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These Characteristics of a Gemini are Truly Impressive

Gemini Characteristics
Gemini people, represented by the sign of twins, have many sides to their personality. Read the following article to know about the different Gemini characteristics and traits.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Do you know what Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, John F Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Walt Whitman, Thomas Hardy, and Paul McCartney have in common? Well, they all belong to the Zodiac sign of dualities, i.e. Gemini. They are people who are born between May 21st and June 21st. Their element is air, symbol is that of the twins, and they are ruled by the planet Mercury. Here are some of the Gemini characteristics shared by all belonging to this sun sign.
General Traits
Geminis are freedom loving, who like to live life on their own terms. They are highly individualistic and do not like to be told things. Any kind of rules or restrictions do not go down well with them.
One of the drawbacks of a Gemini is that they are unable to take decisions on their own. This indecisiveness is a peculiarity commonly found in both males as well as females. Although they are very intelligent people, yet due to the duality in their nature, they are unable to decide on one particular thing.
Great Communicator
No one in the Zodiac can talk, argue, put his point across, and impress other people with his communication like a Gemini. They are the communication kings of the Zodiac, who are very good at giving advice or persuading people. This characteristic makes them ideal for jobs such as a talk show host, publicist, or a marketing professional.
Geminis are very curious people who like to explore new places and meet new people. They like to do all such things which add to their experience and knowledge. They are intelligent, witty, and bright, and can be great company for someone looking for a mental stimulation.
Adept at Multitasking
Geminis are capable of taking care of a number of things simultaneously. Although they can be quite fickle and may not even finish the projects that they have started, when they do put their heart in something, they can work very fast and efficiently, taking up a number of things at one given point of time.
Love Traits
Geminis make excellent partners for somebody who is looking for fun, excitement, and adventure in life. They want someone who will understand their need to socialize, and at the same time, be there for them when they come back home. They like to have intelligent conversations with other people including their partners. A well-experienced, intelligent person, with a strong personality, who can match wits with a Gemini, will be their ideal partner. Their ideal partners in the Zodiac are Aquarius, Libras, and fellow Geminis themselves.
Geminis, being indecisive and dual in their nature, are quite capable of cheating, once in a while. Since they crave for variety, adventure, and excitement, they have an instinct to stray sometimes. So the partners of Geminis should always look for ways to hold their interest. They should not be boring or laid back, otherwise they can soon lose interest, pack his bags, and go.
Looking at the characteristics, it can be concluded that Gemini people are highly energetic, lively, witty, versatile, intellectual and communicative. On the flip side, they can be indecisive, impulsive, flirtatious, and superficial. Though there is lack of depth in their personality and emotions, Geminis are excellent to be around, for their optimistic and fun-loving outlook towards life.
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