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Amazing Characteristics of a Virgo Man You Just Can't Ignore

Characteristics of a Virgo Man
The Virgo man is practical, observant, and helpful. Perfection, dependability, and honesty are some of the basic characteristics of men born under this zodiac sign. However, these men are not easy to decode and can prove to be a worthy challenge.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
The sixth sign among the zodiacs, the Virgo reigns over the mind and presides over craftsmanship and justice. People born between August 23rd and September 22nd belong to this zodiac sign. Symbolized by 'The Virgin', this zodiac is ruled by the planet Mercury and its predominant element is 'Earth'.
A typical Virgo man can be described as observant, realistic, and trustworthy. This man prefers his own company, does not like crowded places and takes a long time to trust people. He is a mysterious and contemplative being who stands by his principles with unflinching ease.

It is not always easy to spot a man based on his zodiac sign and identify his characteristics; his likes and dislikes. But sometimes there is a lot you can tell about a person if you just know which zodiac sign he is born under.
The Mercurial Man
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Mercurial Man
The Virgo man is gentle, helpful, and sympathetic by nature. He is very practical, logical, and down-to-earth, however, that does not stop him from daydreaming about the things he wishes to do and attain in the future. The Virgo man is known for being a perfectionist, is always punctual, and expects the same from others. He is also fond of cleanliness and hygiene, however there can always be exceptions who turn out to be messy. Nonetheless, expect the Virgo to find order within chaos, as he will know exactly where he kept his left sock among his pile of clothes. Although known for their patience, these men can be very blunt and harsh with callous and dishonest people.
The Intellectual
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Intellectual
The ruling planet of this zodiac is Mercury, the guardian of the mind. Thus, people born under this sign are very intelligent and attentive. They will never forget the things that they deem to be consequential. It wouldn't be surprising if your Virgo man can remember details from when he was still a toddler, trying his best to sort his toys. Virgos are creative people and like to keep themselves busy with artistic pursuits such as painting, pottery, carpentry, and writing.
The Worker
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Worker
While many Virgos are shy, the ones born under the influence of Leo, tend to be slightly more extrovert. These men can charm their way out of tricky situations and often use their diplomatic skills to win over people. Virgos don't mind working for others, however, they prefer doing jobs which allow them the freedom to be their own boss. They are skilled workers and are known to raise the bar high with their exceptional professional ethics and work quality.
The Wanderer
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Wanderer
Being an earth sign, Virgos find it hard to stay in one place for long. Their wanderlust drives them to travel far and wide, and experience nature's splendid beauty. They will save as much as they can in order to see different parts of the world and experience different cultures. This man will do whatever is humanly possible for him to save the environment. He will neither pollute nor allow anyone to litter, as long as he is around. If need be, he will write blogs and become an activist in order to encourage people to recycle and adopt greener methods of living.
The Helper
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Helper
It is not surprising for Virgos to treat every living being on earth equally. He will treat the pauper as he would a president, and would give them the same level of respect and attention. He is a kind soul, who will act against injustice and help people in need. People born under this sign, are often the first ones to stake their own safety in order to save others, and thus make excellent soldiers, firefighters, and volunteers at homeless shelters and hospitals.
The Father
Characteristics of a Virgo Man - The Father
These men make excellent fathers who enjoy the company of their children. They teach their children to follow an honest and disciplined way of life. A Virgo father will impart qualities such as good manners and diligence in his children. He will also ensure that the children are not cooped-up in the house. Not only will he play outdoor games with his kids, he will also take them for treks and camps.
The Lover
The Virgo zodiac sign is compatible with Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn. When in love, he is realistic and practical. He is also a romantic at heart, but what differentiates him from other men is the way he perceives romance. For him, sorting out your finances, keeping his home in order, and cooking your favorite dish, are ways to show how much he loves you. He is modest and shy, and he never expresses his love the way he wants to. He takes time to develop relationships but once he makes a romantic connection, he can be a loving and loyal partner. He is a considerate lover, who will look after you when you're unwell or feeling blue.
The Critic
The Virgo man has some weaknesses such as being overly critical and harsh. He can be inflexible and conservative in his outlook. He can be the most stubborn person you'll ever meet, but his behavior will have a logical explanation. Another negative trait of the Virgo is that, they find it hard to forgive and forget the wrongdoings of others. Fortunately, they are not vengeful or naive enough to start a brawl, but they will try their best to avoid the people who hurt them. They are also very judgmental, not only with others but with themselves as well. Their idea of right and wrong does not waver, which makes them highly stern and dominating individuals.
In a nutshell, the loving and honest Virgo man is perfect for a long-lasting relationship, as he can be a devoted partner, careful father, efficient employee, and a reliable human being.
The Peacemaker
The Virgo man is good at problem solving and with his rational thinking, he is able to settle disputes in a peaceful manner. He uses his quirky wit and friendly banter to brighten people's mood when they are feeling low or fuming with anger. He is your knight in shining armor, as it is in his nature to help people in distress. You will not need to spell out your problems to him, as he would have already found the perfect solution to ease your troubled mind. He is constantly in touch with his spiritual self and thus knows when things are off-balance.
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