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Personality Profile of a Cancerian No One Gave You Before

Personality Profile of a Cancerian
Cancer sign profile is very difficult to generalize. Cancer, the sign, is just like the crab, it is symbolically portrayed as. This article gives an in-depth Cancer sign profile, provided you can handle a really crabby crab, when he is made to accept that the following is actually true about him. My father, who is currently far away from me, is a crab and this post is dedicated to him.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Have you ever seen a crab? He is hard, he is tough, he's nocturnal and he's elusive. There's a reason why Cancer, the zodiac sign, has a crab as its representing symbol. No, they are not tasty meat, they are just hard on the exteriors and soft and mushy on the insides. They are also crabby and cling like limpets, when they happen to catch hold of something worth holding on to. Before you start running a mile on the opposite side, let me tell you this, a crab is the best person to start a family with. Ya, Ya, I know, who said anything about starting families? But you cannot say Cancer, without saying family, and you know that even you'd want to settle down someday, no?
Cancer - The Zodiac Sign
Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon. Cancer takes on, all the moon-like qualities, like being in a different mood everyday, like trying to smother everyone like a mother and being a dreamy, romantic idealist. The sun enters the Cancer zodiac sign, on approximately the 21st of June and exits it around the 22nd of July. So if you're born in this period, you can't escape it, you are a crab, now learn to deal with it. Don't worry, being ruled by the moon gives you some exceptional qualities as well, as you'll find out a little later in the article. Cancer the sign, belongs to the cardinal family (leaders, translated as people who dislike being told what to do and how to do it) of zodiac signs and is ruled by the water element. From now on, I will refer to both the male and female specimens of the Cancer zodiac as crabs, please bear with me as the standard dictionary does not accept 'Cancerians'. I can't wait to go on to tell you all about the crabs, so we'll jump straight on to Cancer characteristics.
Top 10 Characteristics
1. Creative 2. Faithful 3. Enthusiastic 4. Emotional 5. Intuitive 6. Imaginative 7. Sensitive 8. Protective 9. Possessive 10. Romantic Idealists
Cancer Sign Profile - Meet the Crabs
cancer sign
• There is no crab (male and female), that is not emotional. There are some who pretend to be, but rest assured, that they most definitely are. You can blame it on the moon. There will be times when your not-so-emotional crab will cry you buckets, while you're wondering who left the taps open. There will also be times when your crabs will be moody, sometimes they will sulk and sometimes they will just get up and disappear somewhere. Don't blame them, it's the moon, it makes them looney, didn't I tell you so before. Give the crabs some space, and they'll be back beaming like the full moon, in no time.

• The zodiac sign of Cancer imparts all the water characteristics on your crab. Know now, that crabs are intuitive, imaginative and sensitive. All the three water signs have these common themes, in varying degrees, but with your Cancer friends have a unique problem. Their intuition and imagination often lends itself to imagined slights and insults. If he's sulking now, you may just have insulted him in his imagination. The crabs often feel deeply wronged and it is all left to you, to decipher the codes and decode exactly what has happened.
• The crab is extremely protective, of anything and everyone. If you can ignore the sometimes excessive possessiveness, your crab will always be there to shelter you from the wrongs of the world (mind you, I said world, not mother-in-law.)
• Talking of mothers-in-law, there is hardly ever a crab, who is free off the baggage of 'ties'. Their bonds with their mummy dearest, are the legendary unbreakable bonds of eternity, that one keeps dreaming about, but knows that they don't exist, except in Fevicol advertisements. Here comes the caveat, a crab (whether male or female) is extremely attached to his 'mommy' (believe me, after a while you'd think that no one's cut the umbilical cord) and he will always be on your side, when your fight's not with her. This is something that doesn't go down too well with some zodiac signs like Aries, and is especially tough on the proud, regal Leo ladies.
• Crabs are the paragons of truth. Unfortunately for them though, their creative versions of truth can deviate from the truths that the world accepts. I can forgive the crabs their small fabrications because in their imaginative world, things are much more uncomplicated and beautiful.
• Crabs come with claws. They are clingy, needy and mostly unable to let go. This goes with everything that belongs to them. You can see for yourself, try throwing away some old dusty piece of wood, lying in your attic for years. Your crab will be fighting as if he were trying to save its life. Crabs generally have trouble throwing things away, book pressed dried flowers, old rat-bitten stamp collections, everything. This is because the 'so cute' crabs tend to attach sentimentality to anything and everything.
• All crabs have a green thumb, some know it, some find out accidentally. All crabs love having a variety of greenery surrounding them (of course they must be bored, with the sticky, smelly seaweed). Gift your new Cancer date a potted flowering plant, both sexes will love it like a child. Did I forget to mention that both have maternal instincts, an outcome of landing in a feminine zodiac sign.
• Talking about love, it is futile to have an extramarital affair with a crab, and even an affair unacceptable to his family. Know that in both, it is you who will lose. When judgment day comes, you will be unceremoniously dumped like a scalding hot iron rod, in favor of the wife and family. I am just satisfied to have I told you so.
• Crabs always put security over commitment. It is almost a necessity for them to build a nest like base, which is more often than not, conservative and cozy. I often have visions of my dad lazing around in his cozy den, fireplace blazing, lounging on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand. I must say, this is enough to tempt this Leo.
• Crabs are not risk takers and no one can even mistake them for being one. Most are perceived to be miserly and stingy. I must take up their defense, for the sweethearts believe in saving for rainy days, with all their genuine hearts. And no matter what anyone tells you, I will tell you the truth. Crabs have really big, warm and fuzzy, hearts, that melt at the slightest rise in body temperature (I told you that they're emotional!). Noble causes, romance, children and loved ones, all manage to warm them up into letting loose their purse strings.
• Crabs are immensely changeable and this stems from the fact that they can be easily swayed or corrupted. They normally solicit group favor by backing the majority and hence tend to believe in going with the flow. The problem with this approach is that it makes them fickle in their opinions (they also change daily, just like the moon) and lack stability and loyalty.
• Crabs are romantic idealists. If you want fairy tales, you need a crab. Only a crab can make it happen for you, make your impossible come true. He will take you out on lonely no moon nights, to the peaceful hill tops, where there will just be the two of you. He will take you to the coral reef, and show you the pearl that reminds him of you, every time that you're not around. He will do all that, for he's the one, the crab. (I know, I know, we are all tempted)
• Crabs are kindly sensitive to other's problems and are original and imaginative (You forgot the imagined slights already?! Go read it again, the romance paragraph has that effect on most.) Crabs appreciate arts, literature and drama. Though they give the impression of being down-to-earth, they are most fascinated towards occult and feel the pull of psychic influences.
• Most crabs give love freely without expecting much (of course, learning to handle their extreme sensitivity, is the toughest task to overcome). The persistent flaw in relationships, is their inability to open up and their tendency to withdraw into themselves. It would get on anyone's nerves, just imagine a Scorpio (secrets from a Scorpio is anyone's ultimate achievement, methinks). Their faithfulness is unparalleled but may sometimes become clannish.
A cancer sign profile cannot end without a mention of their uncanny brilliance and aptitude towards learning. These sharp, intelligent and friendly crabs, should watch out for faults like succumbing to an inferiority complex. Crabs have a lot of things going for them and if a crab can be smart enough to deal with tendencies to resent personal criticisms, love of money and shallow displays, there is nothing that he cannot achieve. He has the blessings of the stars of astrology and my personal love and good luck wishes. Crabs should wear blue and silver, don a pearl or moonstone and make new resolutions on a Monday. This Cancer profile shows that they have the potential and all they need to know is that their loved ones believe in them. Good luck, my friends!
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