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Aries Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

Exploring the Compatibility Between an Aries Man and a Pisces Woman

Want to know what happens when an Aries man dates a Pisces woman? Both these signs are different from each other in many ways. But what happens when cupid rules the game? We have simplified the compatibility math in the article below.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: May 15, 2018
Aries, the 'Ram'... he is naive, he is adventurous, he does not see beyond the world of his own. Yet, he has immense love and care buried deep below his adventure-fueled and honest spirit. Pisces, the 'Fish'... she is shy, she is elusive, she will make an effort to go beyond her comfort for others, taking care not to hurt anyone intentionally. Yet she is strong-willed and is a great shape shifter, being whatever you want her to be.

Aries and Pisces are the first and the last signs of the Zodiac respectively. Hence, being at the extreme ends of the zodiac, one may always wonder whether these two signs are compatible with each other or not.
Aries: The Honest RAM
Aries symbal
March 21 - April 19

Symbol: Ram

Ruling element: Fire

Ruler: Mars
Know Him...
Aries is a fire sign, and the first sign of the zodiac. It is said that there is no better masculine sign than Aries. So yes, men born under this zodiac are outgoing, adventurous, and active. They love change and newness in life. An Aries man will get bored of anything monotonous. He may get restless and might want to go for the next adventure. Being the first sign of the zodiac, (the first child of the zodiac) he is naive at most instances, trusting people easily, which sometimes lands him in trouble. He may also be a stubborn child. He likes to be bossy, and loves to bask in the feeling of being right always. He will seldom agree or admit to being wrong.
An Aries Man in Love...
An Aries man knows what he wants from his relationship. And when it comes to women, he is not the one to be impressed by physical appearances, rather he likes women who are intelligent, honest, and can keep up with his pace of life. An Aries man loves to be a brave knight, and save a damsel in distress. He loves to be a supporting shoulder in times of need. However, his adventurous spirit will seldom let him fine-tune his relationships. He is honest, (he will even tell you the list of women he is dating!). A typical Arian will make his own rules in the game of love. He loves his bachelorhood, freedom, and space. He hates to be dominated! He will take his own time to realize true love and commit. However, do note, an Aries man is generous and full of compassion for people he really cares about. His easygoing, 'me-first' attitude may be mistaken for selfishness, but in reality, he is simply too busy in his own world.
You Will Get...
A man who loves freedom, is direct, brave, and honest. A generous and loving, (sometimes jealous), optimist, and loyal partner. A love life decorated with the most fun-filled and passionate dates.
Pisces: The Mysterious FISH
Pisces symbal
February 20 - March 20

Symbol: Fish

Ruling element: Water

Ruler: Neptune
Know Her...
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It is also the most feminine sign among the rest. So when you come across a Piscean woman, rest assured she will be beautiful and attractive. She likes all things lovely and pleasant, like art and music. She will simply ignore the war and dust, if it accumulates outside her watery world. She will seldom get angry or lose her temper. But, boy, when a Pisces woman loses her temper, (which is rare) she will cut your emotions with razor-sharp words. A Pisces woman is intuitive, spiritual, and romantic. She likes to swim in an endless sea of emotions and not come out of her dreamworld. Sometimes, she withdraws herself in a shell of solitude seeing the harsh realities and practicalities of life.
A Pisces Woman in Love...
Horoscope zodiac sign Pisces
A Piscean woman is charming, sensitive, and feminine like no other. She is a great lover, provided she is secure and her emotional needs are fulfilled. She is a devoted partner, and will give you all the support needed. Shower her with compliments, be gentle and affectionate, and the Fish will reward you with a fulfilling relationship! She will just let you be. Dominate her, and she will simply ignore the ego, and extract the warmth and affection out of it. For her, the man of her dreams is perfect. He is not at fault, even for his own failures! She will never push or nag her man for being too fast or too slow, or being less successful. She has many moods, yet she will manage to wrap most of her fears, shyness, and emotions neatly. On the downside, she may get a little cranky in a relationship, but that is rare.
You Will Get...
A woman who is immensely attractive (even if it is just the color of her eyes or her soft and silky hair), and every bit feminine. Who lets you be yourself, and strongly believes in you. Weekends with warm and cozy sunsets, while she rests her head on your shoulders. Sweet and long conversations, (even if they talk about your baseball game or guy's night out!).
Aries Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility
Love Compatibility
What happens when cupid strikes the optimistic and easygoing Aries man, and the shy and sensitive Pisces woman? Well, just like it is wisely said, 'When an Aries man and Pisces woman fall in love, mother natures smiles with all generosity.'
In Love...
It is a match made in heaven. You can expect a passionate and strong relationship. He enjoys the attention and freedom that she gives, while she is happy to be his damsel in distress. She moves in both directions and is perfect for the inconsistent Arian. While he may stray away after a consistent and monotonous life, the Fish will attract him by being calm and keeping the mystery alive in some way or the other.
The Sex-O-Meter...
This pairing enjoys a great physical relationship. The intuitive Pisces woman is sensitive of the mood of her Aries man. She will decode his wishes and intimate desires, mysteriously, even before he expresses them! The passionate Mars, in the Aries man, will shower her with affection and intense lovemaking in return. The union of water and fire... now, that's what we call a Steamy Affair!
Happily Ever After...
This pairing can either have a great relationship or a bad relationship, but nothing in between. A Pisces woman will be a great wife, however, she may get a little cranky after marriage. But this will happen only if the Aries man does not give her much-needed attention and care. The Aries man can be a hypocrite at times; he may demand freedom and space for himself, but may not be comfortable with giving freedom to his Pisces woman, which can lead to troubled waters. However, the super trusting and calm Pisces woman, for whom the Aries man will be her world, will dissolve these trivial issues smoothly. Beneath the solid auras of their personalities, both these signs fear abandonment and being hurt. The Ram  may unknowingly hurt the sensitive Fish, and the dreamy attitude of the Fish may leave the Ram feeling unwanted and ignored at times. With typical traits of both the zodiacs present, a romantic and blissful relation is expected of these two signs.
Though opposites, they perfectly fall in the molds of their soulmates. With a good understanding (of the Pisces woman mainly), this relationship can create a Romeo-Juliet affair of the modern era!
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