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Know What to Expect From a Taurus Man in Love

Taurus Man in Love
You are lucky if you have a Taurus man in your life. This is because your man would be more romantic, caring and gentle than anyone else.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
"It's perfectly true that the bull isn't a wild dreamer like the Aquarian male. Taurus will never sweep you off your feet like a Leo, or promise to take you floating away to live with him in a fairy castle, drifting on pink clouds forever and a day, like an Aries. He's more likely to drop by on foot some Saturday night, with the architect's blueprints for the house he plans to build for you, out of real lumber and with real cash." ~ Anonymous

From the aforementioned quote, you have already understood that a Taurus man will shower unfathomable love on his partner. Taurus males are usually very gentle and so is their way of expressing love. Being in love with a Taurus man is probably the best thing that can happen to a woman. Let's have a look at the attributes of a Taurus male and then explore his love life deeply.
Characteristics of a Taurus Male
It's a well-known fact that Taurus is represented by a bull and is ruled by the planet Venus. It's placed in the second position out of the twelve zodiac symbols. We shall cover the positive as well as the negative traits of a Taurus man, which will further help you to know him better. The most striking feature is his manly build and his gentle behavior. He is extremely polite, soft spoken and romantic. Taurus males are basically calm unless provoked to behave violently.
Let's take a look at the characteristics of a Taurus man.

★ Reliable
★ Stubborn
★ Sensitive
★ Gentle
★ Faithful
★ Generous
★ Romantic
★ Emotional
★ Compassionate
★ Temperamental
★ Honest
★ Possessive
★ Determined
★ Warmhearted
★ Passionate
★ Obstinate
Taurus Man in Love: An Overview
❤ A Taurus man when in love will never disclose his feelings with exuberance, but deep within, he will be nurturing his emotions. Once he has won over his partner, then his love will be as vast as an ocean. He is loyal and faithful towards his lady love. He is not a person who will build castles in the air, but would knit his dreams with the thread of reality.
❤ Understanding a Taurus man requires some patience and is not as easy as it seems to be, because his stubbornness and obstinacy can baffle his partner. He is extremely possessive with his love, which sometimes becomes too difficult to bear with. However, his possessiveness stems from his sincere love. And if his partner is capable of calming him down, then she has won over him through her power of love.
❤ A Taurus man acts a bit obtuse when he is on a date for the first time. He is never outgoing and expressive. He feels shy to start a conversation, fidgets and exhibits nervous expressions. He doesn't boast of himself and will never pretend to be loving. Astrologers say that Taurus males are best compatible with Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini and Pisces. Sagittarius and Leo rarely pair well with Taurus.
❤ The Taurus makes his partner feel emotionally secure. He knows how to shower love with all his warmth. He is not a man who can be fooled with love. Neither will he be unfaithful nor will choose a partner who is untrustworthy. In short, he is a one woman man. The bond shared with a Taurus man is stable and smooth. He doesn't like changes and loves to flow in one direction. Probably this is the reason why Taurus men are so loving and dedicated towards their spouse.
❤ He is not a great social person and prefers staying indoors to spend quality time with his partner. He wouldn't open up with words but would express everything in actions.
❤ A woman dating a Taurus man is indeed lucky. He is materialistic, having an affinity for worldly possessions. He will buy expensive gifts for his partner and looks forward to endow a luxurious life. He also ensures financial stability for his partner. Therefore, the woman receives love and wealth at the same time.
❤ Apart from establishing a strong emotional bond, he would become romantically the most intimate to his partner. Taurus men well know the art of love making and is sexually active. Most women having Taurian partners are physically as well as emotionally satisfied for he knows how to keep his woman happy. He understands the needs of her woman and indulges into sex only when both are comfortable. Being a believer of true and classical love, cannot be fooled with superficial and sleazy emotions.
❤ If you are in a relationship with a Taurus man, you have to nurture patience to bear with his dominating attitude. However, his negative qualities get overshadowed with love, care and concern he has for his spouse. Therefore, understand and love your Taurus man truly and deeply to sustain the relationship forever.
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