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Leo Sign Compatibility: What's the Perfect Leo Love Match

Leo Sign Compatibility
This page will give you everything there's to know about the sun sign, Leo. This article begins with some information on Leo sign characteristics and personality. So if you belong to this zodiac sign or love someone who does, here's more on 'Leo sign compatibility'.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
So, you're still reading on. Are you brave, or just in love with a lion? Let me guess, the latter? Of course! If you are one of those rather lucky people, then this article will give you a crash course in Leo sign compatibility. Before we start off, here is a brief idea of what you've gotten yourself into. The idea is that if you cannot handle fire, you shouldn't be courting it.
Meaning of the Sign
Leo, the monarch of the zodiac signs, has only one symbol that leaves no doubt over the meaning. Ruled by the mighty Sun, represented by the powerful Lion, and sporting a personality that can never be overshadowed, Leo does carry an impressive resume. This sun sign represents the father figure on the zodiac wheel and is known as a fixed fire sign. What this means is that Leo is opinionated and stubborn (inflexible in his opinions), and also that he is headstrong, sometimes impulsive and foolhardy, and of course, extremely impatient. The sign dates are July 23rd to August 22nd.
Leo is a sign of brilliance, wit, grit, and determination. A sign or courage, outstanding organization, and of an ability to make insanely impossible things happen. The characteristics absolutely wouldn't be complete without the words 'regal', 'egotistical', and 'benevolence'. A quality that both the male and the female Leos have is the ability to stand tall at times of distress, and steer the ship right through the turbulent seas. This zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun and it bestows upon them absolute luck, bright, sunny, chirpy days, and an ability to dazzle. It represents the absolute goodness of mankind, for the Leo sign characteristics include fighting for the underdog, helping those less fortunate, and working towards a general good of society. With all this good, Leos face the biggest of challenges in this world. A fight against themselves. For the biggest paw thorn that works to the detriment of all generous, gregarious Leos, is their massive pride. Every day is a new adventure for them, and every day is a fight within. But it is a new learning curve, and it is always the better Leo that wins.
The Leo personality is a contradiction of sorts. Outwards, he appears to be a rugged daredevil, but inside he's regal and royal, with a media face perfect for the crowds. As he walks past, you're sure of two things (i) he'll not dazzle you at first look, but he'll slowly draw you in, like he's the only person in the room worth being with, and (ii) he will be complete with an entourage of worshiping followers, for he was born to be the center of attention in his group. The Leo personality is built on all the pillars of all the sign's qualities, so it is never easy to miss him in a crowd. Most likely, you're in his crowd of followers. It is very easy to woo a Leo, for all the ammunition you need is in one word, 'flattery'. Go armed with gifts (expensive taste if not expensive bills) and loads of flattery, and it will get you anywhere with him. Capitalize on his Achilles heel.
Compatibility with Other Signs
With Aries
There's just something about two fire signs together. They either set the world afire or compete with each other till one or both fizzle out. Luckily, the latter's rarely the case with these two. These are two highly compatible fire signs, if both can sort out between themselves, a strategy that may work for them. Major clash points for both is a hot temper versus a quick temper, who will take the limelight on the stage, and the biggest one, who will listen to whom. For the temper, both are generally very quick to heat up, though equally quick to reconcile and forget. Take a bit of advice, do not try to mediate between an Aries-Leo couple. Turns out tomorrow, they are allies fighting a mutual enemy, you! With the limelight, they really need to understand that there need not be one spotlight. The biggest bone of contention is the 'who will listen to whom' part. They both don't take advice or instruction easily. Ironic, since both give it freely and easily. Aries needs to understand that Leo will only instruct once he's given the issue a rational thought, and Leo needs to understand that Aries is smart too! Both can really take on the world, if they decide to come together, for there is no better initiator than Aries and there is no better organizer than Leo.
With Taurus
Leo and Taurus are not really a match made in heaven, though Taurus's Venus and Leo's Sun do favor them with the blessings to make things work between them. You see, both are elementally different, with Leo being fire and Taurus being earth. Taurus likes to be grounded and he finds the Leo's claims to grandeur a frivolous pursuit. For a Leo, Taurus is just too house-wifely, and cannot see him hitting the hot and happening places accompanying him. The relationship stalls right here. Another clash is jealousy. Both are insanely jealous (of mostly imagined things), yet their 'greenness' differs. Leo is jealous, but is also rational. He will never tie someone up in ropes just to curb his own jealousy (Leo males are however highly capable of this, but females are saner and more reasonable). Taurus is the restrictions kind. He will keep tabs, will ask questions, and will even take away a little of your freedom, Something a Leo will absolutely never live with. Both have similar flaws, it is just a question of seeing them and making peace with them. These two would actually make a strong, sturdy couple that can withstand all the tests of times, if they pass their own tests and accept each other just as they are.
