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Here's What Women Can Expect from a Sagittarius Man in Love

Sagittarius Man in Love
Undoubtedly, you've fallen head over heels in love with the social butterfly. His love for freedom makes him queasy in relationships, but is it always so? It will be interesting to find out what the archer is like, when in love.
Charlie S
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Always on the lookout for new adventures and avenues to explore, this fire sign has a thing for the great outdoors. And if you have fallen in love with one such Sagittarius male, be prepared to enjoy some of the best moments of your life. The typical trait of a Sagittarius man, ruled by Jupiter is, his perpetual quest to obtain truth and self-knowledge. Well to say, there's a lot to know about the centaur, let's get it started...

He will give you every reason to love him, and is an idealist and intelligent conversationalist. He is also a dreamer and a philosopher, very much like a little boy who needs someone to look out for. He is the most cherubic lover, companion, and friend you will ever find. He will be there to cheer you up when you are blue. You'd definitely be the lucky one to have him love you, for he has lady luck shining in all her splendor on him.
no green-eyed monsters please
The first and foremost pointer you need to bear in mind, is that a Sagittarius is a born socialite. His need to meet people and interact with them simply cannot be questioned. His ability to draw people close to him is innate, and you would possibly have to push through a crowd to get to him. Crowd gatherer that he is, it is but obvious that he would have a lot of female friends around him. Here's where trust comes in handy. If he spots the green-eyed monster cropping up in you, he is sure to run for his life. His child-like demeanor screams out to you to be trusted. He is likely to tell you just about anything that happens in his life. You have to make do with living with a man who has a lot of female friends. If you feel this is too much to handle, then here's where you stop and proceed no further in your relationship with him.
Penchant for Honesty
Well, they say honesty is a virtue and believe me, this man is blessed abundantly with it. Don't be surprised if you ask him for an opinion on your outfit and he lashes back with nothing but the truth. Put plainly, this guy is afflicted with the hated, foot-in-the mouth syndrome. He ends up saying things the way they are, there is nothing flowery about him, and if you have got him to fall in love with you, well, you have found yourself an honest mate for life. Let me warn you though, he is bluntly honest and it takes him a moment to register what was it that he said to hurt you. Rest assured, once you have gathered yourself from his seemingly brutal yet honest assails, you will know that he rarely means to hurt you. A reason that makes him the best choice, is the fact that he is genuinely honest and is sure to tell you the gory details even if you do not want to know.
Curiosity is Just Another Name
The proverb Curiosity killed the cat is a perfect way to describe a Sagittarius. He is a little too intrigued about everything happening around him and ends up asking way too many questions. Like stated earlier, he is very much like a child, asking questions about everything that catches his fancy. Please note: He is not the one to be ordered around without getting a satisfactory answer to the doubt that arises in his mind. And if he's not satisfied with the answers, God save you. Just so you know, he is born intelligent and likes to be up-to-date with information. Besides, he is a person who likes a girl who shares the same level of intelligence, so you see you ought to be inquisitive too!
Born Free as The Wind
Bear in mind that he is a centaur, half man and half horse, one for whom his freedom is all. He doesn't like to be bound in chains, or stuck in seemingly stagnant relationships. His penchant for being wild and free is always on the high and he certainly wouldn't appreciate you trying to pull his reins. Having said that, his choice of a partner is one who enjoys her own individuality. He genuinely detests clingy women, he would like it better if you are a socialite yourself and love mixing with the crowd. There's just one rule, that is, give him ample space and he is sure to be yours forever. At the same time, he will readily grant you your freedom as long as you are honest with him. Here's your cue, a Sagittarius was born to rebel against being commanded, he refuses to be lectured, guided, or counseled.
Don't Question His Integrity and Loyalty
Here's something that you should avoid by all means,
Girl: Darling, you do love me, don't you?
Sagittarius man: (hurt and angry): How can you ask me a ridiculous question like that? Don't you know how I feel by now?
A true Sagittarius that he is, he won't like someone pulling his reins. You ought to remember he is honest in his ways and his feelings would be nothing short of genuine. Asking him if he really loves you every single time is sure to send him galloping in the dark. This should be a booster for you, if he really likes you and cares for you he is sure to make it known. As I said, he doesn't like to hide his true emotions and that's when you will know he really takes care of your emotions too.
Gentle, Generous, and Kind
This man has an extremely generous hand and is sure to spend loads to keep you happy. You can count on him to organize lavish surprises for you, and yeah, give you the costliest presents. No, he wouldn't expect anything in return other than his freedom. Did I mention his love for travel will mean he will probably take you along for exotic trips every now and then. Again, don't question his tendencies to spend money in such a casual manner, he was born as a happy-go-lucky man.
The Man of Your Dreams
One thing is for sure, he is not naive when it comes to romance. He may come across as having commitment troubles and a flirt but hey, he is one of the most sensitive and loving persons you can lay your hands on. For him, love is honesty; and he will slowly learn that it is also loyalty. Why is he your dream man? He is passionate, fun, and ready to go to any limits to see you happy. Once he has fallen head over heals in love with you, this guy turns into a true-blue, loyal, and devoted partner.
The archer, the centaur, or simply the Sagittarius male can best be adumbrated as,
"Free, I long to be free
I long for the day I believe
That all you say you see in me is true
That's hard for me to do
It's hard for me to die to myself
And trust my life to someone else....."
- Avalon 'Come And Fill My Heart'
The woman in love with a Sagittarius man would have to overlook his outgoing nature and indiscipline. Nevertheless, she is sure to forgive him for almost anything, because he'll set her heart free with a great gift - that of honest love.
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