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Unique Aspects of a Sagittarius Personality You Simply Can't Ignore

Sagittarius Personality
A Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that stands for frankness and exuberance. Let's get into knowing some interesting Sagittarius personality traits. Keep reading to enlighten yourself about this wonderful zodiac sign!
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
..I am probably in the sky,
flying with the fish,
or maybe in the ocean,
swimming with the pigeons,
See, my world is different..." ~ Lil Wayne

When you read the above lines, you get the feel of freedom, adventurism, optimism and creative imagination. If you ever meet a person exhibiting the above traits, be assured, you just met a Sagittarius personality!
Personality Traits of Sagittarius
Sagittarius is one of the high-spirited zodiac signs. The symbol contains a centaur made of half horse and half archer. This symbol exhibits powerful traits of a man and a horse with the former overpowering the later. The archer aims his bow with the arrow towards the sky showing his incurable optimistic attitude and thirst for knowledge. The attitude towards life helps him/her find a silver lining on any dark cloud. Due to the strong association of this personality with horse, people belonging to this zodiac sign love indulging in outdoor activities like traveling and hiking.
Element - Fire
The element of this sign is Fire which symbolizes warmth and light. This element tends to exercise its presence without any prior forethought or judgment. Hence, a Sagittarius relies more on his intuitions and instincts rather than believing on forecast judgments. The element - Fire for a Sagittarian, also closely relates to motivation driven by inspiration to achieve the goals preset in life.
Planet - Jupiter
Jupiter is the king of the solar system, needless to say the largest planet! A Sagittarian is ruled by this planet which symbolizes practicality, opportunism and strong self-belief. It encourages the personality to think big, live life as an adventure and strike the iron when it is hot.
Sagittarius personalities are incurably optimistic. They love and value freedom more than anything in life. In fact, one can identify Sagittarian personalities by just looking at them. They are the most cheerful, gregarious and enthusiastic people of the zodiac, who welcome challenges with open arms. Their blind trust on survival instincts and intuitions make them natural risk takers. They do not have any anticipations about the outcome of their actions and take the leap without any expected judgment. But if they find their leap has got them in a mess, they are smart enough to crawl out of such situations pertaining to their cognitive thought process.
A Sagittarian personality can be extremely lazy at times and can act sullen if his wings of freedom are chopped. Although, these personalities welcome challenges, they might, at times ignore situations because of their aversion to anxiety and worry. Most of them are quite extroverted personalities and over indulge in anything that intrigues them. They have a frank and straight outlook towards life and hence, may appear blunt in expressing opinions which may not be always pleasant. Because of their love for freedom, they are quite difficult when it comes to making commitments in relationships. Apart from their talkativeness, they are also a bit careless.
Sagittarius Female Personality
Self-assured, sophisticated and funny, a Saggitarian woman is a bundle of surprises, who charms everyone with her charisma. Let us delve deeper into her personality.
Honesty and Frankness
A Sagittarius female is outrightly honest and outspoken in expressing her opinions without caring a damn for what the world thinks of her. This is where she differs from other females. Her brusqueness can trigger fire sparks if not interpreted correctly.
Emotional yet Rational
Females belonging to this zodiac sign are quite sentimental and emotional by nature, although, they try their best to camouflage this nature of theirs. As far as a Sagittarius female's feelings are concerned, she is too headstrong to reveal her softer side. But she is quite level-headed and optimistic about things in life. She does not dwell in the world of illusions but believes in practicality and rationalism.
Trustful yet Analytical
When it comes to trust, females of this sign do it blindly. This is also a reason as to why they are quite vulnerable and defenseless in situations where they meet not so good people. However, they are quite good at analyzing their goof ups rather than cribbing over spilt milk! And they are careful enough not to repeat the same mistakes!
Calm yet Fiery
A Sagittarius female is usually calm and composed and loves making friends. But if she is offended, she will not hesitate to lash back and one gets to see the blues if a she is in real bad mood! Sarcasm of a Sagittarian female instigated by her resentment can be very stingy. But the funny part is that she forgets her remarks quite soon and will start wondering whatever she did to hurt the other person!
Independence and Freedom
Sagittarius females love and value their independence. If their freedom is curtailed for any reason, you will get to see the devil in her! Not to miss, she is a rationally headstrong female who will oblige only to politely made requests and not to orders!
Overall, a Sagittarius female is a vivacious and ebullient personality, who can make heads turn just by her honesty and charm! But yes, they are the most extravagant females of the zodiac and are impulsive buyers. So guys out there, before approaching a Sagittarius female, make sure you can satiate her shopping appetite!
Sagittarius Male Personality
Sagittarius males are happy-go-lucky natured people, for whom socializing is their lifeline. They ought to attract a crowd by becoming the center of attention for the opposite sex!
Big Time Dreamers
Sagittarius males are ambitious by nature and big time dreamers. Not only do they dream but persistently try to achieve them, overseeing the hurdles in their pursuit. A Sagittarius male trusts people easily. Hence, he is bound to get cheated at some time or the other but due to the inborn Sagittarian trait of trusting his own intuitions, he forgets the negativities and carries on with his enthusiastic attitude. Not to miss, Lady Luck favors Sagittarius personalities a tad too much and hence, most of the Sagittarius males are successful in life no matter how many failures cross their path!
Natural Charmers
Sagittarius males are natural charmers, as they carry a charismatic persona. They are honest if they get into relationships but may appear promiscuous as they love to be free birds left to their independence. Most of the time, their friendships are mistaken for flirtations. But in spite of his promiscuous nature, a Sagittarius man in love is always loyal and trustworthy in his relationship.
Straightforward and Frank
Males of this zodiac sign are quite straightforward when expressing their thoughts. They may not have the diplomacy when giving opinions and hence, may end up hurting people unintentionally.
Independence to be Himself
Due to their free willed nature, most of the Sagittarius males do not get into long-term relationships. They hate suspicious nature and love to hear things straight from the heart. They are quite enthusiastic about life and appreciate intelligence in whatsoever form.
Expectations from His Partner
Sagittarian males love socializing and expect the same attitude from their partners. They prefer intelligent females who appreciate their creativity and imagination. They are staunch believers in platonic love and believe truth and honesty form the bulwark of a healthy relationship.
A Sagittarius male makes a great friend and a partner. The natural risk taking instinct in him makes him go far enough to help his near and dear ones, without caring much for himself in the process. For him, encouragement is a ladder, honesty - a principle, independence - a valued possession and dreams - the final destination.
Sagittarius Love Personality
Sagittarius love personality is such that people of this zodiac sign do not want to get confined to a thing which can be a place or time or a relation. The compatibility between Aries and Sagittarius is the best as per astrology. Being freedom lovers with a striking spontaneity, Sagittarius people bond well with Aries who share a common temperament. Apparently, the Mars-Jupiter duo make a good match.
A Sagittarius personality is vibrant and inquisitive. They are like wild stallions who love to race towards their dreams without any hindrance to their freedom. Difficult to catch though, they make quite loyal and truthful partners if committed to a relationship. But above all, Sagittarius the archers make the best of friends!
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