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Lesser-known Characteristics of a Virgo Woman

Characteristics of a Virgo Woman
The zodiac sign Virgo is, in itself, a sign of true femininity that is pictorially represented by an image of a woman. An evolved Virgo woman is a logical, brave, beautiful being who is a perfectionist and a realist in the truest sense of these terms.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
Characteristics of a Virgo
Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is considered the sign of the critic and the craftsman. Practical, modest, loving, helpful, active, and fussy, Virgos are born between "August 23 - September 22". Its zodiac symbol is represented by a woman. Ruled by the planet Mercury, a Virgo is believed to be the luckiest on a Wednesday in the entire week.
To get even luckier than what they already are, Virgos could just surround themselves with colors, like azure blue and saffron yellow and adorn themselves with jewelry made of stones, like agate, topaz, and aquamarinem which are a Virgo's lucky gems. A person born under the influence of this zodiac sign is observant and reliable. If you are looking for commitment, Virgos can provide you with assurance along with stability in a relationship. Their best love matches are with other earth signs - Taurus and Capricorn - along with water signs Cancer and Scorpio. The beautiful Virgo woman who is blessed with some outstanding mystical characteristics. She is hardly what you think she is.
True Follower of the Heart
A female Virgo doesn't run her life according to the social definitions of morality. She follows her heart and conscience when it comes to determining what is right. And because both men and women belonging to the zodiac sign of the Virgin are scrupulous beings to exceptionally good extents, their scruples keep them from being biased about even themselves. They cannot be unfair about anything.
The sense of justice of Virgo women (or men) does not map with what society calls justice. Not always at least. You cannot tell a Virgo woman that she is cheating her supremely abusive husband by being in love with another guy who is her soulmate. She will laugh at you with class and put you under the list of unintelligent people in her brain immediately. Get this straight, her definition of fidelity is far, far away from that of mere mortals who live to please society. She doesn't fear ostracization! She seeks love that stems from mutual respect and compatibility. If she does not get it from the person she made the mistake of marrying, she will not feel the slightest pang of guilt while seeking it elsewhere. She knows her right as a human being. She doesn't need society to tell her her place. Her sense of self is far more evolved than that.

Never try telling her how unfair she was in teaching the neighborhood kids a lesson when they were bullying a stray dog. "After all it was just a stray dog! It belonged to no one!" A sentence like that will result in you being taught a lesson for life as well. And she won't even give a damn about how unpleasantly it may affect you. What's wrong is wrong. The chaste and pristine qualities of the Virgin lies in the purity of her basal thought process. She doesn't let convenient moral policing of the world malign it. She lives for the greater good, the bigger picture. This outlook towards life is what enables her to have such command over what she chooses to believe in. Look her in the eye and question her logic. I dare you! A Virgo woman is reticent by nature, but never fool yourself by thinking that her reticence will ever come in the way of her standing up for what she has deemed right.
Very Observant
Virgo women are highly, highly observant. Do not try pulling shenanigans of any sort around her. Forget shenanigans, do not even try lying in front of her (or over the phone). Virgos have built-in lie detectors that'll put modern technology to shame. Their observation skills are super awesome and they'll never - NEVER - miss a single long, black strand of a woman's hair on your pitch black shirt or the faintest scratch mark on your neck. EVER.
A Virgo woman chooses to keep things simple. That doesn't by miles mean that she is naive. Whether she'll let you know that she has in fact noticed these things right away or not is a different matter all together. Trust me, once she becomes sure of your infidelity, she'll walk away calmly, but the finality of her departure will stun you. There's no way you'll get her back. Leaving you might kill her, but she'll never stay with someone who tossed her faith up in the air for the sake of momentary cheap thrills. Once that door closes, it will remain closed forever. She is not a possessive, jealousy-driven, clingy kind of woman. She places immense amount of faith on her partner at all times. It comes naturally to her. It is, therefore, that she responds so strongly towards people who flout that trust.
That is one word that one can ALWAYS associate with a female Virgo. That straight, upright, never-slouching posture is supported by a figurative spine made of titanium. Virgo women are super strong individuals who are fully aware of how independent they are. They are literally self-sufficient units who can take care and fend for themselves without any external support whatsoever.
Virgo women are rock solid whenever difficult times descend around them. They fight with might and composed courage and they don't even have to play dirty in order to emerge victorious. They are so sure of their beliefs that one could crush them by force but will never be able to bend them into submission. When they know something is right in their super practical and razor-sharp heads, they become personifications of raw strength and sureness. They wage all wars with such conviction that the spectacle is nothing short of being laudable and awe-inspiring.
Highly Independent
Virgo women are very independent beings. This quality of theirs will remind you of Will Smith's character, Dr. Robert Neville in the movie "I Am Legend". Do not misinterpret this trait. Their self-sufficiency does not make them self-obsessed creatures in any way. Their need to envelop themselves with perfection makes them want to perfect everything in the vicinity and beyond. They go out of their way to make the world a better place for everybody else.
