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Leo Zodiac Sign Qualities That'll Make You Like Them Instantly

Leo Zodiac Sign Qualities
The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, is a fixed, masculine, fire sign. In line with these characteristics, this article discusses some Leo sign qualities. Let us try to understand these lions by taking a look at some of their traits.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
There has been so much said, written, and commented about the Leo sign of the zodiac, that there is nothing new to write about. To begin with, if you know a Leo or are one, you are sure to know that there is something different about these beings. Maybe it is the aura, maybe it is the confidence that they exude, or maybe it is just the strength that emanates from them, but it is certain that they are somewhat different.
About the Sign
Every book on astrology mentions the Leo sign dates to be between 23rd July and 22nd August. Like the lion that is the symbol of this powerful sign, the meanings stand for strength, courage, and royalty. The traits are so evidently observable that it is very easy to identify the qualities in the people you meet everyday, and safely tag them to be Leos. Everything they do, they do in grand style, so the words 'hidden' and 'Leo sign characteristics' can never really go together in the same sentence. A shy or submissive Leo is only a mythical being and they all love the stage and the limelight. As they can't keep them hidden anyway, the qualities listed below should be very easy for you to observe and authenticate.
Physical Characteristics
Physically, Leos are easy to spot. They have strong upper bodies and are usually large (not obese) and muscular. Like the lions, they have heavy, frizzy manes for hair and this is usually the point of highlight with most. The hair will usually be in any state of major upheaval (as if the person just survived a major life-threatening catastrophe) or pinned up so tight that you'd pity it. Yet, however it is worn, the hair is almost always thick and unmanageable.
The eyes range from anything between tawny-brown to dark-chestnut. Eyes of other colors are not as rare with this zodiac sign as they are with some others. Most Leos sport acquired tans for almost all of them love the sun (it being their father, it is no surprise). They also tend to take this indulgence a little too far, where the golden skin crisps up and they realize that they are suffering from heat exhaustion or even a sunstroke. Leos are also known to have light freckles on their face and this gives them a distinctly ruddy appearance, especially during their teenage years.
Temperamental Characteristics
Being a fixed sign gives Leo the special right of being stubborn, obstinate, and bull-headed. Being a fire sign gives them the special right of being hot-tempered, quick-tempered, hasty, and explosive. Being a positive masculine sign gives them the special right to be independent, self-reliant, and opinionated. Culminate all these special rights bestowed on a special Leo and you will automatically get all the special sign qualities. Let us start with the good things and end with the bad (for they will be highly debatable by the Leo brotherhood).
The sun sign of Leo is equipped with all the necessary characteristics that make good leadership. Indeed, Leos are at their best as leaders, for they are visionary, they are hardworking, they delegate well, and most of all, they stick around till the end. The best part about the leadership trait is that no matter who they are and where they are at, they never leave the human touch even in the toughest of decisions. This special touch comes from the sign quality of being the savior of mankind, the heart of humanity, the champion of the underdog, etc., etc. Yes, Leos do stand for all the good in mankind, but one must know that like all good leaders, they know if a prospect is profitable in the long run, and bend ideals and ethics just a tiny bit, according to the situation.
Leos are almost always extremely talented, in one field or another, if not all. Be it anything artistic or just something creative, be it writing and painting, or be it sports and acting, Leos have a natural flair for all. Their ruler, the Sun, is incidentally also the ruler of creativity and expression. The Sun also grants them a little more luck than their fair share (of course a tad lesser than Jupiter's constant good fortune, bestowed on Sagittarius).
The sun child Leo cannot be anything other than cheerful, optimistic, and just plain charming. People just tend to gravitate towards their enthusiasm and optimism making them seem, more often than not, like social butterflies. Find any group at a party. The man in the center enthralling everyone with his clownish antic (or with stories of his opposite sex conquests), or the woman with the slender glass of wine in her hand, holding everyone captive in her conversation, is most definitely a Leo, though with the talking part, she could be any of the air signs - Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius in equal probability. To be sure that they are, just look at their appearance. If they are dressed well, in classy clothes, are heavily perfumed and made up, and lastly, are always ready with some witty or sarcastic remark, then you can sign blindly, claiming them to be Leos.
