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Libra Woman and Cancer Man

Can a Libra Woman and Cancer Man Have a Lasting Relationship?

The relationship between a Libra woman and a Cancer man is very complex, as there are equal number of similarities as well as dissimilarities between the two. Read on to know more on it.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
No man in the zodiac can be as loving, emotional and protective as the Cancer man. He is sympathetic and cautious. However, at the same time, he is shrewd, moody and unpredictable. This definitely makes the Cancer man a very complex person. It is not very unusual to find two different and contradicting opinions about the Cancer man personality, as these people are definitely complex. On the other hand, the Libra woman is very charming and easygoing. Libra individuals, both men and women, more often than not, are very good looking. The Libra woman is also a complex character as the sign is symbolized by the sign of scales which dips back and forth. What happens when these individuals come together? Can they form a long-lasting relationship? Let us find out.
Libra Female and Cancer Male Relationship
As aforementioned, there are some similar and some dissimilar qualities between the two. Therefore, their love relationship can be very complex. It can either be a great, but, short-lived affair; or a loving long-lasting relationship. Here is the good and also the bad side of the compatibility between Cancer and Libra.
The Good
Both these individuals have a great sense of humor and hence, they connect immediately. She is charming and easygoing, and he is a sensitive man who is shy, but, friendly. The Libra woman can talk about any subject on the Earth and hence, both of them have a good and stimulating conversation. She will give him helpful and creative ideas on his business, life, etc. There is a strong mystical attraction between the two which helps in having a great relationship together.
Secondly, every woman feels secure with the protective Cancer man. Therefore, the Libra woman loves him as he is chivalrous, makes her laugh and is also very protective and caring. On the other hand, the exciting and optimistic nature of the Libra woman makes the Cancer man fall deeply in love with her. Both, the Libra woman and Cancer man, are loyal and romantic by nature, thus making them a great couple. However, both of them take a long time in deciding about marriage or a permanent relationship. Now, let us take a look at the negative aspects of this relationship.
The Bad
On the flip side, they are very moody. The Cancer is notorious for his moodiness, and the Libra scales dip back and forth for a longer time before they settle for a normal position. Each one will find it hard to handle the moodiness of the other. Secondly, the Cancer man is cautious with money, and will not appreciate throwing it away casually. On the contrary, the Libra woman tends to be extravagant as she has exquisite tastes, and longs for the finer things in life.
On the other hand, the outlook or the attitude towards life of both these individuals also affects their compatibility. The Cancer man, although fun loving, has a serious approach towards life. The Libra woman has a more carefree attitude and a casual approach towards life which will affect the relationship. Similarly, Libra individuals are also naturally flirtatious, and this may not go down well with the Cancer man. He will expect a more homely and family oriented partner.
As we can see, there are equal number of positive and negative aspects in the relationship compatibility between these two signs. Therefore, the relationship can be workable, or can even end on a bitter note. It all depends on the understanding between the two individuals. Isn't that what a love relationship is all about? Ciao!
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