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Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: A Relationship Worth Treasuring

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility
This article deals with the friendship and relationship compatibility between Taurus and Cancer. Scroll down for more.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Taurus is an Earth sign, while Cancer is a water sign. People belonging to the zodiac Taurus are very practical and protective while the Cancerians are emotional and over sensitive. But, the differences between the two end here, as the similarities that enhance their compatibility start off from here and have a long way to go. Let us see more on Taurus and Cancer compatibility in terms of romantic relationship and friendship.
Taurus Cancer Love Compatibility
The patient and loving nature of both the individuals brings them closer. At the surface both these individuals appear calm and composed. But deep inside, the Taurus is stubborn and dominating; and the Cancer is very shrewd and moody. The Taurus man is looking for a woman who can be a good wife, homemaker and mother to his kids. And the Cancer woman fits perfectly into it. On the other hand, the protective and loving Cancer man will fall in love with the homely yet independent Taurus woman. Both, Taurus as well as Cancer individuals, are very romantic to heart and their passion also tunes perfectly. Therefore, the Cancer and Taurus compatibility is perfect, and they are more or less, made for each other.
Both these individuals like comfort and coziness. They are friendly, but not as social as their Leo or Aquarius counterparts. Secondly, both are very ambitious and will love to acquire material pleasures. Together, they are financially stable as neither of them is extravagant. Both of them are protective and caring and hence, will enjoy each other's company. The Taurus is extremely possessive and has a fierce temper. However, this goes down well with the Cancer as he/she is looking for a protective partner. Theirs can be a long-lasting and successful marriage as both of them are very compatible to each other.
However, the problems may arise in the Taurus and Cancer relationship due to the mood swings of the Cancer and the stubbornness of the Taurus. The over practical Taurus will have a hard time to understand and accept the mood swings of the Cancer; and the Cancer will often find the Taurus too dominating and obstinate! The Taurus individual should learn not to always insist on having his/her own way as it can cause the Cancer to sulk and put him/her in bad mood. The Cancer may also perceive the Taurean as extravagant as he/she loves luxuries and lavishness.
Taurus Cancer Friendship Compatibility
As their relationship, the friendship between Cancer and Taurus is also long-lasting. As their basic natures are more or less similar, it usually does not take a long time for them to bond. They both need comfort and security. Both are good listeners and can offer very good practical advice. The Taurus as well as the Cancer friend has a lot to talk and share with each other, and hence, they will rarely get bored with each other. Their similar goals and outlook towards life makes them excellent friends and business partners. Talking about business, according to Taurus and Cancer horoscope compatibility, they can also be very good and successful business partners. Both are hardworking, ambitious and full of ideas. The Taurus shows aggression and dominance when required while the Cancer has excellent social skills. The Taurus may show stubbornness in more than one occasion, but, the patience of the Cancer will help in pulling through. Therefore, we can see that both these individuals have qualities that the other lacks and hence they complement each other well.
All in all, we can end by saying that the nature of relationship between Taurus and Cancer is fairly positive, and these two can make excellent partners in a love relationship or even marriage. Secondly, they can also be very good friends and business friends. So, if you are a Taurus and have a Cancer in your life, or vice versa; treasure him/her! It will definitely be worth it. Ciao!
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