With Gemini
The fire and air combination of Leo and Gemini fuels each other to aspire and achieve seemingly impossible dreams. It is a beautiful match if Leo can accept Gemini's natural detachments and seemingly wayward and wandering affections. If he can understand that a Gemini may be outwardly so, but is indeed unwaveringly faithful internally, life can be a heaven on earth for the two. On the other hand, Gemini needs to understand that Leo is everything other than frivolous and shallow. He is intense and serious, so Gemini must not take things too lightly with him. Both love to socialize, hang out with friends, shop, and converse. With so many common points, it is easy to believe that these two can see the highest ups and lowest lows in their lives together. Yet, between them, they are each others' best and loyal counsel and friend. And you know what they say, always marry someone who is first your friend.
With Cancer
A crab in the grasslands is as out of place, as a lion underwater. Unless these two agree to meet up on some shore, this seems like an impossible match. Yet, the fire and water of Cancer and Leo can make it work for themselves, if their desire to do so is strong enough. They are ironically similar even when they seem far apart. A cancer is wounded by things, both said and unsaid, to which his reaction is to retreat within himself and lick his wounds. A Leo is also wounded by almost everything, but reacts by pouting, roaring, and mortally wounding any foe. What this means is that there's a deadlock. The Cancer's periodic bouts of silence and depression frustrate the lion to such an extent that he learns not to acknowledge them. The lion's roars are often too loud and frightening for the poor crab and he learns not to incite his wrath. What this does is that it turns around the karmic dynamics. Put the cardinal (leadership) sign in a submissive role for long and he will always try to break free. Put the fixed (organizer) sign in the absurd chaos of a Cancerian world and he'll be running away from the water, at a speed of nautical miles. Too tragic is this, for both are extremely gentle, benevolent, and caring. Both need to make concerted efforts to stop taking turns at hurting each other.
With Leo
One Leo is hot enough to handle, just imagine two. With these two, it is a battle of the sexes with both parties equally capable. For there is rarely a Leo woman who'd get beaten hands down by any man, without the fight of a lifetime. Both are classy, both are glamorous, both love drama, and both love the spotlight. Hence, life can become too much of a daily soap opera with these two, with the main lead changing constantly. With both having massive egos and the same strengths and weaknesses, no one can safely bet on one sure winner. Both the Leos cannot resist competing with one another, and both cannot handle losing very well. Both are wonderfully equipped to set the world's stage on fire, if only they'd learn to beat others rather than each other, no one else's life would even come close to theirs. With two lions, everything is larger than life, for both share the finer taste for life and lifestyle, both love luxury, and both are good with people. What's even better is that both come with brains, that help them achieve whatever their hearts desire. Both are practical and pragmatic. On a general note, both are good together, though you may not be good around them. If you have a Leo couple for a neighbor, be prepared for high profile drama, banging dishes, loud roaring fights, and romance like you've never seen before.
With Virgo
This fire and earth combo got attracted to each other for a reason. Virgo finds Leo to be strong, sensible, caring, and as close to perfection as anyone possible. Leo finds Virgo to be pragmatic, intellectual, and a perfectionist. For a short while, both contend to find whatever it is they were looking for. Problems start on two counts. Virgo is often too critical of even the things that do not have many flaws. The lions have a problem with critiques, sadly even when they are constructive. Lions are often too domineering and arrogant, something Virgo does not appreciate as he finds no reason to blindly follow his lion's orders. Constant hammering on both sides can be fatal for their relationship, sometimes even leading to physical health problems for both of them. Being constantly pushed around can lead the Virgo to a nervous breakdown. Constant criticism can eat away the lion's self-confidence and self-assurance, something that Virgo had adored the first time he'd met him. After the romance has gotten a little older, both may realize that the other is not the same person they had fallen in love it. This can be very tragic. It is never the stars of astrology, it is always the people, so if both parties make concerted efforts to be each other's strength rather than owners, this relationship can be very beautiful.
With Libra
This fire and air combination is a beautiful life experience, for both are capable of keeping the relationship alive and fresh between themselves. Libra has no problems directing Leo from the backstage to fulfill all of Leo's dreams. Leo loves him for this, for he cannot possibly share the limelight with anyone. Libra's airy visions can become tangible realities under the excellent planning and organization that Leo can give. And trust me, with both Venus and the Sun, nothing's more precious than an idyllic, undisturbed, happy life. For Libra, a well-loved lion can be the perfect mate, who's forever cheerful and smiling, and always caring and devoted (any kind of imbalance in marital accord can be physically problematic for any Libran). For Leo, he's finally found his perfect partner with whom he genuinely does not mind sharing, even if it is a part of his spotlight. If both of them find mutual goals, they are sure to achieve them together. Libra is the perfect balance for Leo's excesses, if he can only curb his lightly flirtatious nature. Leo keeps the airy Libra grounded to reality, if only he can stay firm and not get carried away.
