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Understand an Aries Woman Better By Knowing Their Characteristics

Aries Woman
An Aries woman is firebrand, bold, and highly individualistic. Read on to know more about the Aries females and their compatibility with the other sun signs.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Being the first among the twelve sun signs of the Zodiac, Aries represents new beginnings. Aries individuals are usually the pioneers in their work areas and also in the other spheres of life. They are adventurous people who love their freedom and are always open for new ideas. Like Aries men, the women too are always full of energy, enthusiastic, and action oriented. Here are some characteristics of women with this sun sign, followed by their compatibility with men of other zodiac signs.
Strong and Independent:
An Aries woman is highly independent and self-reliant. She always wants to be the first one to do things. She has the capability to survive on her own in any circumstance. If she faces any failure in life, she has the strength to pick up the pieces and move on with her life without any help from anybody. She is capable of doing all things that a man can.

Fun-loving, Child-like, and Adventurous:
An Aries woman can be very child-like and stubborn. She always wants things to go the way she desires. One drawback of this is that similar to a child, she is concerned only about her needs and wants, while ignoring those of others. One positive thing is that she is always willing to try new things in life. Being fun loving and adventurous makes her a very good companion to be around.

An Aries woman is highly ambitious and motivated, and is an inspiration for those around her. She is a very career-oriented woman with a very optimistic view of life. Even if she fails in her ambitions, it does not take long for her to gather all the resources that are available and start over again.

Non-Compromising and Blunt:
She refuses to compromise on most of the things in life. On top of that, she is very direct and straight forward in her dealings and communication with people. Sometimes, these tendencies may seem insensitive to other people and they may find her very pushy and selfish.


With Aries:
Two firebrand Aries make a unique pair. They are highly compatible, as they understand each other's need to be free and individualistic. Sex will be great too, as both of these can be easily aroused . The only problem will be in dealing with each other's anger, as none will like to lose or back out in a fight.

With Taurus:
Aries and Taurus are totally incompatible, as Taurus are very family-oriented people who believe in a set routine in life. Any kind of unpredictable behavior or demand of freedom by an Aries woman will not be understood or taken kindly by a Taurus man.

With Gemini:
One great thing about this pairing is the communication that they will share. Both the partners will appreciate each other's intelligence. In the bedroom too, Aries' passion and unpredictability will be enjoyed by the Gemini Man.

With Cancer:
This match is surely not made in heaven. A Cancer man wants a woman who will cook and care for him like his mother; someone who will meet his emotional needs and stay home with him. An Aries woman will be unable to satisfy these emotional needs.

With Leo:
Two fires together can light up the house, or even the neighborhood sometimes! Both are highly passionate signs that will get along very well, but only if the Leo man can give the woman her freedom, and the woman can massage the Leo Man's ego.

With Virgo:
Aries and Virgo can be compatible, provided they work at it. Aries is capable of adding excitement and spice in a Virgo's life, while a Virgo is capable of providing stability, commitment, and teaching patience to an Aries.

With Libra:
Libras are laid back, while Aries are action oriented. Libras like to plan things and can be quite diplomatic in their dealings with others, while Aries are straight forward and to the point. They are very opposite in their approaches to life. When they come together, the relationship has little chance to last long, unless they compromise and work on it.

With Scorpio:
Scorpios are loyal and emotional in their relationships, while Aries are detached and are also quite flirtatious. Aries' lack of emotion and commitment will frustrate Scorpio to no end. Sex between the two will be great and can be a major binding factor for both of them.

With Sagittarius:
The most compatible partner for an Aries woman is a Sagittarius man. Both of them are honest, blunt, optimistic, spontaneous, and freedom loving. They will understand each other's ambitions and give each other the required space to grow as individuals.

With Capricorn:
A Capricorn man is hardworking, disciplined, family oriented, and believes in the societal traditions and morals. He believes in security and financial stability. Aries woman's free spirit, streak of adventure, recklessness, and individualism is too much to tolerate for a Capricorn man.

With Aquarius:
Both Aries and Aquarius are optimistic and rebellious, and neither of them has much emotional demands. An Aries woman is impulsive and likes adventure, and these needs will be met well by the Aquarius man's unpredictability.

With Pisces:
A Pisces man looks for a partner who is sensitive, caring, and romantic. An Aries woman can be all of that, but only if she works on it. She will initially find the Pisces' sensitivity and selflessness intriguing, but may soon become bored of him. In short, this relationship has very few chances to be long-lasting.

As you can see, an Aries woman always wants to be the one who is dominant in her relationships. At the same time, she does not want a man who gives in to her demands easily. A challenging, bold, courageous, romantic, and unpredictable man who can hold her attention for a very long time is the ideal mate for her.
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