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Exploring Palm Lines With the Help of an Illustration

Exploring Palm Lines With the Help of an Illustration
Your hand could reveal a lot of secrets about your life. Palmistry could reveal the secrets of your life and personality to others, so be careful about showing your hand to someone! If you want to know what these lines indicate, read the following article.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
The lines on our palms say a lot about what we are, what we would be and what is going to happen in our lives. There is a proper field of study dedicated to this, called Palmistry. It is basically the skill and characterization of foretelling the future, with the help of the study of palms. It is also called Chiromancy and traces its roots to Hindu (Jyotish Vidya) and Roma (gypsy) fortune tellers. It is usually regarded as a pseudoscience. It is all about the lines, the various mounts and the shape of hands.
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Palm Reading Guide
Following sections discuss the basic lines on our palm and what they symbolize.
Palm Reading
Life Line: This is the line that extends from the edge of your palm, and goes above the thumb towards the wrist in an arc like shape. Life line is the reflection of a person's vitality, health, and general well-being. It is, however, a misconception that longer this line, longer the person would live.
Now any aberrations, changes in thickness and depth, reflect the person's life. For example, if the line is irregular in depth and thickness, it indicates a very dynamic life with lots of twists and turns. A higher line, going very close to the index finger could suggest how ambitious the person is, and his/her ability to stick to the task even when the times are tough.
If the headline and lifeline have linked beginnings, the person is said to be easily influenced by others. Such people are loyal, but might not be optimistic. If a life line starts very low down the palm, it reflects an easygoing personality.
If you see a lot of breaks at the end of the life line on someone's palm, it might mean that the person has taken too much in life, and he or she should not commit to too many things at a time.
Fate Line: Sorry folks, some of you might not have this one. But those who have can hang on because the fate line is coming! Well, on a serious note, it is another very important line on your palm. It extends from the bottom of the palm, close to the wrist, goes up, dividing your palm at the center, in the direction of your middle finger.
In case you see breaks or direction changes in this line, it reflects that circumstances you cannot control have brought about changes in your life. If the fate line at the start is joint to the lifeline, it says that you are a self-made individual.
A fate line starting at the very base of your palm can reflect that you would rise from the realms of obscurity and find a way to enormous fame. If this line begins at the wrist, joining the lifeline later, it means that you consider other people before your own interests.
Heart Line: This is located under the fingers, towards the top of the palm. Matters of heart, both physical, metaphoric, and symbolic, like romantic perspectives, emotional stability, stoicism are reflected by this line. A heart line starting below the index finger indicates a normal and content love life, whereas one which starts below the middle finger means that your love life would be materialistic.
If your heart line spreads or extends across your entire hand, it is a reflection of the fact that you tend to look for those who are higher than you in status. In palm reading, love line is another name for heart line.
Marriage Lines: Marriage line is the indicator of an individual's marriage and married life. These lines are just below your little finger. Light lines indicate affairs or relationships, whereas strong lines indicate marriage. In addition, the lower the lines, the later the marriage. If you are wondering how many times you would be married, well, just see the number of such lines you have and you would know! A marriage line with a fork at the onset, reflects a long engagement.
This was just a trailer of all the things possess in the fine lines on our palms. There are many other details and innumerable intricacies involved in palmistry, like the mounts on our palms, the head line indicating the power of our tiny gray cells, the simian crease and so on. But, if I go on describing about that and a bit more, you might not even look at your palm again. So I would rather not do that! The readers win hands down on that!
At the end I would say, if you do not want someone to know that perhaps you would be getting married twice (this is the only thing I could think of), do not put your hands where the other person can see them! Happy palm reading!