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How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman
Do you have a crush on a Scorpio woman and are looking for ways to attract her? Well, if that is the case, then this article on how to attract a Scorpio woman would help you understand her mentality and give you the way to rule her heart!
Shalu Bhatti
Now, you do believe that each and every zodiac sign possesses unique traits and characteristics that distinguishes their personality from the rest of the zodiac signs, don't you? Speaking of the Scorpio zodiac, these people are born between October 23 - November 22, and are considered to be one among the 3 water signs. Water signs, in general, are known to be very sensitive and emotional, but then when it comes to attracting a Scorpio woman, you should not try to be any of that! Scorpio women in general are very curious, cautious, and observant at the same time. It won't be wrong if you say that they tend to be very skeptical when it comes to anything 'new' in their life. So beware! They will try to understand your personality in a deeper way before they actually decide to be with you. They are easily attracted towards men who keep surprising them! Now by 'surprising', I don't mean popping out each and every time she goes somewhere, I actually mean surprising her with your intelligence, intellect, and presence of mind. Another important thing for a Scorpio woman, is for you to respect her independence and will. She is not the one who can be dominated easily. However, that doesn't mean that she is not caring or concerned, it means that she will do all of this out of love and respect for you and not because you want her. So, when it comes to attracting a Scorpio woman, your main focus is to show her that you totally deserve her attention.
How to Please a Scorpio Woman?
Pleasing a Scorpio woman is not an overnight job! You have to put in a lot of time, and a little effort to understand who she is. Undoubtedly, you will be instantly attracted towards her because of her natural sensuality and mysterious nature. A Scorpio woman is aggressive and confident, so she would want a man who represents intelligence, strength, power, and responsibility! So, if you are someone who is shy, emotional, and weak, then there are less chances that she would be attracted towards you. Nevertheless, if you still want to give it a shot, then mentioned below are some ways for attracting a Scorpio woman.
Don't Even Think of Starting a Conversation with a Pick up Line!
You walk up to her and say, 'I don't mean to bother you but I think you are beautiful'! Well, if you are expecting a smile or a blush on her face, then that is not what you will get! Do you have any idea how many times she would have come across this line? So if you have to start a conversation with her, just be genuine. Starting a conversation with a pick up line would ruin your chances even before getting into the game.
Be Refreshing and Different
This is exactly what is needed. You need to tell her things that she is not expecting from you, or probably things that she has never heard before. Genuineness is the key. If you are attracted towards her, tell her genuinely that you want to know her better and see if things click. Make a conversation that has depth and intellect. She is a deep person and it would be easier to attract her by showing the same qualities in you as well. She is also someone who loves to be surprised, so make sure that each and every time you meet her (which is if you pass the first time), surprise her by showing her your fun side! Show her that she isn't the only one who is mysterious!
Independence, Strength, and Courage is a Must
Scorpio women are attracted to all the masculine qualities... keep dominance aside! She will be attracted to you from the way you portray yourself in front of others and her of course! You need to be someone who is independent, who cannot be manipulated or dominated by others, and who has the courage, strength, and power to get what he wants.
Now... Can She Genuinely Trust You?
Though this part comes later on... that is if you fail to meet her more than once, which is very rare as Scorpio women are good at perceiving intentions of the person as soon as they interact with them! If you have managed to gain her attention, then her last parameter would be to be sure of you. And for this she really has to make sure that she can genuinely trust you with herself and her life.
So, these were some of the main areas that you need to focus on when it comes to attracting a Scorpio woman. Be funny, make her laugh, and be mysterious. Surprise her with a different pleasant side of you every time you meet her to keep her wondering (in a good way!). Show her that you are man enough to take care of her and that you also respect her individuality. Another important thing that you need to know about a Scorpio woman is that she is not someone you can have a fling with and part ways! She doesn't believe in superficial relationships. Once a Scorpio woman is in love, she will sway you away with her passion, in-depth romance, and sensuality. So if you are genuinely fond of her and manage to win her heart, rest assured that she will always be there for you. Good luck!