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Relationship Compatibility Between a Leo Man and a Pisces Woman

Relationship Compatibility between Leo Man and Pisces Woman
There lies quite a conflict when it comes to understanding the relationship compatibility between a Leo man and a Pisces woman. Both are quite the opposite of each other, yet share a lot of similarities when it comes to what they expect from the love of their lives. The tricky part arises when the expectation of one fails to match the reciprocation of the other.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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In a Nutshell ... the union of a Leo man (♌) and a Pisces woman (♓) is potentially perfect if they pay attention to the needs of each other instead of their own self. In the absence of doing so, emotional drifts may arise, resulting in a dissatisfying union that isn't easy to let go.
The Leo man is an enigmatic male who takes pride in all that is a part of his life. Symbolized by the king of the jungle, this dominant male truly lives his life like a king―boldly, loudly, and lavishly. He wants nothing but the best that life has in it, and in the success of getting the same, will not hesitate to boast and show off all his prized possessions. Right from his clothes to his shoes, his house to his car, his business to his personal affairs, everything should be larger than life. Not that he is superficial and shallow, but, as his zodiac sign symbolizes, he is a bold and fearless king, and so shall he be in his demeanor.

The Pisces woman is a gentle and sensitive being, filled with love, compassion, and selflessness. She takes pleasure in fulfilling the needs of others rather than focusing on her own desires, but secretly, she wishes someone to fulfill her desires, just as she does for others. Belonging to a water sign, she lives in the world of dreams and fairy tales, believing in true love's first kiss, a knight who comes to rescue a damsel in distress, a happily ever after ...! All these traits can make her quite naive and unrealistic. Clearly, both these individuals are nowhere close to each other in terms of their behavior and attitude towards life. But can they come close to each other and make a good pair?
Understanding the Compatibility between a Leo Man and a Pisces Woman
Can the king of the jungle find his queen in a mermaid? While it may seem quite impossible symbolically, in truth, this union has a great potential of being quite a successful one, conditions applied. Problems arise when their moods, egos, and pride comes in between. You may never know the course that the fish may take when the lion scares her with his roar, likewise, you never know what would poke the lion's sense of pride for him to show his fierce side to her. The relationship has a 50-50 chance to succeed/fail as both of these individuals can be quite unpredictable in nature.
What Makes These Opposites Attract?
The Pisces woman has all the feminine traits a man could ask for, and a Leo man is an epitome of masculinity with grace. The attraction between these two is quite instant, and may seem like love at first sight. The delicateness of the Pisces woman appeals the manliness of the Leo man. Her innocence, intelligence, and the whole dreaminess that lies in her demeanor enchants the Leo man instantly. Even when it comes to the Pisces woman, she is instantly swept off by his warm-yet-seductive charm, his larger than life character, and his thoughtful and affectionate gestures. Both of them also share quite a lot of similarities. They both are hardcore romantics, love to dream and desire, are sentimental, warmhearted, and understand the need for devotion and loyalty in a relationship.

If the Leo man earns a decent living, he will give no reason to her to worry about, bestowing the most lavish and expensive gifts to embark his love to her. He likes to be praised and honored (like a king) and she does so out of pure love for him. She loves to talk about her dreams and fantasies, and he patiently listens to her, while showing her the ways her desires can be fulfilled. He is a fixed fire sign, so he is the one whose rules must be followed, and she is a mutable water sign, fitting perfectly to whatever container she is poured into, following the route that lies in front of her. Therefore, these two complement each other quite perfectly. Although the lion tends to get offended quite quickly, refusing to bend or adjust, the fish has the quality to convert his roar into affectionate purrs with her gentle and sweet talks and tactics. So, there's a win-win situation for the both of them, until, reality breaks in.
What Makes These Two Detract?
It takes time for one to see things in a realistic manner, especially when the attraction is so magical and strong initially. At the beginning everything seems perfect to the Leo man. The sensuality, submissiveness, and gentle nature of the mermaid is what this dominant male always looked for. He loves to set path and she doesn't mind following, he provides her with the security and protection that she seeks in this insensitive world. But with time, she starts feeling rather empty in this relationship, at least emotionally. He flaunts her to the world like a trophy, while she needs to be treated like a delicate flower. Even when he makes love to her, he fails to touch her on an emotional level, it's always about the act, not about the emotional connectivity, at least that's what our sensitive fish feels. His quick-temper and dramatic way of expressing his anger affects her self-esteem and confidence. Also, the Leo man can be quite self-centered at times, expecting her to do all for him, but never paying heed to what she expects from him. This further adds to the drift between the two.

Even the lion may have issues with her. To begin with, this expressive and loud male may have issues with his lover being so reserved at times. The unrealistic dreamworld that she has in her head may cause her to be aloof at times, infuriating his pride all the more. The Pisces woman also has the tendency to flirt, which comes quite naturally to her. While she may do so, without realizing, with other men at a social gathering, the lion who expects undivided attention and utmost devotion from his mate will definitely be displeased. In addition to that, the unrealistic fantasies of the Pisces woman may become too much for him to tackle, especially, if he is a busy man in general.
What Should They Do?
What does one need to do when fire and water are involved? Maintain a balance. Even in this relationship, there is a crucial need to maintain a balance when it comes to showcasing one's moods, anger, frustration, or issues towards each other. The Pisces woman will follow the lion's lead, provided he expects her to do so out of love and respect, not out of dominance and pressure. Pressurize her in any way and see her drift away, and finally disappear into the depths of the ocean. The Leo man should check his aggression, temper, and shouldn't embarrass her publicly in the heat of the moment.

On the other hand, the Leo man will generously bestow his love and affection on the Pisces woman, but she should give him the undivided attention he seeks from her. A little bit of harmless flirting with other men, or an emotional aloofness because of mood swings or fantasy-time would hurt his ego beyond expectation. These two have the potential to bring out the best in each other's life, and they must try to reach that potential, for this union to be a king-sized fairy tale.
The lion and the mermaid will have to see many sunsets together so that a day comes when they both see the world in the same light of the newly-risen sun. If they work towards being fit for each other, making little adjustments for their union to last, they will fill the void in each other's life like nobody else ever did, and perhaps never would. All the best.