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Palm Reading Techniques

Palm Reading Techniques
Are you keen on knowing about palm reading techniques? An open hand has always been a symbol of reciprocation and trust, whilst a closed hand has always denoted hostility. Chiromancy, or palmistry, is the art of studying the physicality of the palm and its lines to determine the person's personality and destiny.
Madhura Panse
The lines on your palm speak a language that spins the story of the past and the future; almost like a map saying where you've been and which way you're headed. Palmistry or palm reading, also known as chiromancy, comes from the Greek words, kheiros, which means 'hand', and manteia which means 'oracle, divination'.
Palm reading techniques go back to India quite a few thousand years BC. From India they spread to China, Egypt, Tibet, Persia, and then traveled to Europe in the 12th century. In the Middle Ages, palmistry, like a lot of other occultism, was believed in a lot and taken to the level of being a science. There came a time when people grew more and more skeptical about palm reading and associated it with hogwash and cheats. Palmistry seems as real as purple horses that climb trees and as stably dependable for guidance as a capricious whim to those minds steeply inclined towards the scientific.
However, occult careers, such as palm reading, are now becoming a rage, with a lot of people having an in-depth knowledge of psychology and palmistry. A tithe of compassion and empathy towards the person who's palm you're reading works its magic and how undoubtedly!
So, which of the hands must you look at if you want to find out? There is an active hand and a dormant hand. The active hand represents how you will be able to change your life and your future, whilst the dormant hand denotes your inherent qualities and hidden potential by ways of genetics or those which are hereditary. For instance, if you're right-handed then your right hand is the active hand and left hand is the dormant one. And if you're left-handed, it's vice versa. Here are some palm reading techniques to help you understand yourself and people better. Let us begin with basic lines on your palms when you open them.
Palmistry Techniques
  • Palmistry with Lines
  • Palmistry with Mounts
  • Palmistry with Fingers
  • Palmistry with Hands
Palm reading lines
Palm Reading Lines
The Life Line
The life line, as opposed to popular belief, does not denote how long you're going to live; it measures the quality of your life, physical health and general well-being.
  • A life line that is long and deep is suggestive of a full life brimming with health and vitality. A short life line that is strong and deep is also representative of great vitality and the potential to overcome health problems.
  • If there are extra lines doubling or tripling the life line, it shows great vitality in your life and that there will always be positive forces around you.
  • A straight line that sticks close to the side of your palm, shows a limited exploration of love due to a very cautious nature.
  • If the life line is short and shallow, your life may tend to be controlled by others. A long swooping semicircular life line around the base of the thumb, shows great strength and enthusiasm and a good love life.
  • If your life line appears like a chain, it denotes a not so robust physical health and emotional well-being. You may be prone to allergies.
  • If you have a donut right in the middle of the life line, it indicates hospitalization due to some accident, whilst a square indicates protection when you need it and may also mark a turning point in your life.
  • If your life line breaks in between, it represents a sudden change in lifestyle, an accident or an illness.
  • If there are lines above the life line in the direction of your fingers, they show an ability to recover from situations, and ones that extend below denote that you have a habit of wasting your energy.
  • If there are lines intersecting the life line, they indicate worries or dangers. If there is a star somewhere, it indicates a crisis.
  • If the head line is stronger than the life line, it means that the person likes intellectual stimulation more than physical activity. If there are small lines arising from the life line, it is suggestive of someone who's quite active and vibrant.
  • If the line extends to the middle of your palm in the direction of its base, away from the thumb, it means you'll travel a lot in you life.
  • Branches leading to the mount of Jupiter suggest that you'll go quite ahead on the academic front; those leading to the mount of Apollo suggest a lot of the green stuff (money) flowing in and those leading to the mount of Saturn suggest success with property transactions.
The Head Line
Your head line denotes not how intelligent you are, but how you think, learn and communicate and how it sums up your intellect, beliefs, philosophies and your attitude towards life.
  • If the head line and the life line join at the beginning, it indicates a strong sense of mind that rules the body. These people have a rather cautious outlook about their childhood and have fears. Separated lines denote a sense of freedom, love for adventure and enthusiasm for life.
