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Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

If you are a Gemini and have fallen in love with a Cancer, or vice versa, this article on their astrology compatibility is just for you. Scroll down to know whether there are positive chances for the relationship to work or not.
AstrologyBay Staff
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
Knowing a person's sun sign is very useful as it gives us a fair idea on his characteristics and traits. Although it may not be true to the core, but it definitely gives a general idea. Therefore, more and more people are drawn to astrology. It is specifically helpful to know the relationship compatibility between two individuals. When talking about Cancer and Gemini, note that individuals born in between 21 May to 21 June belong to the sign Gemini; whereas those born in between 21 June - 23 July are individuals belonging to the Cancer sign.
Let us also take a look at the traits of both these individuals before knowing about their love compatibility.

Gemini Traits Cancer Traits
Versatile Sympathetic
Flexible Sensitive
Impulsive Gentle
Communicative Caring
Intelligent Moody
Witty Clinging
Inconsistent Intuitive
Flirtatious Loyal
Relationship Compatibility for Gemini and Cancer
When the two meet, they bond instantly. Their opposite natures makes them very attractive to each other. The Gemini is energetic and bubbly and social and hence, the cool Cancer gets attracted to him / her immediately. At the same time, the deep passion, the witty nature and intellect of the Cancerian draws the Gemini closer to him / her. Both these individuals have good communications skills and can talk on any subject on the Earth. Neither of them is too introvert or reserved. Therefore, they click instantly and seem to be very attracted in the initial days  of courtship.
You should make a note that about the phrase, initial days  and remember it well. Now take a look at the table of sign traits mentioned above and you will find that the basic nature of these two individuals is completely different. Where the Gemini is impulsive and flexible, the Cancerian is over sensitive and caring. The Gemini is flirtatious, the Cancer is very loving and loyal. Therefore, the differences in the relationship will start to show when the initial attraction between the two starts wearing off, and the basic nature comes forth.
The Cancer man or woman is looking for security and a protective future. The Gemini, on the other hand, is ever-changing and inconsistent. If you take a look at the symbol of the sign Gemini, you will find that the sign is represented by twins. Therefore, Gemini individuals tend to be inconsistent and fickle. Secondly, although both these individuals have a common trait in being always full of ideas, their way of action varies. The Cancer has a fool proof plan on putting his ideas into reality; while the Gemini impulsive nature makes it difficult for these individuals to take a strong action.
On the other hand, very few Gemini individuals are actually looking for a secured and long-lasting relationship. They are adventurous and are constantly attracted to newer things. To top it, their flirtatious nature can make them appear frivolous. On the contrary, the Cancerian are very much into relationships and are serious individuals. They believe in commitments and long-lasting relationships. Cancerians are protective, possessive and jealous. Similarly, Cancerians believe in sentimentality and are over sensitive; whereas there is no place for extreme emotions and emotionality in the Gemini's life. Gemini individuals love their freedom and the Cancer is known for his clingy nature.
Although there are several negative aspects in the Gemini and Cancer astrology compatibility, there can be chances of this relationship to survive. This is because the few similarities they have are strong enough to keep the relationship going. Their love for communication, socializing, culture and in born intellect can keep them together; provided they work on their differences, seriously! Ciao!