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The True Meanings of Reversed Tarot Card That You Did Not Know

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings
While there's no denying that people find tarot cards intriguing, they however, are not very easy to construe. Every card bears some energy irrespective of whether the card is upright or is reversed. Know the possible meanings of reversed tarot cards in this AstrologyBay article.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The art of tarot card reading and predicting future events and situations based on the cards is being practiced since quite some years and is also extremely popular. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards with 56 of them belonging to the minor arcana and 22 belonging to the major arcana.
The pictures on the cards are used to predict or answer queries related to a specific emotion, situation or event and is also considered to be very precise. Most of us are familiar with the tarot card being read upright, but there is also another aspect to this which is discussed in detail in the following section.
What are Reversed Tarot Cards?
All those familiar with reading tarot cards, must also have come across some instances when the tarot cards must have been pulled out in reverse. In such a case, you may have just turned it upright and read the card as per its upright meaning. The fact is that when a tarot card is pulled out in reverse, it has a specific meaning, which may or may not be the opposite of its meaning when pulled out upright. They signify the same importance as that of the upright tarot card meanings and can also be helpful in predicting more precisely.
What does a Reversed Tarot Card Mean?
It is often assumed that the meanings are just the opposite of an upright tarot card meaning, but it is not so with all the cards. Also, most of the reversed meanings are negative traits and situations. For a better understanding of the tarot card meanings reversed, here's a list you would like to go through.
The Major Arcana

The Fool: Hesitation, indecisiveness, poor decision or bad choice, apathy.

The Magician: Ill-willed, unimaginative, insecurity.

The High Priestess: Selfishness, shallowness, no understanding, ignorant.

The Empress: Change of location, indecisiveness, poor concentration, infidelity, cheating.

The Emperor: Indecisiveness, immature, poor strength, secondary emotions.

The Hierophant: Impotence, repeated errors, unorthodox, unconventional, invention.

The Lovers: Separation, not trustworthy, fickle minded, unreliable.

The Chariot: Unsuccessful, failure, loss, conflict.

Strength: Weakness, illness, power abuse, poor faith, tyranny.

The Hermit: Rash decisions, foolishness, immaturity, imprudence.

The Wheel of Fortune: Bad luck, interruption, bad fate, ill influence, failure.

Justice: Intolerance, abuse, bias, accusations.

The Hanged Man: Wasted sacrifice, poor effort, unwillingness, wrong prophecy.

Death: Stagnant, immobility, narrow escape, slow change.

Temperance: Conflict, hostility, impatient, frustrated, dispute.

The Devil: Release, overcome problems, divorce, break-up, separation, loss.

The Tower: Getting back, entrapment, imprisonment, captivity.

The Star: Unfulfilled wish, bad dreams, disappointing, imbalance.

The Moon: Discovery of deception, warning, caution, mistakes.

The Sun: Loneliness, sadness, broken marriage, unfriendliness, not content.

Judgment: Delay, disappointing, indecisiveness, procrastination.

The World: Imperfection, disappointing, no vision.

The Minor Arcana

Ace of Wands: Selfishness to spoil ventures, setbacks, journey cancellation.

Two of Wands: Caution, dominance by others.

Three of Wands: Mistakes, scattered energy, carelessness, pride, arrogance.

Four of Wands: Appreciation, peace, harmony.

Five of Wands: Generosity, opportunities.

Six of Wands: Delayed rewards and recognition, trips postponed, pride.

Seven of Wand: Threat, indecision, impatient.

Eight of Wands: Violence, aggression, domestic disputes, arguments, fights.

Nine of Wands: Unwillingness to fight, poor character, poor health.

Ten of Wands: Energy, strength, vindictiveness, clever, shrewd.

Page of Wands: Instability, heart broken, bad news.

Knight of Wands: Jealous, narrow minded, suspicious, doubtful.

Queen of Wands: Strict, deceit, infidelity, revengeful.

King of Wands: Unyielding, intolerance, prejudice.


Ace of Cups: Hesitant, selfish, egoistic.

Two of Cups: Imbalanced relationship, misunderstanding, loss of love.

Three of Cups: Overindulgence, gossiping, pain.

Four of Cups: Possibility of a new relationship, new goals, action, ambition.

Five of Cups: Returned hope or loved one, beginning of a new relationship.

Six of Cups: Disappointing friendships, living in the past.

Seven of Cups: Determined, will power, definite direction.

Eight of Cups: Need for pleasure, pursuit of contentment.

Nine of Cups: Money needed, illness, unfulfilled wishes.

Ten of Cups: Family dispute, loss of friendship, children turn hostile against parents.

Page of Cups: Selfishness, not imaginative.

Knight of Cups: Fraud, cheating, trickery, idle.

Queen of Cups: Perverse, happiness turns bitter.

King of Cups: Violent, crafty, scandals.


Ace of Swords: Unruly use of power, tyranny, obstacles.

Two of Swords: Danger when dealing with people, release.

Three of Swords: Confusion, unorganized, loss.

Four of Swords: Strikes, unrest, activity renewal.

Five of Swords: Unfairness, useless victory.

Six of Swords: Postponed journey, difficulties and obstacles worsen.

Seven of Swords: Good counsel, advice, retrieval of theft items.

Eight of Swords: New beginnings, freedom, relaxation.

Nine of Swords: Healing, patience, good news.

Ten of Swords: Overthrown evil forces, successful, health betterment.

Page of Swords: Cunning, bad health, events occurring unexpectedly, imposture.

Knight of Swords: Troublemaker, tyranny, secretive.

Queen of Swords: Cruel, sly, narrow minded, counselor.

King of Swords: Evil intentioned, obstinate, unfair.


Ace of Pentacles: Greedy, materialistic, misery.

Two of Pentacles: Bad news, difficult situations.

Three of Pentacles: Neglect of quality.

Four of Pentacles: Loss of possessions, delays, obstacles, spendthrift.

Five of Pentacles: Courage, new employment and interest.

Six of Pentacles: Unfair, bribe, threats, jealousy.

Seven of Pentacles: Poor progress, anxiety, impatience, unprofitable investments.

Eight of Pentacles: Skills not put to use, not hardworking, no ambition.

Nine of Pentacles: Loss, danger.

Ten of Pentacles: Misfortune with the family, dull mind.

Page of Pentacles: Waste, rebel, luxury, bad news.

Knight of Pentacles: Irresponsible, impatience, carelessness, timidness.

Queen of Pentacles: Over dependent, neglect, suspicious, not trustworthy.

King of Pentacles: Anger, bribes, materialistic.

Hope the above information gives you a better idea of reversed tarot card meanings and ideas. Experiment with the different techniques, layouts and tarot card types to improve your knowledge of this art.
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