  • If the head line ends short, it suggests a rather straightforward person and quite a simplistic way of thought and limited mental aims. If your head line is long, it means that you're given to thinking things through very carefully.
  • Double lines show strong mental abilities.
  • If the line is short and curves upward, you have short attention span and are a bit of a scatterbrain. A long line curving upwards represents retentive memory. If the short head line swoops downward toward the heel, the person is more imaginative and creative.
  • A straight line indicates someone who is narrowed, with a more realistic way of thinking. Deeper the head line, the better the memory, whilst a curved one suggests someone who's open to newer ideas and suggestions and has a more expansive way of thinking. If the line is more horizontal, it means that you're of a practical nature and if the line is slanted, you're more creative.
  • If there's a star on the head line, it represents quite a significant mental achievement.
  • If there are crosses through the line, they are indicative of some important decisions in your life.
  • The space between the life line and the head line is called the 'angle of luck'. The greater the space, the more your luck.
  • If your head line is of a chain-like structure, it means you're quite a nervous and uptight person.
  • If the head line is wavy, you have a short attention span and don't think very deep, but that is no hindrance to your intellect.
The Heart Line
The heart line is about all your emotions and events that revolve around love, your ability to love and be loved. The stronger and deeper the heart line, the more intensely strong and warm your love is.
  • The heart line often has more than just one line, and when it's that way, one line is usually curved suggesting romantic affairs, whilst the other which is straight is passive. Curved lines are more frequent in men and straight in women. Partnerships work well and smoothly if both partners have similar heart lines.
  • Quite a content and normal love life is represented by a heart line that begins under the index finger.
  • If your heart line begins right below the middle finger, then you have a selfish and materialistic view about love.
  • If it begins between the index and middle finger, you may have a slight disregard to the real meaning of love and the responsibilities it brings along. You tend to give your heart away easily.
  • If the line extends boldly across the entire palm, then you're looking for people who are above your own status and respect them a lot, possibly more than yourself. And if such a line runs straight and parallel to the head line, that means you have a strong control over your emotions.
  • If the heart line is long and curved upwards, then the person has a pleasantly romantic nature and they extend their warmth through their deeds. They may also tend to give a lot of themselves to love, regardless of its cost.
  • A short line shows that you aren't so interested in matters of love and affection. But if this line is strong and deep, then whatever affections you have are stable.
  • A wavy, broken or chain-like line represents numerous loves and none so serious.
  • A star on the line is representative of a happy marriage while a donut or a circle would represent a time of depression.
  • Emotional loss, by way of death or end of a relationship, is symbolized by broken line and a line with tiny lines intersecting it.
  • If there are tiny lines extending upward towards your fingers, they show happiness in your love life; those extending downward symbolize disappointment.
  • If you have double heart lines, then you'll be protected by your loved one.
  • A heart line with a conspicuously strong curve below the index and middle fingers denotes a strong sex drive; and one's who're driven more by libido and lust than love have a short and straight heart line. A heart line that ends right below the index finger is of a person too choosy about a partner.
  • If there's a conspicuous branch that goes below to touch the life line, it implies a person who's very easily hurt in love.
The Fate Line
The fate line talks about your destiny and future.
  • A weak or faint fate line indicated someone who's quite unsettled and always on the go. He may change his jobs a lot. Whilst, a strong fate line indicates someone who is quite well-settled.
  • A fate line that starts at the bottom of the palm means that someone has found his life path and are well on it. If the fate line ends at the head line, it means someone who has lost his way a bit and need to change direction to get right back where they should be in life.
  • Most fate lines end at the heart line but if it goes all the way to almost meet the middle finger, it means you'll be quite the active one even when old.
  • When a person has more than one career, there will be a double fate line. In some palms, there isn't a fate line at all which shows instability.
  • A fate line that joins the life line, suggests a self-made individual, knowing from a young age what your true aspirations are.
  • A fate line that begins at the wrist and then joins the life line suggests sacrifices of your own interest or surrendering these interests to those of other people. If this fate line separates again, then you'll be in control of your life again.
  • If your fate line begins at the base of your thumb, inside the curve of your life line, it represents a point where you have all the support of you family and close friends.
  • If your fate line starts at the base of your palm, it indicates that you will rise from obscurity to being in the limelight as a politician or an entertainer.
