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Unique Personality Traits of a Person Born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp

Personality Traits of a Person Born on Virgo-Libra Cusp
Those individuals whose birth dates fall between September 19 to 23 are known for their beauty and charm―they are born on Virgo-Libra cusp! Virgos are known for their devotion, while Librans are known for their art of attaining balance.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
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Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury that is associated with communication and reasoning abilities, while Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure. If you know someone who can be called 'beauty with brains', she (or he) is most likely a Virgo-Libra cusp!
Virgo belongs to the Earth element and has been blessed with mutable qualities, which means that those belonging to this sign have the ability to change as and when the situation demands, to sort of fit in to the environment. On the other hand, Libra is an air sign with cardinal qualities. This means that Librans are the initiators of new beginnings. Having said that, the unification of these two zodiac signs brings about an interesting set of traits in those born on the cusp dates of September―that vary, but are widely believed to be 19 to 23―and makes them prosper in their goals and desires.

Virgo and Libra are the sixth and seventh signs of the zodiac chart, respectively. They come in between the zodiac chart, emphasizing the mid-time of the human lifespan. This is the phase where a person tends to seek a balance in life by evaluating the path that he/she is on, and using all the opportunities that come in this path to the optimum level. This is the time where all the childishness, the need to experiment, err, and learn, passes on, and one achieves a sense of maturity. Let us understand in the following section, how these two zodiacs influence the personality of a person born in between them.
Traits of a Person Born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp
This cusp combination is known as The Cusp of Beauty, and there is no other cusp that can claim this title from it! Venus and Mercury, together, create an individual so charming and beautiful, in every manner, that he or she becomes an epitome of both these traits. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well, like all signs, even this cusp has its own share of imperfections. The following sections highlight the characteristics that make this individual a 'Virgo-Libra cusp' in the true sense of the word!
The Positive Traits
✓ Responsible
✓ Health Conscious
✓ Social Animal
✓ Logical
✓ Devoted
✓ Meticulous
✓ Romantic
✓ Polite
✓ Art Lover
✓ Open-minded
✓ Intellectual
✓ Attractive
✓ Just
✓ Perfectionist
✓ Artistic
An Explanation
This cusp is all about beauty and art. Right from the way this individual carries him (or her) self, to how he or she looks at others in life. This cuspian has an eye for beauty and is a true art-admirer, art-lover, art-collector, and art-promoter. Creativity flows naturally through this person, and that is what he/she wishes to see everywhere. This combo also tends to get attracted to those who carry themselves with a dash of style and a stroke of art.
Any work of art needs to be taken care of. And if one's life is all about it, one makes sure that he/she does everything to maintain the pristineness and perfection of it. This need makes this person quite responsible and organized. This cusp is a perfectionist because even a slight flaw, be it of the most negligible nature, is intolerant to this sign.
This person is prone to be successful in any venture undertaken. This is because of their ability to look through any complication in a thorough manner, courtesy the reasoning and thinking abilities that constitute in both Virgo and Libra sign. This, when added with the determined, responsible, logical, and open-minded attitude of this sign, makes this cusp combo successful in every venture.
This cusp-born also happens to be one of the most fair individuals, who will investigate even the minutest of details of the matter before taking a stance. While many belonging to other signs tend to overlook certain aspects, nothing can be hidden from the penetrating eyes of a Virgo-Libra.
This person is a social animal in body, mind, and soul. He/she enjoys the company of others who can get him/her engaged in an intriguing session of intellectual conversations, and put up a good and healthy debate. Experiences matter a lot to this cusp, and what can be a better way to experience life than socializing and making new contacts with every gathering?
Don't they say that 'health is wealth'? And this cusp believes and practices this phrase quite literally! This sign is highly health-conscious, and enjoys a good workout session even more with some good company around. In fact, this cusp views engaging in health-related activities in a group, as a chance to increase his or her social circle. And it isn't difficult for this sign to woo those who come across the way, with traits such as politeness, attractiveness, and charmingness.
This cusp is one of the very lucky few who possess the tendency of not getting aggressive or angry easily. However, this doesn't imply that this person is immune to it. It's just that instead of getting flustered, he or she likes to make things even quite subtly.
When it comes to relationships and love, this cusp is a true romantic at heart! He/she will be devoted, loyal, and somewhat playful in a relationship, and will do everything possible to attain peace, harmony, and love in the union.
What strives or motivates this cusp to give in all to a cause. It is the inclination to help others have a better life. This can also be observed in the career choices made by this person. Most belonging to the Virgo-Libra cusp are seen working in the field of medicine.
Being the cusp of beauty, this girl (or guy) has the ability to bring out the beauty in others, provided he/she gets the chance to do so.
The Negative Traits
✗ Fussy
✗ Materialistic
✗ Aloof
✗ Gullible
✗ Superficial
✗ Cold
✗ Cynical
✗ Insecure
✗ Overindulgent
✗ Diffident
✗ Overcritical
✗ Indecisive
An Explanation
In the quest to find perfection in everything, this cusp is likely to get caught into becoming a little shallow and materialistic. There may come a time where outer appearances may overshadow the inner qualities of those that come along, leading to superficial approach in life.
The inclination towards art and beauty, due to the impact of Venus, may make this sign-bearer overindulgent in many ways. It can also happen that he/she ends up indulging in his/her own desires rather than looking out for others.
It is also very easy to influence someone belonging to this sign. This could be because of the inclination towards materialistic and superficial things that can very well put one in an insecure spot. This sense of insecurity makes this cusp fall prey to the manipulative lot around.
The tendencies mentioned in the previous point can also make this cusp very indecisive and diffident at times. During such a phase, this person may exhibit a cold and aloof demeanor, as a sign of his/her own insecurity and lack in self-confidence.
Being a perfectionist at heart, yet being affected by the need to strike a cordial, diplomatic, and midway balance, this person tends to struggle in choosing the way to take. While the Virgo side compels him/her to choose black or white, the Libra side tells them to settle with gray, both of which is not easy for this combo to do.
Due to the nature of this sign to be surrounded with perfection, this cusp-bearer tends to become overcritical of others. Also, when it comes to relationships, a Virgo-Libra lover can be quite demanding.
This dude (or dudette) can get stuck on the tiniest flaws in anything, alive or not, and will not be at peace unless those hardly-visible imperfections are perfected in the best possible manner.
It is also very much possible for this cuspian to underrate the value, worth, or potential of others due to the appearance of it from the surface. This is because, at times, the practical and business-minded approach may override his/her ability to look through the inner beauty of others. But this flaw can be overcome with realization.
With an adverse environment around, this cusp combo can also become quite cynical in nature, suspecting the real intentions of those around, all the time.
Although this individual has a streak of intellectualism and spirituality, the spiritual and emotional side tends to succumb to the worldly pleasures. Therefore, he/she needs to introspect often, to bring the scales to a proper balancing position and to see beauty as it should ideally be.
If you have the eye for beauty, it is all around you. Upon careful evaluation of the good and bad that come along with being born as a Virgo-Libra cusp, one can say that they are the gifts that, sort of, bring about the 'unwanted things' too. This individual is gifted with the abilities that can make this world a beautiful place; however, overindulgence is what makes him/her lose the whole point of it. The good news is that there is no need to worry. Having the responsible, modest, honest, and compassionate tendencies that this cusp has, even if he/she gets a little lost or torn between spirituality and materialism, all he/she needs to do is to introspect within, find a way to come back to the goodness and beauty as it should ideally have been.