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What do the Lines on Your Hand Mean?

Wondering What Do the Lines on Your Hand Mean? Here's Your Answer

Reading the lines on your hand is known as palm reading. Palmistry or palm reading is an ancient art of foretelling one's past, present and the future. Read on...
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards". - Søren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)
Predicting one's future by analyzing the lines on the hands is a sacred art that was practiced for 5000 years by the people of ancient China and India. This art is known as palmistry and is commonly known as the study of signs and lines on the hands. Historical evidences show the Egyptians and Babylonians also used the lines on the palms to predict and analyze the future. An interesting fact is, the palm of each and every person is unique and so are the lines.
Today, palmistry is either a hobby or a profession for most of the people. There are two important facts that you need to keep in mind while reading a palm. They are the lines and mounts of an individual's palm and the other is the name of the different parts of the palm. The mounts of the palms are named after the planets of the solar system. The meanings of the lines of one's hand are listed below.
Life Line
The bulge of muscle that controls the thumb is known as the mount of Venus. The lifeline extends from the mount of Jupiter to Mount of Venus. The lifeline of a person reveals the important events of life that have occurred in the past, the events that are likely to occur in the present and the one's which may occur in the future. A thin, deep, and a semi-circular lifeline is considered to be an ideal life line. Life line is directly related to an individual's life and death.
The Sun Line
There are minor lines on an individual's palm, and one of the minor lines is the sun-line. The sun-line reveals the success of an individual's career. This line is more prominent on the hands that are spatulate, conic and philosophic in shape.
The Health Line
An absence of health line means an individual has a healthy constitution and is very energetic. If the health-line is present, it means, the concerned individual has a very fragile health and needs to take care of his health.
The Head Line
The headline of an individual's hand is connected with the physical and mental conditions of his brain. This line is directly related to his intellectual capabilities.
The Destiny Line
The type and shape of one's hands plays a significant role while reading the destiny line. The palmists believe, the destiny line is the backbone of the rest of the lines on one's palm. The destiny line deals with the desire and fate of an individual.
The Heart Line
The heart line is one of the major lines of an individual's palm. This line is related to the sexual and emotional well-being of a person. An individual's ability to fall in love and his success in love and relationships is revealed by the heart line.
Each and every line on your hand depicts your past, present, and the future. To understand the lines on your hand, you need to have a deep knowledge in palm reading. Palmistry is an art of reading one's future, which considers not only the lines of your hand, but the shape of the hand and also that of the nails.