  • If there is a break in your fate line at the head line and then it goes on, you will successfully change jobs in middle years.
  • If there's a star at the end of your fate line, it indicates that you will be certainly successful. If the fate line with a star ends under the index finger, you'll be successful and famous in non-creative fields. If the star ends under the middle finger, you will see success after several years of working hard. If the star ends under the ring finger, you'll find success in a creative and artistic field.
  • If your fate line breaks abruptly, it means you will have quite a bit of trouble in your life and it won't be so smooth.
  • If you have lines intersecting your fate line, you will have times that will be shadowed due to opposition by others.
The mounts on our hand reflect our basic values, upbringing, inclinations and the personal traits we develop in our life.

When they're clear, moderately raised and well-formed, it indicates positive qualities which the mount represents, and their balance. Low and flat mounts indicate lack of these qualities. High and over-developed mounts show an over-expression of the mount's qualities. The lines on the mounts will modify its qualities and may relate to particular events.
The Mount of Jupiter
This mount is just below the index finger. If the mount is well-developed and rounded, it means that the person is optimistic, honest in his thoughts with himself and other people, sociable and honorable with outstanding leadership qualities. A flat mount is an indication of a dull personality that lacks confidence. If the mount is over-developed, the person may be hoity-toity and egoistic, arrogant and horribly proud. A short line on this mount (between the head line and the heart line denotes that there is a lot of fortune in store).
The Mount of Saturn
This mount is right under the middle finger. If this mount is well-developed, the person is intensely parched for knowledge and has a great sense of responsibility. An over-developed mount combined with long fingers symbolizes a personality that is distant, cold and introverted. If the mount appears flat, it means that the person is genially optimistic and outgoing.
The Mount of Sun
This mount is right under the ring finger. If this mount is well-developed, it means that the person is enthusiastic, optimistic and warm. If the mount appears flat, then the person may be a cynic, cold and has no appreciation for the finer things in life. If the mount is overdeveloped, it means that the person is horribly brash and insensitive who likes to hear the sound of his own voice.
The Mount of Mercury
This mount is situated just below the little finger. A well-developed mount means that this personality is an absolute go-getter with a fervor for traveling. An overly developed mount indicates that this person is a smooth talker who can lie blatantly without quite being caught. They may also be a Casanova. If the mount appears flat, it denotes a shy person who hasn't much self-confidence.
The Mount of Moon
This mount lies at the base of the palm on the opposite side of the thumb. A well-developed mount indicates a person who is compassionate, creative and very caring and has an incredible zest for life. A flat mount represents empathetic and imaginative personalities.
The Mount of Venus
This mount is located under the thumb. A well-developed mount shows a person who is generous, engaging, warm and has an active social life. An over-development of this mount shows a person who is very greedy and never seems satisfied with worldly pleasures. A flat mount denotes a selfish and dispassionately cold person, lacking vitality.
The Mount of Mars
The upper Mount of Mars is between the head line and the heart line, whilst the lower Mount of Mars is at the beginning of the heart line near the thumb. The middle Mount of Mars is at the center of the palm. A soft Mars area denotes a person who is entirely self-centered and thinks the world revolves around him, whereas a Mars plane that is firm and well-developed indicates an extroverted nature with abundant and boundless energy. The Mount of Mars is mainly linked to the level of aggressiveness.
The Fingers
Index Finger (Water)
An indicator of ambition, it is linked with Jupiter. It is a finger of expansion, emotions and emotional energy, self-confidence, capacity and concentration. If it is nearly as long as the middle finger, it denotes leadership qualities and if short, then the person is reluctant to make decisions and is led easily.
Middle Finger (Earth)
Linked with Saturn, it indicates the planet of justice. It denotes the conscious and the unconscious parts of the self. It also denotes being well grounded, stable and responsible. A very long or very short middle finger tends to indicate an imbalance in the way you see yourself and the way you relate to other people on levels of authority.
Ring Finger (Fire)
This is considered the finger of Apollo and is linked with Saturn. It indicates creative expression, spirituality, action, initiative and emotional vitality.
Little Finger (Air)
Linked with Mercury, it is the planet of communication. It is linked with sexuality and close contact with other people as well as monetary matters, inventiveness, communication and mental freedom.
