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Physical Characteristics of Aries Zodiac Sign

Physical Characteristics of the Adventurous Aries Zodiac Sign

Arians are proud, independent, and adventurous. This article throws light on the physical traits of those born under this fiery zodiac sign.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
The Basics
Symbol: Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Water
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Numbers: 6 and 7
Lucky Colors: Green and Red
Lucky Gems: Amethyst
Dates: March 21 to April 20
If you meet a person, who is adventurous, independent, straightforward, and practical; rest assured he/she is an Arian. Yes, an Arian possesses good leadership qualities and is always ready to face challenges. Money and fame are often associated with Aries. An Arian, by nature, is optimistic and has big dreams in life. A successful career means everything to him/her. He/she is enthusiastic and courageous in every sphere of life. But an Arian gets bored easily, so don't be surprised if his/her performance decreases in the middle of an assignment.

Speaking about the weak points of an Arian, he/she is egoistic, impatient, and very short tempered. People born under Aries zodiac sign are often moody, impulsive, self-involved, and at times, self-centered. So, if you have an Arian friend, be prepared to cope with his/her aggressiveness. They are often the dominating partner in a relationship. Beware of the Aries woman; she is always ready to take on leadership in joint activities. An Arian can tell a lie, if necessary; however, he/she is a bad liar and people can see through him/her easily.
Physical Characteristics
An Arian, by nature, is very conscious about his/her physical appearance. Generally, an Arian can be tall and have a slender, lean, and athletic body. According to astrology, the Aries man is confident, fiery, and masculine. It is quite common to see an Arian have a scar on his face. The Arian's physical looks reveal a strong winner character.
The Aries man is either short or tall. The former is robust build with dark hair and coarse, open-pored complexion. This Arian is best suited for doing business and is successful in all commercial fields. The tall Arian, on the other hand, has broad shoulders and a well-proportioned body. Usually, a Arian looks very masculine with an elongated facial structure and prominent forehead. The Arian man has fair complexion and sandy or dark hair.
The Aries woman is of medium height, usually with a muscular body. The women, like the men, have thick and broad shoulders. Rarely, an Arian woman is short and plump. An Arian woman can be distinguished by her broad temple and narrow chin or an elongated face and a long neck. A woman born under the Aries sign is fair, with good skin texture, and sharp gray or brown eyes. It is normal for an Arian woman to have bushy eyebrows.
Some of the successful personalities born under this fire sign are Thomas Jefferson (US president), Marlon Brando (actor), Elton John (musician), Charles Chaplin (comedian), Arthur Hailey (writer), Don Meredith (football star), Claudia Cardinale (actress) and Baba Ramdas (yoga guru).
Aries zodiac sign
Aries zodiac sign
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Aries zodiac sign
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