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Simple DIY Instructions on How to Make Your Own Tarot Cards

How to Make Your Own Tarot Cards
Wouldn't you feel a deeper spiritual connection to tarot cards which you understand completely? Cards that can be read without a figment of doubt or difficulty? More card readers are beginning to make their own set of cards to achieve this. It would be so much fun to make your own tarot cards, so that it is easier for you to interpret them...
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
A new deck of tarots is first read for its owner. This is meant to allow his or her positive vibes to flow through the deck of cards. The cards must accept the reader as their master and the one seeking their guidance. Many tarot card readers find it hard to interpret and remember the conventional cards and their signs, which often interferes with their readings. This is one of the reasons why many have taken to making their own deck, using symbols and images which they understand and can associate with.
Learning how to make your own tarot cards, can save you the added trouble of figuring out what the cards are telling you. What you must remember, before starting with this project, is that making your own deck of tarots is very time-consuming and will require your utmost indulgence and patience.
Making your Own Tarot Cards
The Tarot Personalities
  • #1 - The Fool
  • #2 - The Magician
  • #3 - The High Priestess
  • #4 - Empress
  • #5 - The Emperor
  • #6 - Hierophant
  • #7 - The Lovers
  • #8 - Chario
  • #9 - Justice
  • #10 - The Hermit
  • #11 - The Wheel of Fortune
  • #12 -Strength
  • #13 - The Hanged Man
  • #14 - Death or Transformation
  • #15 - Temperance
  • #16 - The Devil
  • #17 - Tower
  • #18 - Star
  • #19 - The Moon
  • #20 - The Sun
  • #21 - Judgment
  • #22 - The World
Blank Tarot Deck
You will need to purchase an entire deck of blank tarot cards. These empty cards, usually have borders for new images to placed. These cards give you the freedom to either paint your tarot personalities on the cards or paste images on the cards. Some cards are sold with printed titles, which make it easier for you to place the images as per the required sequence. Since there are 78 cards in a complete deck, making the cards will take a lot of thinking. Tarot cards work on the basis of the energies being send out to them, therefore it will be your responsibility to make these empty cards into actual tarots; that reveal what is asked of them.
Choosing the Images
This is the most difficult as well as fun part of the project, which requires that you scavenge for suitable images in old magazines, art books and picture books. Always go in for images which appear on glossy paper, as these make the cards look new and fresh! You may use images of almost anything which, according to you, matches with the personality of the tarot cards. You have the complete freedom to select an image which you will remember and be able to read, the moment you see it.
Always go in for images which are appropriate, without worrying about the size. However, it would be more convenient to work with images that can be manipulated and made to fit the empty cards. Larger images will need to be scanned and reduced in size, so as to be able to be placed on the card. Never paste images which look too shrunk or cramped, after having reduced the size. For those who are good are drawing, or at digital art work, can use this inexpensive medium to draw and scan the printouts of the 22 tarot personalities.
Glue the Image
Not all images can be stuck directly to the card, and might need a background colored paper to give depth to the image. Be very careful, while cutting the image, as it must not look messy or clumsy. Ensure that the image is aligned with the boundary and not exceeding it.
Laminate the Cards
You will need to get your cards laminated, if you expect them to last for a couple of years. Getting all the cards laminated will seem expensive but will prove to be worth every dollar spent. The lamination will ensure that your cards do not tear, or accumulate dirt, if they are maintain properly. Request the person in charge of the lamination, to ensure that no air bubbles form on the cards, while laminating your cards! If there are air bubbles, ask them to re-do those cards.
Your own tarot cards will be ready for use as soon as they have been successfully laminated. This is a fun activity to do and all it requires it time for you to hunt for the proper images. Hopefully, now you will be utilizing the aforementioned information while making the initial 22 cards for yourself.