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17 Signs That Totally Prove You are Obsessed With Horoscopes

17 Signs That You are Obsessed with Horoscope
Most of us glance through the horoscope section in magazines and newspapers occasionally, but some have the habit of checking it out everyday, and treat it as a daily guide in all walks of life. Well, do you think this is normal or actually an obsession? Let's find out in this AstrologyBay article. Here are some signs that would tell that you are obsessed with horoscope.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Did You Know?
The most common zodiac sign is Scorpio, which comprises 9.6% of the world's population. The least common is Aquarius, which comprises 6.3% of the total world's population.
Horoscopes. Zodiac. Sometimes it is completely true, and sometimes not. When it comes to horoscopes, there are three types of people - those who think it's completely fake and misleading, people who read it once in a while, and those who know all the sun signs like the back of their hand. In short, they are obsessed with it. It's completely a personal take whether to believe it or not. Some try to gain as much information about themselves with great enthusiasm and interest, so much so that they are completely obsessed with it. They just can't think of taking a step ahead without referring to their horoscope. All of us know at least one person like that who moves and does things according to the alignment of the stars, planets, moon, sun, etc., and seeks all his/her answers in life from them. It makes them feel more connected with the universe. So, if you too are one of them, then take a look at the section below, which will tell you whether it's a normal thing, or an obsession.
Signs Which Prove That You are Obsessed with Sun Signs
You start your mornings by reading your horoscope in the newspaper
Boy reading horoscope in the newspaper
Most of us have the habit of reading the newspaper first thing when we get up in the morning. And for the horoscope-obsessed soul, their day starts with reading the horoscope section first, and checking out what the stars have to say about them for that day. Will you meet your prospective future partner today? Or may be there might be conflict between you and your colleague at the workplace! Or you may win a big lottery today! Let's turn to the horoscope page directly.
You know 'em all
Beautiful Girl Thinking
You probably know all the sun signs, that too in the correct order, along with their dates and months. You are very well aware of what 'Mercury's retrograde', 'sun sign', 'moon sign', 'cusp signs', and 'ascendant' mean. And you do warn people when Mercury will be in retrograde, and why it is unfavorable, but have a really difficult time explaining it to them. But still, don't say I didn't warn you before!
When you meet someone new, you always ask about their birthday
Couple Meeting First Time
Whenever you meet someone new, the first question that pops out of your mouth is, "When's your birthday?" Oh, that's just an excuse of knowing their sun sign, so that you can check their nature and compatibility with yours after you get back home.
You check zodiac compatibility before getting into a relationship
boy propose girl
So, you met this handsome guy at the bar last night, and he asked you out on a date? You also managed to get his birth date. The first thing you do after getting back home is check his zodiac and see how compatible you'd be in the future. You believe that it is quite important to check compatibility before you step into that 'serious relationship' zone.
You're shattered when a relationship with a compatible sign doesn't work out
Couple Break Up
You did a quick compatibility check, and found that you two were highly compatible. But one fine day, you break up. And there you are wondering to yourself, "But the stars said we'd be soulmates. Then what went wrong?!? Cancer and Scorpio are supposed to be great with each other." Or you realize after a break up, that you two were never compatible, since he is a Leo, and wish you'd realized that before itself.
You judge people on the basis of their Zodiac signs
judging girl
Your love or hatred for people is based on their Zodiac signs. That's because, you exactly know how the person is going to be, thanks to your PhD in Astrology! You assess other people's nature and behavior based on their traits according to their Zodiac, and always come up with sentences like, "She's a typical Virgo" or "That's such an Aquarius (or any other sun sign) thing you just said." You're also amazed when people contradict their sign with their behavior.
You've got a whole collection of jewelry and mugs of your Zodiac sign
Mug With Zodiac sign
You have some great collection of zodiac-themed jewelry, mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., and you feel proud in wearing those. And every time you go shopping, you pick up at least one thing related to your sun sign.
You justify your behavior saying you're a (whatever Zodiac sign)
You always justify your weird and questionable behavior by answering, "I'm a Libran; I can't help it if I'm indecisive." At least you're saved from further interrogation!
You have your own collection of horoscope books by famous people
There are at least five horoscope books in your book shelf, and you always stop by the astrology section in any book store for the latest horoscope and quick consultation.
You've seriously considered getting your Zodiac sign inked.
You simply love it when you find out that your favorite celebrity too has the same sign as you.
You've actually spent a great amount to get your personalized horoscope readings.
You've proved people wrong when they challenged you to guess their signs. And for those who didn't know their sun signs, you're their hero!
You've canceled many trips and vacations, signing an important contract, and carrying out any critical conversations because of some 'astrological imbalances'.
You have at least two horoscope apps in your smartphone, and also have a daily horoscope subscription.
You get even more obsessed and restless if a day's horoscope says that it's gonna be a bad day for you. You actually keep waiting the whole day for a bad thing to happen to you.
You get offended when people tell you that all this horoscope business is silly and a waste of time.
These were some things that only a person who is addicted to horoscopes will relate too. If you too are one of them, you will agree with me that the most telltale sign of you being obsessed with horoscopes is that, you read each and every point mentioned above, and smiled to yourself while staring at your computer screen.