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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Match for a Taurus Woman

Finding the Best Match for a Taurus Woman
When it comes to a relationship, a Taurus woman needs a partner who can provide her the security and stability she needs to live a comfortable, and a somewhat high-end life. AstrologyBay features the love needs of this practical and loving female, and gives you a clear insight in terms of finding the best match for a Taurus woman.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
♉ What's Her Type?
She is someone who seeks honesty, security, and practicality in a relationship. She needs to be in touch with the world, the latest trends, current affairs, and the best possible in-house comfort. Any man who seems powerful and capable enough to provide her with all of these, has the potential to be an ideal match for her.
She is a woman with all the feminine qualities that are attractive enough for any man, but what makes her all the more long-term-ish is the fact that she isn't the "typical" woman. She doesn't need you to flatter her with pink flowers, teddy bears, mushy poems, and out-of-the-world bring-you-the-stars-from-the-sky kinda promises. She knows how to differentiate the real from the unreal and isn't someone who can be swept off easily by some superficial charm.
Being an Earth sign with fixed qualities, she seems to be quite calm, composed, and easygoing. Many are mistaken for perceiving her to be gullible, but underneath her gentle and soft-spoken outlook, she carries immense strength, determination, stubbornness, and a temper that is best not kept unleashed.

She is a woman of dignity and reason. She uses her logic more than feelings. Not that she isn't sentimental. Her devotion towards her loved ones can take her to unbound limits, but she isn't someone who will keep shut and take your mess as well. She is driven by material comforts, not because she is a total materialistic person, but because she thinks it is indispensable for a good life. Give her a home with the latest interior, a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, and a steady flow of money to keep things leveled and secured, and she has found her sanctuary!
Best Match for a Taurus Woman
Our down-to-earth and intelligent she bull clicks best with signs belonging to the earth and water elements, while those from the air and fire zones, should ideally be zoned out. We say so because the aggression and impulsiveness of the fire signs―Aries, Leo, Sagittarius―and the instability of the air signs―Aquarius, Gemini, Libra―can pose a threat to the security and stability she seeks in a union. On the other hand, her contemporary earth signs―Capricorn and Virgo, along with the sensitive and loving water signs―Pisces, Scorpio have more chances of giving her the ideal environment where she can thrive and have a happily ever after.

The following sections discuss the one-on-one compatibility quotient of a Taurus woman with men belonging to the complementing earth and water signs.
Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man
Taurus And Capricorn Sun Sign
Astrologically, this is definitely a match made in heaven. A Capricorn man is the ultimate provider, a protector of his mate, someone who will work his heart, soul, and sweat to provide his loved ones more than enough comfort and security. He is an intelligent businessman, someone whose hard work is directed to gain power and prestige in the society, something that totally attracts our Taurus diva towards him.
He will earn enough to satisfy all her material desires, but also ensure that he gets the best deal in the market. Apart from being a dependable and caring partner, he is also quite gentle, loving, and a thoughtful mate. Both these people prefer the comfort of their home rather than parties, but both understand the need of a social gathering to build contacts and networking.
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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man
Taurus And Cancer Sun Sign
Another suitor that comes with an excellent compatibility rating is the Cancer man. He is a charmer who woos her with his thoughtful gestures and a whisper of sweet nothings. Both of them value loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and this is what keeps them steady in the long run. The gentle, protective, caring, and somewhat possessive nature of the crab works great for the bull.
Like the Capricorn man, a successful Cancer man will build a safe and luxurious home for his love and bestow her with all the possessions in the world that she needs. His romantic gestures will keep her happy, while her practical and loving support would help him become more focused and content with life.
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Taurus Woman and Virgo Man
Taurus And Virgo Sun Sign
A Virgo man complements her best with his honesty, loyalty, and dedication. What attracts our girl to this guy is his perfectionist aura. Who wouldn't want a guy who loves to keep things neat? Both share a practical and logical outlook towards life and complement each other quite well.
Problems may arise when his overwhelming attention to detail and keep-things-in-order kinda attitude may get too much for our bull to handle. She may also expect too much from him, which may come off as "smothering" to him. The good thing is that both these signs know how to overcome such petty issues and can handle them efficaciously before they take a big form. With certain things kept in check, this is a loving and easygoing union, which only gets better with time.
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Taurus Woman and Pisces Man
Taurus And Pisces Sun Sign
The Pisces man is sensitive, emotional, sensual, a hardcore romantic, and a dreamer. Although fish are quite different from the bulls, they do make a great pair for a long-lasting relationship. He can help her get in touch with her inner self, something that she often fails to do in the busyness of the day, and she can help give him reality checks when he is overindulging in his super-dreamy realms, away from reality.
These two can learn a lot from each other, and, in the process, fill out the gaps in each other's life. The point of conflict would be when the sensitivity of this guy would become too much for her logical mind to handle. He, on the other hand, may also fail to see the emotional or spiritual connection happening at certain times. If both are clear about each other's nature and expectations, this union can be quite fulfilling for both of them.
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Taurus Woman and Taurus Man
Taurus And Taurus Sun Sign
Like-mindedness is perhaps the first thing that we tend to look for in a partner, isn't it? In this case, who else would seem a better partner than a Taurus male himself? Well, this union has the potential to hit it off instantly, but we wouldn't really call it a full-proof ideal match. This is because there's a risk involved. You see, not only do these two have the same qualities, but they also share the same flaws.
Undoubtedly, they will feel at ease with each other, grazing through the green pastures, but when time compels them to lock their horns, both will try to dominate each other, not letting go of their natural stubbornness to end the conflict. If these two manage to resolve the "Who's the Boss" issue, they are quite suited for each other.
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Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man
Taurus And Scorpio Sun Sign
The Scorpio man is a passionate lover, who will seduce our Taurus woman till the time she agrees to be a part of the union that is as steamy, fiery, loud, and quarrelsome as possible. We wouldn't have included a Scorpio-Taurus pair in the list, if it were not for the passion that comes along with it. What causes problems among these two is the fact that both of them have the negative qualities of being highly possessive and jealous, causing a lot of fights and arguments between the two.
If that aspect is kept under control, these two will enjoy a union filled with passion and liveliness. Hence, we believe it has the potential to be a good match.
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There is a lot to consider in a person beyond their sun sign. It is only time and understanding that will make someone suitable or unsuitable for a person. In this regard, the Taurus female is quite a natural. She isn't the sort who will jump into anything. While the guy may "feel" that she has made a place for him in her heart, in truth, she would still be observing and deciding on him. That being said, she will not be with anyone just because he seems okay. It is only after careful analysis that she will commit, and commit for a lifetime.
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