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Love Compatibility Between a Cancer Man and a Virgo Woman

Compatibility Between a Cancer Man and a Virgo Woman
When the water of Cancer comes in contact with the earth of Virgo, their flower of love blossoms and grows to bloom into a beautiful one. These are among some of the very cherishing and caring zodiac signs that are quite compatible with each other.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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Strike A Balance
A Cancer man's (♋) sensitive and emotional side is exactly what a Virgo woman's (♍) practical and calculative side will balance the relationship, if both work towards it. When the water of the inner seas meets the earth, it creates a soil fertile enough to strengthen the bond between the two.
The basic ingredients for a perfect relationship are love, understanding, honesty, trust, and a bit of compromise here and there. Cancer is a water sign and pairs well with Virgo, which is an earth sign. A Cancer man is sensitive and intelligent while a Virgo woman is logical and patient. The basic characteristic traits of both are quite different, but both personalities are easy-going and share a good level of compatibility. When paired together, they share a wonderful chemistry, and actually bring out the best in each other.
About the Cancer Man
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People born between June 22nd and July 23nd are Cancers. A Cancer man is a determined and decisive person, who achieves success in all aspects of life.
He is protective and warm towards other people, especially towards his lady love. He is usually mesmerized by a Virgo woman's polite and sweet nature, and understands the need to give her the freedom and space. He loves the practical outlook and simplicity of Virgos. He is emotionally stirred by her gentle and soothing nature. He knows how to make his woman happy and keep her secured. Cancer men are emotional, but do not show it, and often hide behind their tough exterior of the Crab.
About the Virgo Woman
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People born between August 24rd and September 23nd are Virgos. A Virgo woman is calm and balanced. She is practical along with being down-to-earth and organized. She is a perfectionist, and a Cancer man often respects her need to be perfect and organized always.
A Cancer man is easily attracted towards these traits of Virgos. A Virgo woman has the natural ability to take care of home and other people. She is sympathetic, but calculative too. She is attracted to a Cancer's gentleness, soothing love, and willingness to comfort. Although she can find faults in almost everything, her intentions are not bad. She will take time in committing and think practically before doing so. Her motive is to improve things. She is a strong individual who knows her goals and is aware of her independence. She has a bigger hand in building and nurturing a healthy relationship.
Cancer Man and Virgo Woman - On Good Days
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The relationship between a Cancer Man and a Virgo Woman is effortless and harmonious. When this couple gets together, love and romance flourishes. However, because of their reserved nature it takes time for them to get there. She will talk a lot once you break open that reserved shell of hers. They are one of the most compatible zodiac signs, and you can definitely term them as a love match made in heaven. She appreciates his sensitivity and depth, whereas he admires her ability to refine. She is quite sympathetic towards his feelings and tries to make him more expressive. He can share his darkest secrets with her without any hesitation, and she will provide him with practical, but simple answers. She brings a lot of warmth and stability into his life. She has the ability to pay attention to the smallest of details, and takes time to understand before reacting to anything. This proves to be a big support to her man. She very easily understands the sensitive side and tries to adapt to his feelings quickly. There is a lot of potential for their relationship to grow as they both love spending time at home. The affection that he showers on her maker her feel complete. The passion that these two share won't be like beyond heaven, but will be full of warmth and emotion. Both are loyal and show commitment to one another, which prevents the feeling of insecurity and jealousy between them. He is mushy, charming, and always eager to please her. They can expect their marriage to be a stable one.
Cancer Man and Virgo Woman - On Not-So-Good Days
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The negative of this couple that may create problems is the very critical nature of the Virgo woman and emotional state of the Cancer man. He can get many mood swings because of which she might go crazy handling him. May be she takes a way out for dealing with his moods when she gets to know him better. They might even discover some differences in their approach as and when they get closer. She will have to limit her criticisms. It might deeply upset him. However, if he learns to accept the perfectionist side of her, then he can learn when not to get upset. He would do everything to please and satisfy her, and can be a careless romantic. She might find it awkward sometimes, but she might need to bring out all the passion in her to keep her romantic life alive.
Cancer and Virgo Compatibility Guidelines
If both want their relationship and romance to sail smooth, they will have to control their critical and emotional nature. The Virgo woman will have to be careful, especially as she may turn very critical when things are not perfect or going according to her. The Cancer man is too sensitive to live in the practical world. They can both take these weaknesses into consideration and work upon them. If they maintain a balance in their relationship it will be a blissful one.
Our Compatibility Rating
There is a gentle sweetness among the two, which will flourish into something tender and beautiful. Surely, you will have some ups and downs in your love or married life, but as the time goes by and you understand each other well, this union will be worth living for!
Note: This article is far from conclusive at this level. These are just guidelines for you to understand the general traits of your partner. There's more to compatibility than just zodiac signs. The thing that matters the most is your willingness and commitment to keep the relationship going.