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Characteristics of a Capricorn Woman You Thought You Knew About

Capricorn Woman Characteristics
Women born during the period from the 22nd of December to the 20th of January belong to this zodiac sign. The Sea goat or Terrestrial goat is the zodiac symbol for Capricorns. Ruled by planet Saturn, this is an earth sign and is the tenth sign in the zodiac.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
So how does one recognize a true Capricorn woman? Are there any particular traits you can use to identify such a person? Men in love with women born under this sign would surely love to know this!

It's pretty tough to describe a Capricorn female. She might be glamorous on one hand or an intelligent scientist on the other. Whatever she is on the outside, the truth is that all she looks for is security, recognition, respect and position. All this said, let's go on to find more in detail about a Capricorn woman.
Characteristics of a Capricorn woman
On the Bright Side

• Disciplined
• Hardworking
• Flawless Etiquette
• Patient

On the Not-so-bright Side

• Depressive at times
• Yes-man all the time
• Touchy
• Complacent
Zodiac Sign, Capricorn woman
What does a Capricorn woman look like?
When it comes to the physical appearance, these women generally display prominent features. If a Capricorn woman practices physical exercise to keep herself fit, she makes sure she is disciplined and does so with determination. These women are said to be blessed with natural beauty, that gets better with age. A beautiful smile is another positive attribute possessed by these women.
Smart woman
Capricorn woman as a friend.
A Capricorn woman is a modest person who may not seem very easy to approach in the beginning. She is rather cautious in her demeanor. However, this woman is very warm and thus makes friendships that are long-lasting. Age is not an obstacle when it comes to making friends, as they are quite popular with people of different age groups. A valuable and loyal friend, this woman tends to reveal her true story very easily to friends, as soon as she feels they are close enough.
Two Bestfriends smiling
Capricorn woman as a lover.
This woman is quite independent and likes to be treated with respect. She usually likes to be in charge of things and her surroundings. This woman will readily share responsibilities with you as a partner if she feels like the two of you are equal. She loves the feeling of security and financial stability, and would display all her love and passion once she feels secure that she has met the right man in her life.
Loving couple wraped in a pashmina
Capricorn woman as a wife.
Although this woman is career-oriented, she does love a family life. She enjoys taking care of a house and can cook a fine meal. This woman wants a husband who is traditional, successful, and also honest. A Capricorn woman is cautious about money and is economical in her approach. Her strong sense of responsibility does not permit her to feel guilty about sacrifices made for the family.
Couple cooking together in the kitchen
Capricorn woman as a mother.
A Capricorn woman's children will be polite and disciplined. She is said to be a dedicated mother who does not tire of household work. As a mother, she may have high expectations from her children and thus, she should make it a point to have faith in her upbringing, encourage the kids and reduce the criticizing.
A mother and her baby daughter cuddling on the grass
Capricorn woman on the work front.
She is very methodical in her manner of work and displays good analytical skills. This, coupled with a go-getter attitude is probably what gives the Capricorn woman more success at work.
Experts in astrology suggest that the Capricorn woman can be the right person for the position of a manager. Their ability to think clearly, combined with a firm positive attitude helps them to climb the ladder of success.
A smart and confident businesswoman
The aforementioned characteristics should probably help you in understanding a woman born under this zodiac sign in a better way. Be loyal to her and she will fill your life with love and happiness.
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