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An Impeccable Explanation of the 8 Symbols of a Scorpio

The 8 Symbols of a Scorpio Explained
Known to be deep, dark, and mysterious, Scorpios experience various cycles of life through their zodiac sign. A Scorpio is bound to follow the symbols that represent a specific meaning in the astrological path.
Mary Anthony
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
The Ancient Star!
The constellation of Scorpio is very ancient, dating back to around 3000 B.C., known from the Mesopotamian civilization. It is located between Libra and Ophiuchus, and consists of the bright star Antares.
The Egyptians believed a lot in astrology, and according to them, Scorpio was associated with the Scorpion Goddess Serket; She who causes the throat to breathe. She is said to be a beautiful woman with a scorpion on her head. The ancient Egyptians revered her as a protector, helper, destroyer, and a watcher over the dead. According to myths and legends, the Scorpio constellation is said to be a serpent. In Greek mythology, a scorpion was sent by Apollon to kill the hunter Orion, and was rewarded by being placed in the sky by Zeus.

The Antares star is the brightest reddish star in the sky. It is also known as the Alpha Scorpii or Scorpius the Scorpion. It is located on the southern half of the Earth's sky, and is 604 light years away from us. In Arabic and Latin, it actually means Heart of the Scorpion. It is believed that the constellation represents the journey into the underworld, and the symbolic transformation of the individual after facing inner demons into a spiritual being, devoid of fear and worldly worries. The symbols represent the conquest of self-discovery, and are symbolic to the behavior and nature of a Scorpio individual.

Ruling Planet: Pluto, Mars
Element: Water
Modality: Fixed
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Season: Fall
Colors: Gold, Burgundy
Stone: Topaz, Opal
Scorpio Symbols
M Glyph
Scorpio zodiac symbol
The M is believed to represent the Kundalini force that balances the duality of the personality and connects to the consciousness. It is said to spiral up the spine like a serpent towards the third eye. The final slash with the upward arrow represents the scorpion tail, which is every ready to strike in the face of danger.
Some interpretations suggest that it could also mean the phallic symbol, as the sign rules the sexual organs, and a Scorpio never takes physical passion as superficial means. It also indicates the quest to attain a higher conscious levels through spirituality, and the need to attaining higher goals. The curvaceousness of the glyph represents practicality.
Creepy spider
A spider creates a web of life around itself, and in cosmic symbolism, it means creating a web of magic and tapestry around oneself. The lowest form of a Scorpio evolution, it represents tantrum throwing and a problematic individual; someone who has not given up on the childish ways of life, and does not hold responsibilities as a high regard.
It mostly depends on the upbringing and the environment of the individual to discard this symbolic behavior. The individual will be highly suspicious, and will never render one's heart to anyone. They are experts in manipulating the people around them according to their weaknesses. They are impulsive decision-makers.
Scorpion zodiac sign
A scorpion is best known to hide itself in the lower corners of the ground, and strike if threatened in any way. It is aggressive and very self-protective. The second form of a Scorpio and the primary symbol of this sun sign, it represents jealousy and anger in the behavior of the individual. This is an immature trait that leads to poor dealing with the surroundings and the people around them.
They may have hidden motives and desires, which may lead to frustration, if not accomplished. They are genuinely very destructive and intimidating. During hardships, they display enduring patience and determination, carefully controlling and executing a concerted effort with maximum impact. One cannot be a superficial gloss in front of them, as they can see the lies that hide, underneath.
Gecko lizard
The third animal form of a Scorpio evolution, and a dormant symbol, it represents a relaxed period or a time to evaluate and plan revenge on people who have hurt the feelings of the individual. They may remain in this stage for a long time, without reacting to the criticism around them, but have a seething anger inside them.
This may symbolize humility, but it's just a Scorpio trait of disguise to distract the enemy before an attack. Spending a long time in this period could also lead to depression, deep melancholy, and illness in the individual.
King cobra
The fourth form in the evolution of a Scorpio, and a dangerous symbol, it represents the state where the individual will remain calm over tough situations, but will react strongly if provoked or if their loved ones are harmed. It could bring violent outbursts of anger in dealing with situations.
They usually do not have a large number of friends, and prefer having a few close ones instead. The outdoor environment is generally preferred, rather than being stuck inside. They are ambitious, and love to be appreciated at work.
Timber wolf
The fifth animal form, and a wise symbol, it represents the state where these individuals feel to break away from traditional home settings and create a world of their own; a peaceful surrounding with the love of people close to them. It deals with choosing life's decisions carefully, and bearing greater responsibilities and tasks.
They are excellent communicators, and naturally eloquent in speech, with a knack for creative writing. They display friendly social traits, have deep faith and understanding over matters.
Bald eagle
From ancient times, the eagle is considered to be a symbol of courage and power. It is also associated with powerful vision and soaring to great heights. The sixth form of a Scorpio, and a mature symbol, it represents the state where the individual highly relies on intuition and godly wisdom to solve problems in life.
They still take the utmost care of their loved ones, but do not waste time in revenge and deceitful situations. They rise and conquer over difficulties, and are self-sufficient, watching and learning. They easily tend to manipulate people around them so as to gain power and prestige.
Magic firebird
The seventh animal form, and the ultimate goal symbol, it represents the state where the individual has learned all the lessons in life, and has reached or attained a peace within oneself. They are not interested in petty arguments and revenge techniques anymore, and just rely on the spiritual aspects in life.
They have run the good race, and finally experience a sense of accomplishment in all their doings. Just like the mythical Phoenix that rises above the ashes, the individual rises in life through hardships, and comes out triumphant.
The Scorpio makes a journey from the poisons of this world through the dark depths of sub-conscious into depression, misery, revenge, and self-discovery, that leads to the divine awareness of God, and the realization of leaving the vices of this world and rising into the spiritual light. And, these symbols act as guides in these various stages of life.