For example: A Virgo woman will never clean her room alone and let the kitchen be dirty because it is a common space. No. Never. A Virgo woman will not only clean every nook and cranny in her house but also end up cleaning the neighbor's garage if it bothers her too much. She will not only manage her own expenses meticulously, she will happily do the accounts of her colleagues at work if they so allow. They are really selfish in no way. Sometimes, they go out of their way to better things for others and end up being the object of displeasure. They want a cleaner environment to live in, and by cleaner I don't only mean dust- and dirt-free (although the cleanliness obsession shall be dwelt upon in detail in a bit), what I really mean is that they want to create a living condition that is as un-convoluted as possible. For everyone. The ideal state of being. A clutter-free world - mental and physical - in order for mankind to really be able to reflect on issues that really should be reflected upon.
Virgo women can drive you up the wall with their constant tendency to guide you through work while you are toiling hard to get it right. Don't judge them. After all, they are human too. Just understand that her critical observations are by no means efforts to make anyone feel bad. Rather, she wants things to improve to achievable extents for everyone.
For example, you're in the kitchen with your lovely Virgo girlfriend who has taken it upon herself to teach you how to make an omelet. Well, she will begin by telling you how to chop the onions with precision. You slice once, she'll ask you to make it fine. You try once more and she'll tell you to try to make it finer. After the third slice, you hear a minor "tsk tsk" from her. Fourth slice and wham! She'll literally pull the chopping board and knife to herself and start chopping. As you look on baffled, she'll ask you to try something simpler, like placing the fry pan on the stove for it to get heated. You make peace with the first show of impatience and move on to doing the second task assigned. While you are pulling the pan out of its rack, she will tell you that it isn't the one you must use and appropriate is actually the fifth pan on the left. All this will be conveyed to you while she chops on without even looking at the onions and knife. Her head will be turned towards you, monitoring the slightest muscle twitch on you part. After what will seem like eternity, she'll approve of a pan and smile. Relieved, you will place the pan on the stove and motion towards the butter. Just as you are about to drop a dollop of it onto the pan, she'll stop you frantically! "What are you doing? The pan's not hot enough just yet!" Naturally, you ask her to calm down saying, "How will I know?" Pat will come the reply, "This is common sense, ya!" Getting the hang of it yet? I'll go on if just to complete the picture. Once the onions, green chillies, and whatever it is you wish to put in your omelet are chopped by her and ready, she'll ask you to break two eggs into a glass and whisk well. She'll demonstrate how you must whisk. Being a novice, you'll replicate her wrist action at a slower pace. The same onion-chopping scene will follow suit. The next onslaught of impatience will hit you when the omelet will need to be flipped on the pan. Oh my! The number of times the spatula shall be yanked away from your hand will make you want to scream at the top of your voice while plucking out clumps of hair simultaneously. Once all of this is over, she'll allow you to transfer the omelet onto the plate and smile. "Don't worry, darling. You get better at this." Seems bipolar, doesn't it? Well, it's difficult for her to hand over the reigns completely. She finds it difficult to believe that someone can actually do a job as perfectly as she can. Also, she knows her prowess and accuracy levels as a critic. We all have our pitfalls. This is hers. She cannot understand why perfection doesn't come naturally to people even if she tries hard not to voice it often. Sometimes, the way she puts it across may be a little hurtful, but choose to see the intention behind it all. You'll understand that she is usually right about things.
Obsessively Clean
Obsessively Clean
Now, about everything being clean - well, I cannot think of enough or even appropriate adjectives to be able to capture the true extents of this madness. Believe me. I am not exaggerating in any way. The need to clean, mop, broom, dust, scrub, and wash until even useful bacteria die out is clinical. Literally. You cannot rationalize with this very logical breed of women when it comes to cleaning things.
Virgo women clean with such vengeance that it's a jaw-dropping spectacle potent enough to stun you the first few times you see them go about it all. A bull charges at a moving red piece of cloth with less vehemence. Having said that, a Virgo woman's abode is a patch of heaven on earth. It is spic-and-span at all times. It is actually a very soothing and rejuvenating place to enter after a hard day's work. The towels are never wet or strewn about the bathroom floor. The dirty dishes are never waiting in the sink overnight to be washed in the morning. The washed clothes that have been dried are never left piled up on the bed waiting to be ironed. She even cleans the large vacuum cleaner with a smaller vacuum cleaner. Her children seldom know what a cobweb looks like in reality. However, if you ever come across a female Virgo who is not cleaning and letting dust accumulate on furniture tops, there must be a reason for it. And it's not only about the cleanliness of the physical space. She breathes her innate composure and purity of thought into every patch of her home. It's always a home. Never a house.

