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Cancer Horoscope Sign

Things You Would Love to Know About the Cancer Horoscope Sign

Cancer, the fourth of the twelve zodiac signs can be defined as emotional and intuitive. They are said to have a dual personality, where at times they would be shy and at the other times bubbling with energy and excitement. This article delves deeper into the characteristics and personality of Cancerians.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
People who come under the zodiac sign cancer, are those who are born between 22st June to 22nd July. Cancer is a water sign symbolizing the animal crab. Like the crab which has a tough exterior, but is soft and mushy from the inside, even people born under this sign are emotional and sensitive, but never show their emotions openly to other people. The sign is ruled by the moon, and this surely influences the characteristics of this zodiac sign.
It is believed to be quite easy to find out a Cancerian among a group of people. If you are at a party, you would see a Cancer man or woman right at the center of all the fun, laughing and entertaining others around. However, Cancerians also have another personality which is completely different from this one. There are times when the Cancerian would hide behind his shell, becoming totally unreachable to those around them. This personality trait is due to the influence of the moon. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, even the Cancerian (also known as the crab) experiences mood swings.
People born under the crab sign are very loving and sensitive people. They are also very emotional people, though they do not show it very easily to others. Once someone hurts their feelings, the crabs hide into their shells. One would not be able to decipher what is going on in the mind of the Cancerian just by looking at him. On the contrary, as crabs are very intuitive, they can very easily understand the inner feelings and emotions of other people just by looking at them. Due to this nature of the crabs, other people easily confide their problems and worries to them. The numerous moods of the Cancerian can be seen while one is in a conversation with him. He will move through an array of expressions while talking.
Another personality trait of the crab is that they are very insecure people. Cancerians need to be assured of the love they receive from others now and again. People who shower love and affection on them would experience their love and friendship forever. For these emotional crabs, family is a very important part of life as it fills them with a sense of security which is very crucial for them.
Cancerians are very helpful and caring people. A Cancerian is always ready to help a friend in need, but the problem is that he would wait and watch whether anyone else would come and make things alright. The crab surely saves the person, but only at the last moment. Though this behavior of the crab can be called selfishness, he is definitely not selfish. Rather, this is because he is not impulsive in nature and likes to take every step carefully.
One of the main characteristic of the cancer sign is that they have a very sharp memory. They remember things from the past very well and cling to it very closely. In short, it can be said that they live in the past as well as revere it. They learn from the past experiences and cherish whatever is taught to them.
Career Prospects for a Cancerian
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As Cancerians are said to be born leaders, they can achieve huge success as a politician, businessman, etc. Other than these, they would also do extremely well as writers, managing restaurant business, historians, chefs, nurses, journalists, and even as homemakers. Be it any area of life, Cancerians never run behind fame, however, when they receive it, they know how to bask in its glory.
Love and Romance in a Cancerian's Book
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The perfect partner for a Cancerian would be one who understands his emotional requirements. The partner or spouse may face a tough time when the crab goes into his shell. At this time, the Cancerian has to be given space. However, though they are very moody people, Cancerians are extremely romantic and love to treat their loved ones with candlelight dinners, gifts, moonlit walks, etc. If you are in love with a Cancer man or woman, be patient and empathic towards them, and you will surely find them reciprocating to your feelings. Cancerians go well with the earth signs, i.e., Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Scorpio, Pisces, and even Cancer are compatible signs. However, they usually do not gel with the fire signs.
The emotional Cancerians are intelligent as well as imaginative. Though they love to be around people they love, when they are going through one of their mood swings, those born under this horoscope sign can become critical, pessimistic, as well as manipulative. However, one must remember that this is not the innate nature of the Cancerian. Once you know them thoroughly, you will find that the person behind the tough exterior is a loving and sensitive human being.
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