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Libra Men Characteristics

Welcome to the amusing world of astrology. Here, you'll know about characteristics of Libra men in detail. If you're dating a Libra man, or are one yourself, you'll find this piece of information extremely useful.
AstrologyBay Staff
Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018
Libra men are the ones who seek balance in life. A keen sense of justice and fair play in every venture they take up is one of the key traits of these men. But being extremely just, they may often delay decisions or become afraid of commitments. Once they're sure about something, they're extremely confident about their decisions. However, they may take anything between five minutes to five years to arrive at a decision!
A Libra man is born between 23rd September to 22nd October. Most of his time is spent in balancing his personal and professional life. The "weighing scales" symbol represents this zodiac sign and it goes quite well with the personality of Librans. Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, is the ruling planet of this sign and she grants faith, romance, and a loving nature to these men. The birthstone of Libra is opal. Libran men's personality is a mixed bag of confidence, diplomacy, creativity, and a little indecisiveness.
General Traits
Libran men can be diplomatic in their dealings because of the inner urge to keep everything in control and to keep everything fair. A Libran man can understand other people's views and opinions without being judgmental. With the charm in their personality and an easygoing nature, these men are very approachable. They can manage conflict situations really well and can also effectively manage arguments. Their active listening skills are their best asset. Being endowed with an excellent habit of listening, Libran men accept praise and recognition in favor of their acts, though they may not directly reveal so. These men easily socialize and they love to make friends. One of the lesser known aspects of a Libran that is hidden from the world is his creativity and intelligence. They're very good in creative pursuits, however, their talents are often easily hidden behind their easygoing nature. A Libran man is passionate about beauty and class. He likes to work hard and prove his mettle in whatever he does.
Positive Traits Negative Traits
Diplomatic and urbane Indecisive and easy to change
Very romantic and charming nature Easily influenced and gullible
Sociable, easy to make friends with Self indulgent and flirtatious
Idealistic and peace loving Can get confused in challenging situations
Imaginative, perceptive, and intuitive Temperamental and quick to anger
Kind, caring, and sympathetic Indecisiveness can lead to self-willed and selfish behavior
Generous, loving, and affectionate Easily discouraged and needs to be pepped up frequently
Talented and adaptable Appears monotonous
Libra Men in Love
Owing to their charming persona and harmonious nature, Libran men are very popular among women. In his search for the perfect woman, a Libran man often appears flirtatious. He doesn't commit unless he finds someone compatible. One of the characteristics of these men is that they love flattery, though in the form of admiration. Women dating Librans must make a note of this point. They like control and they love women who have the knack of taking effective decisions. This too arises from their desire to be in control of their life. A Libran man in love can't withstand the nagging nature of women and he feels insecure if the women sound indecisive. If a woman pressurizes himn to take decisions, he may end up feeling nervous or irritated. The key to impress a Libran is to take initiative and prove to him your ability to control the situation, in case he fails to do so at times.
Libra men characteristics as mentioned in this article are merely a reflection of men belonging to this zodiac sign. When it comes to practical living, you cannot take decisions solely based on astrological predictions, as one's zodiac sign is not the only determinant of one's personality. These characteristics only give you a glimpse of a Libran's personality, but only spending time with the man can tell you more about him.
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