A female Virgin seeks cleanliness everywhere. By that, I mean EVERYWHERE. You may be an OCD-afflicted soul who has the cleanest, most orderly household in the world, but if your manners don't match the high standards set by your house, you will rank rather low in her scale of worth-it people. Understand that she is intelligent enough to gauge true refinement of character when she sees it. Refinement to her is all-rounded characteristic. She detests being around people who have a penchant for using expletives. She will not stand for it. She is physically uncomfortable being around people who dress sloppily. She cannot swallow her food when someone insists on being onomatopoeical during a meal (noisily slurping and chomping away to glory) with bits of food flying out of their mouth. She doesn't enjoy being with those who are vague and ambiguous conversationalists. No. She must have order and presentability all around. And it isn't like she demands something she is unable to offer. A Virgo woman is seldom loud among people she
is just an acquaintance with. She is prim and proper and a very sober person to be around. Her manners are impeccable. She's graceful, poised, and eloquent. These aren't just random adjectives thrown around. Wait till you actually meet a Virgo dame and you'll know. She takes the trouble to learn things she doesn't know just so that her ways are always compatible with her surroundings. You will seldom find a Virgo woman who doesn't know how to eat with chopsticks when visiting China.

No. She doesn't like abrupt protrusions that stick out. She believes in standing out, which she almost always does, but that need isn't fulfilled at the cost of being considered uncouth, unskilled, and uninitiated. She would rather stand out in the crowd as a Westerner who is so fluent with the usage of chopsticks than someone who didn't even make the effort to learn her way with it - as someone who can and not as someone who cannot. This need to not garner sympathy or be looked down upon - no matter how small the issue is - also has its roots in that super strong sense of self and pride.
Very Faithful
When it comes to the department of romantic liaisons and matters of fidelity, Virgo will put all other zodiac signs to shame. Be it man or woman, Virgins are steadfast like mountains when it comes to being faithful. They do not feel the slightest urge to look at other options once they know that they have found the ONE. If there are imperfections in the relationship, they will work on mending things by focusing on the positives.
Do not mistake their level of commitment - it is not put on display by amorous, loud public presentations of affection. No. In fact, a Virgo woman will not deter from slapping you if you toe the line of decency. It's not for the world to know. It's for you to know. In private, she will communicate her sincerity and dedication towards the bond the two of you share in more non-verbal ways than one. The firm manner in which she'll hold your hand, the way she will unassumingly look into your eyes, the way she'll smile while listening to you - you will sense nothing else but deep, undying allegiance to the relationship you two share. In public, her body language will very clearly convey who she is with. Nothing loud. Just the way she'll stand next to you or smile quietly at you when your eyes meet in a room full of people will very clearly tell others who she has vowed her soul to. Can you ask for more? I really don't think so. She's the kind you'll want to show off. A beautiful, smart, very intelligent, and eloquent woman who is a delight to talk to.
Great Homemakers
Virgo women make for delightful homemakers who keep their dens smelling warmly of floral, earthly scents and inculcate good manners in the children, keeping them in the prime of health. They manage the finances well and save without depriving the family in any way. Their ovens spring out the most scrumptious delicacies ever, and one actually want to return home every night just to feel protected, warm, wanted, and positive in every way possible.
A Virgo woman is a deeply passionate and profoundly romantic being who takes time to display these traits. But once she gets there, you as a partner will never be made to feel unwanted and cold within. She will literally take you for better and for worse. She'll even do all the worrying for you while comforting you to sleep after a bad day. Just do not ever make the mistake of taking her for granted. The result will not be very pleasant for you and you will end up being the loser. Not her. In a nutshell, a charming Virgo woman can be a good friend, a romantic partner, an active housewife, a caring and loving mother, as well as a successful, responsible, reliable professional and business partner. She is patient, caring, considerate, sincere in her efforts, and will always watch your back. She's a keeper for sure. However, if you are a man belonging to the zodiac sign of Pisces - BEWARE!!! Before you fall in love with her, just know that she is the other pole of the magnet.
Overly Critical
Overly Critical
The best part about a Virgo female is that her outer beauty is perfectly proportional to her inner resources. She has a very sound head of her own. She judges everything after way too much deliberation. And it's not only others that she critically analyzes, she is her biggest critic. She over-scrutinizes every little thing about herself to extents that are maddening! She is mind-bogglingly ruthless when it comes to analyzing herself.
It is because she is so aware of her areas of improvement and gets very irritated when the creases take longer to smoothen out, she absolutely detests it when someone else points them out to her. She cannot handle it. The inner censure is already harsh enough, external pointing out makes it all the more difficult to deal with. The very fact that her flaw is visible to other people and isn't contained in her realm of analysis alone frustrates her to no end. And because her efforts to help a situation start from the moment she detects a problem, a comment from someone while she is in the process of correction exasperates her. The feeling that no one is allowing her time to make the change creeps in. And that is when she usually abandons composure and lashes out in ways very unbecoming of her. Of course, to the person at the receiving end, she comes across as someone who is not open to criticism herself, even though dishing them out by the cartloads isn't a problem for her. She often appears to be hypocritical and arrogant in such situations because it isn't possible for another person to know how long the self-beratement for a specific problem has gone on within herself and the extents of agony it has been causing her. Think twice before you think of hurling criticism towards her no matter how valid your points are. Chances are she already knows about them. Sitting down and having a conversation with her will give you greater perspective on how well she understands the problem herself.
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