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Traits You'd Certainly Find in a Virgo Man Who is in Love

Virgo Man in Love
To be in love with a Virgo man is to live in a real world with no fairy tale dreams. Honesty, love, and commitment are the words that best describe he who is in love.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Virgo is the sixth among the twelve zodiac signs and has a symbol of 'The Virgin'. Men born between August 23 to September 22 are said to belong to this sign. Virgo is an Earth element and is ruled by the planet Mercury.
Being highly devoted towards their families, these men are not very talkative and prefer to stay away from crowd. One of their typical personality traits is perfectionism. They are very conscious about their looks and do not mind spending hours in front of the mirror to just get the crease on their pants right. They want things to be perfect, right from their clothes to their perfume. Virgo men can strain themselves beyond limits and may look pretty cool outside, despite being extremely anxious inside. Their two most common characteristics are dependability and sincerity.
Virgo Man Traits in Love
  1. Being loyal and committed to the woman he falls in love with, a Virgo man is said to be an ultimate catch for a woman who is looking for a serious relationship.
  2. He looks for a genuine and honest relationship and can't stand lies even for a second. He likes sensible, intelligent, and sincere women and does not believe in love at first sight.
  3. Winning his heart might take time and patience, but believe me, it will be worth the wait.
  4. When you're with him, you will never feel the absence of love, affection, and care. His love for you will burn like a steady flame that will never flicker even for a second.
  5. They are not prone to flirtation and will never run after girls or romance, so it is best to never doubt their intentions.
  6. Having a sharp memory, they are known to remember every minute details and you will never have to remind them about anniversaries, birthdays, or any other important dates. Though they might not understand why these dates are so important to you, they will remember them nevertheless.
  7. Being extremely emotional or burdening them with sentiments, mushy affection, and tearful promises can be a big no and will make him go away from you.
  8. An excessive display of emotion makes them uncomfortable and conscious.
  9. A bit of sensuality, along with some intelligence and an alluring disposition is what they likes their women to have. He does not like females who are ignorant, dishonest, and rude.
  10. You might be the hottest babe in the block but if you are indecent and don't have brains, they won't even bother to look at you.
So, to win his heart, you need to have impeccable manners, a spotlessly clean house, great cooking skills, and a decent and sophisticated dressing sense.
Who Can Be His Love Match
Being rational, intelligent, and caring, zodiac compatibility of Virgo with other signs is above average. The five most suitable matches are Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo. They may also gel with signs such as Leo, Libra, and Pisces.
Usually, he falls in love with the simplicity and sincerity of a woman. He will always shower you with his care and concern whenever you need him. But due to his practical and reasonable nature, he will never make decisions based on emotions and will take time and move at a pace uniquely his own. Getting married to a Virgo man will reward you with a husband who is totally dependable and forever loving. Being extremely responsible, you will never have to worry about financial or emotional stability, when with him.
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