Thumb (Energy or Ether)
Linked with Mars, it is an indicator of power, energy and personality on basis of reasoning and logic. The flexibility of the thumb is the way to tell how adaptable a person is. The more flexible the thumb, the more easy-going his nature is and the more rigid the thumb, the more stubborn the person. If the thumb narrows in the base, the person can use tat and diplomacy in his relations with others. The length of the thumb is an indicator of faithfulness. Long thumbs are strong characters who are faithful to themselves and others.
The Hands
When you're wanting to know the size of your hand, it should be compared in its proportion to your body. Large hands usually come along with personalities that spend more time thinking than doing, whilst small hands are more active, and spending less time in the realms of too many thoughts.

There four main types of hands and they are the four elements of nature: Air, Earth, Fire, Water.

When considering the whether your palm is square or long, take into consideration the vertical and horizontal measurements. A square palm has both as equal measurements and the long one has the vertical measurement longer than the horizontal one.

Now, taking into consideration the fingers; fingers are long if the middle finger is equal to or longer than ¾ (three-quarters) height of your palm and they're short if the middle finger is shorter than three-quarters of your palm.
Air Hands
The air hand has a square palm with long fingers, thin and clear lines.
  • Air types are often quite unconventional. They love reading, writing and communicating. They are intellectual and sociable people. They love to make their own sense of experience as they analyze and observe the world. Often they're restless and need change, especially of the mental kind that would stimulate them. Their negative traits may be that they tend to be critical, or be dispersed with scattered energies. They may be detached and impersonal and may sometimes experience alienation. This is the mental realm where potentials, interests, passions and hobbies are analyzed. Air hands also represent subjective and external communication. As lovers they look for mental rapport more than anything else, and then the rest follows.
Earth Hands
The earth hand has a square palm with fingers that are short when compared to the palm, thick skin and deep, clear and straight lines.
  • These people tend to be kind, practical, down-to-earth, stable, loyal, reliable and supportive. They are happiest being in a traditional relationship and prefer secure and stable jobs. Their less positive traits may be that they can be very resentful, lack imagination and can sit back and let someone else hold the reins for them, but aren't necessarily submissive. The Earth hand is of the physical realm, and security and stability are its main driving force and they possess strong vitality. As lovers, they're usually dependable and quite straightforward.
Fire Hands
Fire hands are those with an oblong palm and short fingers, when compared to the palm.
  • They have ample lines that are prominent and firm with warm skin. These people are energetic, constructive, active and creative. They like taking risks. On the negative side, these people can be intolerant and lack sensitivity at times. This is the realm of vocation and the creative energy is reflected here. They represent action, will and joie de vivre in the person. As lovers they are positive, confident and are willing to take the lead.
Water Hands
Water hands have long fingers and oblong palms, with plenty of lines that aren't always clear, and soft and damp skin. They appear slender and elegant, showing aspirations toward elevated refinement.
  • They have high standards and expect a lot from themselves and also others. The water hand is emotional, idealistic, sensitive and intuitive. They can be a little vulnerable and naive due to being overtly emotional at times. These people need beauty, harmony and an empathetic working environment. The negative aspects can be egocentricity, inclined towards being depressed sometimes, sense of nothing ever being good enough, manipulation and even deviousness. It represents the emotional realm, well-being of emotions, friendships, relationships, compatibility, giving and receiving love and willingness to be inspired. As lovers, they're sensitive, vulnerable, a little naive and their main aim is to care and be cared for.
Some people may also have combination hands, which will mean that they have some characteristics of two or more elements, bringing about more balance and harmony in the personality.
Although palm reading techniques are vast, hopefully this information at hand will help you. In order to get a reading that is fairly accurate, take into consideration all the aspects of your hand and their relation to each other, instead of just focusing on one.
With these few keys, I hope you'll be able to understand yourself better and realize how you can balance your being with the guidance of your own intuition and capacities to see the world and yourself in the light of a change that veers towards knowing which grounds are the most stable that you can place upon firmly your feet, and which direction the seamless skies are, where you can soar without limitations. Then you'll know where to go to flow, without the force of conforming to something that might hinder you. Your life is solely in your own hands, and the best is to make the most of what you have been endowed with.