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A Complete List of the Positive and Negative Traits of Scorpios

Scorpio Traits List
The Scorpio traits list provided in the following article helps in understanding the Scorpio personality in a better way. The following list of Scorpio characteristics cover as many points as possible.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
The Scorpio sign is the eighth in the list of the different zodiacs. Most of the modern-day astrologers consider Scorpio as a feminine and negative sign. It is one of the water signs along with Cancer and Pisces. As per traditional beliefs this zodiac sign is considered to be ruled by the planet Mars however, modern astrologers believe that the ruling planet of Scorpio is actually Pluto. The zodiac date range of Scorpios is October 23 - November 21.

Scorpio Sign - Traits
The following list of Scorpio characteristics would help in knowing an individual with the Scorpio sign in a better manner.

Positive Traits: The positive aspects of a Scorpio personality are enlisted in the following list.
  • The Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful among all the members of the zodiac owing to the profound and intense character they possess.
  • The specialty or striking characteristic of Scorpions is that they appear to be calm and self-controlled, despite the emotional energy and intensity they possess. It is however, said that they are able to harness and channelize the aggression, have a magnetic personality and could be immensely forceful at the same time.
  • The Scorpios are known to have a strangely hypnotic personality which is well disguised in a watchful composure and their tranquil appearance.
  • The Scorpios while interacting in social gatherings are thoughtful in their conversation and a bit reserved. Despite being short spoken and reserved in nature their personality is pleasant, affable and they exhibit courtesy and politeness while being dignified at the same time.
  • Watchfulness is an integral part of their character however, they appear to be away from the center of happenings that surround them.
  • The Scorpios have the ability to differentiate themselves from others in terms of the qualities they possess. However, they need to remain disciplined in order to hone these skills.
  • Immense willpower and tenacity are some of the important characteristics of their personality. The depth of their character makes them sensitive and they are moved by emotions easily.
  • Given the sensitive nature, the Scorpions are able to detect insult or offense quite easily.
  • The strong reasoning powers of Scorpions are tempered or empowered by the intuition and imagination power they possess. The above mentioned qualities along with analytical capacity and critical perception enable them to become profound in their thinking.
  • The Scorpios are a gifted lot in terms of the qualities they possess. It helps them master many different skills and thereby get suited easily to different professions/employment.
  • Sensually they are most energetic of all the zodiac signs and known as passionate lovers.
  • The overriding urge to love causes the Scorpions to use their power in such a manner that they transcend 'themselves' and enter a state of mystical ecstasy.
Negative Traits:The Scorpios being intense in nature, negativity is bound to surround these mysterious personalities in their moments of weakness. Let us take a look at the negative traits of this zodiac sign in the following Scorpio traits list.
  • The sensitive nature of Scorpions could act as a double-edged sword, since it is very natural for a Scorpion to get hurt quickly. The anger or dissent could be expressed by Scorpions in the form of destructive speech or behavior. In the rage of anger, they don't fear to make even lifelong enemies.
  • At times the outspokenness of Scorpios might seem to be overly critical for others.
  • They could be demanding and unforgiving of the faults present in their fellow colleagues, friends, etc. One of the reasons behind this is that they are not aware of the shortcomings in their own personality.
  • The intense nature of Scorpions may force them to take wrong paths which may lead them to sink in extremes of depravity.
  • The political extremism and rebellious nature may lead to the Scorpions developing a nature similar to that of an unscrupulous terrorist.
  • Some of the vices of a Scorpion personality are brooding resentment, morbid jealousy, total arrogance, sadistic & aggressive brutality and volatility of temperament.
The list mentioned in the above article gives us a fair idea of the various aspects of their personality which is studied under astrology. The list of Scorpio characteristics, thus, provide us with some interesting scorpio facts which would prepare us in dealing with them.
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