With Scorpio
It is a beautiful, mystic relationship, based on absolutely no common grounds and yet capable of working smoothly if both parties are indeed in love. With a fire water combination however, there are always a few points of contention. Leo is often one of the easiest signs to manipulate, owing to their susceptibility to fall for praise. Scorpio is capable of some of the most mysterious manipulations possible in this world. It is very difficult for the silent and mysterious Scorpio to open up, but that is exactly what he needs to learn if this relationship is to work. There is nothing like a wounded lion, who has imagined that Scorpio has kept something from him. Leo needs to be a little more subtle and a little less loud and boisterous, which is a very difficult task. Scorpio can only take him seriously as a strong mate if he does that though. Since both parties crave strong mates, both need to learn that they have got them in each other. Do not frustrate each other with your differences, which are indeed very many. Work together and you can carve a wonderful niche for just the two of you. Both have the amazing gift of being able to understand each other without any words being said, and both are strong, supportive, and genuinely caring. Appreciate the gift that you have, to carry forward your intense initial physical attraction (that usually brings you two together in the first place) into a long-lasting relationship.
With Sagittarius
The two of you can enjoy life like a big, wonderful adventure. You two symbolize the basic goodness in mankind, so staying together should not be such a big issue. Leo needs to open up to a fact that he will quite possibly have a houseful of pets with his Sagittarius mate. Sagittarius can compromise with Leo's choice of loud furnishings. But these are really trivial matters, for both these fire signs can be really, really happy with each other. Sagittarius needs to curb his natural temptation of shooting off powerful darts of hurtful truths at Leo; and Leo needs to take anger management classes. Since both crave independence, having Thursdays as a boys and girls night out respectively also shouldn't be a very big problem. Now really guys, this is a match made in heaven. Though destined to be compatible, both really need to be careful not to spoil a good gift - each other.
With Capricorn
It's a fire and earth once again. Capricorn is usually too practical, prudent, and snobbish to give air to Leo's magnificent, magnanimous, and extroverted personality. Leo is too theatrical to appreciate Capricorn's need for a stable, unassuming, and peaceful (translates to sedate and boring in Leo code) life. Both are equally stubborn, and Capricorn is at times even devious in his motives and agendas. Since Leos cannot stand underhand subterfuge, it is an intolerable state for both parties. Yet, if these two give it a good shot, they have a lot to offer each other. Leo can teach the uptight Capricorn to live a little and dream dreams that can be brought to reality. On the other hand, Capricorn can rein in the largeness of Leo and give the required motivational impetus to his dreams. Both are opposite in their personalities and sometimes, it is good to peek and learn from the other side.
With Aquarius
This combination is either as good as paradise or as bad as hell. Be careful with this case of 'love at first sight'. The whole thing narrows down to understanding. While Leos think in straight lines and tangents, unconventional Aquarius will question why not to use a circle or a hyperbola. Such questioning will happen repeatedly and at regular intervals. Leo's do not take too kindly to being questioned, let alone by an Aquarius (they are usually more receptive to Scorpions). Similarly, Aquarius is born to rebel against the status quo. They cannot possibly begin to understand the structured and orthodox views and lifestyles of the lions. With such an elementary clash of personality, with both parties representing perfectly opposite schools of though, it really requires a great deal of effort from both to make this relationship work. Both are fully capable of making it work.
With Pisces
The differences are just too many between these two, but as always, two people genuinely in love can make it happen. Pisces require strong arms to cling on, manly protection from all their nightmares, and a companion for their dreamy escapades. Though Leo can be all this, he doesn't understand why he must leave his throne and wander about like a nomad. Leos like strong mates, not clingy vines. They require stable companions who will stick around through fire and death, rather than look at them. Though such utter helplessness may bring out Leo's protective instincts and fulfill his hidden desire of being 'prince charming' for the damsel in distress, he will not carry on when the glamor starts dropping. Pisces is just too dreamy, silent, and sensitive for him to even comprehend, and Leos are just too harsh, rough, and outgoing for Pisces to keep up with.
Hope this article has helped you understand if you've found your perfect match. It pays to understand that there's no such thing as a match made in heaven, even if the astrology sign compatibility says so. It is always a match made on earth, between two very understanding and mature people, who accept a person for all he is, without judging him. For Leo's, it is fairly easy, for they are basically understanding and have pedestal notions of romance. Make use of these and make your partner your perfect match!
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