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Predictions By Moon Signs: Planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Predictions By Moon Signs: Planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is the second-largest plant in the solar system. As far as distance from the Sun is concerned, it ranks sixth among the planets. This write-up talks about the role Saturn plays in Vedic Astrology.
Ranjan Shandilya
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is the third most distant planet from the sun followed by Uranus and Neptune. It completes its revolution in 29 years 167 days and 5 hours which is the duration of its year.

A Saturnian personality is often a self-made man or woman, though his/her early efforts are generally attended by obstacles and delays. Usually success comes to a Saturnian only after the age of 30.

Saturn's good influence bestows qualities which make it possible for us to reach our highest goals. However, its malign influence tends to influence carelessness, indifference, suspicion, fear, melancholy and laziness.

Planet Saturn in Vedic astrology represents or governs miners, transporters, engineers, geologists, mechanical workers, communicators, low quality sculptors and slaughterers. Since Vedic astrology is an ancient science, the above mentioned professions have to be equated to modern-day equivalents to study the corresponding effects.

Planet Saturn is the deep-acting planet affecting the highest and lowest in human beings. The relationship between matter and spirit is represented by a cross at the top, linked with a semi circle. The special shape of the curve, linked with the third corner of the cross representing death, is of great significance.

Death is the end of one series of events. The openness of the cycle can mean either the cessation of one cycle of events, or it may mean the complete upsetting of one's life pattern and style of living. It is imperative to understand that the impulses flowing through the planet Saturn are for infusing deeper understanding of the materialistic nature of human existence, and thereby providing to the individual, wisdom, so that the wheel of ignorance could be pierced to some extent.

Saturn in Different Signs
  • Saturn in Aries: The person will be peevish to the point of being idiotic, cruel, immoral, boastful and gloomy, perverse and will generally tend to misunderstand people.
  • Saturn in Taurus: The person will generally have a dark complexion and will be powerful, successful and unorthodox who enjoys being alone. Individuals who have Saturn in Taurus will tend to remarry and will have worried nature.
  • Saturn in Gemini: The person will be miserable, thin, and ingenious, and will have few children. Individuals who have Saturn in Gemini will be interested in chemical and mechanical sciences, and will also be narrow-minded, speculative and logical.
  • Saturn in Cancer: The person will be poor, cunning, deceitful and selfish. Individuals who have Saturn in Cancer will generally be devoid of motherly care, and will have few children of their own.
  • Saturn in Leo: The person will be obstinate, and stubborn. Individuals who have Saturn in Leo are also hard workers and are generally good writers.
  • Saturn in Virgo: The person will generally have a dark complexion and will be malicious, quarrelsome, erratic and will have weak health.
  • Saturn in Libra: The person will be tall, rich, handsome and self conceited. Individuals who have Saturn in Libra are generally of a very sound judgment, independent, proud and charitable.
  • Saturn in Scorpio: The person will be indifferent, adventurous, petty and self-conceited. Individuals who have Saturn in Scorpio will be unhealthy, violent, unscrupulous and will be in danger from poisons, fire and weapons.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius: The person will be cunning, famous, and pretentious. Individuals who have Saturn in Sagittarius may have troubles with their spouse, but will be blessed with dutiful children.
  • Saturn in Capricorn: The person will be intelligent, learned, suspicious and prudent. Individuals who have Saturn in Capricorn will have a harmonious domestic life and will be blessed with a good wife.
  • Saturn in Aquarius: The person will be practical, diplomatic, ingenious, slightly conceited, intellectual and philosophical.
  • Saturn in Pisces: The person will be clever, gifted, polite, happy, wealthy and will be blessed with a good wife.
Role of Saturn in Predictions by Moon Signs

Saturn stays for two and a half years in one sign. When Saturn transits the twelfth, the first and the second house as counted from the radical Moon, the period comes to seven and a half years, and is generally referred to as the Sadhe Sati. During this period the native does not have peace of mind, and one thing after another keeps cropping up, to keep the native worried. In western astrology Sun signs play a major role, however, in Vedic astrology, Moon sign predictions are more relied upon. Saturn also has a depressing influence on the radical planet that, during the course of its transit, comes under its aspects.

The effects of Saturn in the twelve houses as counted from the Moon-sign during its transit are as follows.
  • First house - Great distress and destruction.
  • Second house - Sorrow, loss of wealth
  • Third house - Happiness, gain of money.
  • Fourth house - Apprehension of trouble, physical and mental ailments, fear.
  • Fifth house - Loss of wealth, distress to sons or children.
  • Sixth house - Happiness, gain of money.
  • Seventh house - Infirmities, physical sickness or mental ailments.
  • Eighth house - Increase of enemies or added onslaught by enemies, illness or distress.
  • Ninth house - Indulgence in sinful actions, loss of wealth, retardation of income.
  • Tenth house - Increase of enmity.
  • Eleventh house - Gain of money, happiness.
  • Twelfth house - Trouble all round, a very unfavorable time.
Saturn is a slow moving planet, and it also governs death and delay of things in life. It also causes harm for aged persons, laborers, servants, enemies and opponents. However someone who is honest and hardworking will have the blessings of Saturn, and will be taken to dazzling heights.
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