Leos cannot keep anything under wraps and neither can they be subtle. It is practically impossible for the bold and beautiful Leo to not show off or boast of his abilities, of his achievements, and even of his possessions. We can though, forgive Leo that, for more often than not, he is equally generous and magnanimous with his good fortune. He will give away to charity a lot of what he will get and he will always be ready to help (unfortunately even when he can't). A Leo is the one ultimate friend for he will take up debt to resolve yours and go to any lengths to dig you out of any scrapes that you might get into. Oh by the way, in a fist fight, you will always need your Leo friends or Taurus; you may just have to coax him a little though, to remove his silk shirt and tie and get down to business that is.
Being a fixed sign gives Leo the best of organizing abilities. But as Leo is always about the grand, extravagant, and luxurious, most will have a secretary to do all that for them. The point is though, that if they so wish and put their minds to, Leos can organize everything really well, be it parties, business events, or even lives. It is just sad that while they can give you the best of advise for setting your lives and loves straight, they are often sadly inept at sorting out their own. They are also fair balanced (between reality and fiction) and do not dwell on what has passed.
Leos are the best people to have around when you are depressed or low. They are almost always cheerful and encouraging, and being with them makes the sun creep out of the clouds quicker than it would otherwise have. They have the power to get you back on track with encouraging words and physical help, and then you'll always be thanking your stars for giving you the best(est) pal in the whole world. Both the lions and lionesses have two things in common - pride and ambition. Pride is something that stays with lions throughout their lives, and ambition is something that spurs them to live on. There is no Leo around that doesn't have these two, and that is probably what makes them destined to succeed.
On the flip side of things, the Leo sign traits also show some really larger than life issues. With all their generosity of spirit and big hearts, Leos have the somewhat irritating traits of being too frank and outspoken (with a touch of sarcasm on most occasions). While most of the things that fall out of their caustic tongues are true, not everyone likes facing up to them. No one likes being shown the mirror when the reflection is not quite what they want to see, and so this trait wins them a good many enemies. Yet, oblivious to all the hidden feelings and agendas against them, the lion happily stumbles along dishing out the good and the bad (in equal proportions).
Another irritating high-handed habit seen in all Leos is their expectation that all people around them will do things for them. They never ask anyone to do so (not even hint at it), for they confidently expect them to do so without being told. This leads to many conflicts when the lions find that it is not so and set out to correct the world and teach it how to behave in front of royalty. If it weren't for such a high-handed superiority that stops people from following the Leos correctly, they actually stop to realize that what is expected is actually in the best interests of most people.
Arrogance, intolerance towards challenges in opinions, pretense, vanity, and egotistical behavior are some of the heavy-duty Leo sign qualities that can make this most loved creature fall out of favor. One big flaw in their hard armor is their tendency to fall for flattery. Leos are the most prone to being taken advantage of for they find it almost a sacrilege to refuse someone anything when he has showered them with praises and heaped up the flattery. It is this Achilles heal that smart Leos must cure first. They can also give way to temptation and get corrupted by power, yet most are too dignified to fall so low and correct themselves just at the cliffhanger of the deepest fall. Apart from this, they are boastful, dominating, aggressive, and haughty.
The good thing about this sign is that the bad qualities tone themselves down if the Leo is fed with proper appreciation and love. Being starved of these too is what makes the Leo hide behind all his haughty, aristocratic, self-reliant face, and kills the beautiful charming, good-hearted fella within. Just keep your lovable lion happy and well fed (with loads of appreciation), and you will have a new day everyday for the rest of your life. His melodrama will make you laugh, his care will leave you touched, his charm will soften you up, and you will never know when you melted like a snowflake in the Leo sunshine.
Disclaimer: This article is not meant to antagonize any Leos who read it!
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