is busy with her own ambitions and relationship; and will have very little time to make friends. But, as a friend, she will be true, supportive, and very trustworthy. She will keep some secrets, and will not share them even with her partner. Therefore, as a friend, a trustee, or a partner, you can share your secrets with this woman, and she will keep them safely to her heart.
Outwardly, this woman is often perceived as being self-centered and cold. But, on the contrary, she cares lot about her near and dear ones, and will go out-of-the-way to help and support them if she trusts them. It takes a long time to win the trust of a Scorpio. But, when they trust you, it will be for a lifetime. She is generous, fair, and just. She is social and will be a sport for adventures.
Despite knowing her for long, a Scorpio woman can still be a mystery. But, all her close ones will definitely appreciate her for her amazing personality and zest for life. And you, as her lover, will be the luckiest person to have a beautiful, devoted, and encouraging partner, who will make you feel like the most desired person on the Earth. Good luck!
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